[A sannyasin says: I'm leaving tomorrow and I hope to come back as soon as possible.]


[ 一个门徒说:明天就我要离开了,我希望尽快回来。 ]


OSHO 奥修 :


If you have the desire, it always happens. The desire becomes the seed. That's why one should be aware of wrong desires because they also happen. A desire is sowing a seed; then sooner or later it sprouts. You may have even forgotten about it, but it sprouts.


如果你有欲望,欲望总是会发生 / 实现。欲望成了种子。所以人要警惕错误的欲望,因为它们也会发生。欲望是播种,种子迟早会发芽。你或许已经忘了它,但它会发芽。


So one should be very alert to first drop wrong desires and to desire only right. And when the wrong has been dropped and the right has become natural, then drop even desiring. Then the ultimate happens -- because the ultimate cannot be desired.




So when you sow the seed of desirelessness, the ultimate happens. And that is the whole purpose, the destiny, and unless it is fulfilled, one remains constantly in search, thirsty, hungry. So if you desire, you will be coming.




译自:OSHO A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose



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