Many of you are in the process of big changechange in your servicechange in your locationchange in your love lifechange in your relationship to self.The reason for this is because the energies are now to the point where they can open new potentialsthat will allow you to discover possibilities you have not been aware of.On a soul levelmany of you are agreeing to new service contractsas wellthat will take you in new exciting directions and expressions of self.




Dear Oneswe understand it can be disconcerting to feel deepprofound change and not have any idea of where you are going just yet.That is where your trust and faith come in.You are well prepared for this! You have learned how to surrender and flowand how to move with the universe in a far more empowered way.




Be open.Remember that the universe can bring to you results far beyond what you could imagine for yourself.Continue to explore yourselfyour truthand what brings you joy.Use your gifts and the endless supports that are available to you.Embrace the magic of the unfoldment that you have both co-created and earnedas you continue to so beautifully drive the shift on your planet.~Archangel Gabriel







翻译:Nick Chan



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