To start with, a metaphor: humanity is out surfing, an enormous wave is approaching, therefore . . .relax, but be ready and allow this magnificent wave to carry you along for an exhilarating ride into the new era which you have all been working so assiduously to bring into being for a very long time. You will not fail to rise up on it, because you have great expertise and you have been practising with powerfully focused intent to be ready for this precise moment, and you are ready, and you will rise to the occasion. You will be filled you with joy and wonder as you finally come to know yourselves, the true You, at One with all of God’s divine Creation. Your awakening is to be spectacular, way beyond anything you could possibly imagine, in fact way beyond anything that even someone who has had the most uplifting and inspiring Near Death Experience could possibly imagine. Your divine inheritance – infinite Joy – awaits your awakening.


先打个比方:人类正在冲浪,一个巨大的浪潮接近,因此 ... 放松,但做好准备,让这个宏伟的浪潮带你踏上一个激动人心的旅程,进入你们都辛勤地致力于很长时间的新时代。你不会无法驾驭它,因为你拥有伟大的专业知识,你一直在伴随着强烈的意图去为这个确切的时刻做好准备,你已经做好了准备,你将能应付自如。你会充满喜悦和神奇,随着你终于认识自己,真正的你,与神的所有造物合一的你。你的苏醒会是非常壮观的,超出任何你可以想象的东西,事实上远超经历过濒死体验之人能够想象的最激动人心和启发人心的东西。你神圣的遗产 --- 无限的喜悦 --- 等待着你的苏醒


To awaken is your only purpose, but within the game, within the illusion myriad distractions are constantly dragging your attention away, as, in moments of lucidity, you attempt to remember that purpose. You know that there is a much greater meaning to life than the materialistic and competitive cultures – in which you find yourselves experiencing life as a human – would have you believe. At some stage in their human lives absolutely everyone wonders if life has a higher purpose, but the vast majority believe that they cannot afford to waste time thinking about it because they have work to do, bills to pay, and families to take care of. They may be members of religious or spiritual organizations, and they may spend a few moments each week, or even daily, saying a brief prayer in order not to offend the divine being that the organization tells them they should honor. They may even pray strenuously and desperately for help if some catastrophe befalls them, but mostly they just focus on daily living, while seeking moments of pleasure by engaging with some of the distractions available solely for that purpose. Living like that does not provide satisfaction, even for those who are without any financial burdens, because you each have a deeply buried knowing that you do have a purpose, and that knowing will continue to nudge you towards wakefulness throughout your lives, unless you totally refuse to pay it any attention by choosing to block it out of your conscious awareness. Whatever you do you cannot totally remove it or separate yourselves from it, because it is an essential aspect of who you are — a divine being having a temporary experience in form.




Now the nudges that all are constantly receiving are intensifying and can no longer be ignored or denied, because it is apparent to all that something untoward is going on, is occurring right now that demands your urgent attention. And it is, of course, humanity’s collective awakening process. This process has been ongoing for eons, and it has been, and is, leading to a precise moment in time when your awakening will occur whether or not you are ready for it. Humanity’s collective awakening is inevitable! It cannot be delayed, and it will not be delayed, and so the nudges for your attention are becoming ever more insistent in their demands for your attention, for your undivided attention.


现在,所有人不断收到的敦促在不断增强,无法再被忽视或否认,因为对所有人来说显而易见 ---“ 麻烦”的事情正在发生,需要你们的紧急关注。当然,那就是人类的觉醒。这个进程进行了恒久,正在领向一个精确的时刻 --- 你们的觉醒会发生,无论你有没有准备好。人类的觉醒是不可避免的!它无法被拖延,它不会被延迟,所以需要你关注的敦促变得更加迫切,要求着你的全神贯注


The major nudges that all are receiving and experiencing are the realization, the growing awareness of the need for major changes in the way that humans interact with each other and with the Earth, Gaia, whose ongoing support is absolutely essential for your survival in human form. It is the growing awareness that attitudes and behaviors that are not in alignment with Love are, in truth, and without doubt, completely insane. To awaken is to come to full awareness that there is only the ONE, Mother/Father/God, Source from which there is no separation. All sentient beings are, by their nature, divine and One with Source. And even in their experience of individuality there is still no separation. What one individual thinks, says, or does affects all the countless others . . . instantly. How could that not be the case when all are One?


所有人在接收和体验的主要敦促就是领悟到、更多地意识到人类与彼此以及地球(她不间断的支持对你在人类形态中的生存来说绝对至关重要)的交互方式需要巨大的改变。人们越来越多地意识到并不与爱对齐的态度和行为,事实上,毫无疑问,是完全疯狂的。觉醒就是完全意识到只有一,母亲 / 父亲 / 神,源头,没有分离。所有有情众生,就其本质而言,都是神圣的,与源头合一。即使在他们个体性的体验中,依旧没有分离。一个人所思、所说、所做的影响着无数的其他人 ... 立即。当一切都是一,当然会是这样的情况!


To realize this divine truth, and to know it is to awaken. Many millions are aware of this truth intellectually, and this is a major step forward on the path to awakening. Knowing it is so, and feeling the truth of it in one’s heart without any doubt whatsoever is to be awakened. Some have arrived at this state, and, in so doing they are powerfully– even though they are not consciously aware of this – assisting others to join them in that magnificent state, a state of Grace, leaving conflict and disagreement behind in the illusion, the unreal environment that seems so real to those who have not yet awoken.


意识到这个神圣的真理,知晓它,就是觉醒。数以百万计的人智力上知道这个真理,这是通往觉醒的道路上一个重大的前进步伐。知晓它就是如此,在心中丝毫不怀疑地感受它的真理,就是觉醒。一些人已经到达这个状态,如此他们在强力地 --- 即使他们没有意识到这一点 --- 协助他人加入这个辉煌的状态,一个优雅的状态,抛下幻象中的冲突与分歧,对那些还未苏醒的人来说看似如此真实的幻象


To think with the Mind of God and have individual thoughts and ideas that are never in disagreement with the thoughts and ideas of others, but that only add to them, making them greater and more beautiful, is a wondrous state to experience. It is to be fully awake, fully conscious, fully aware, and fully alive! That is LOVE, It encompasses ALL, because It is All. There is nothing else, in fact there is NO nothing!




If you are having difficulty believing in the truth of this, in believing that Reality is a state of being in which there are no needs, no disappointments, no suffering, and no catastrophes, it means that you are listening to and believing in the unreal but fear-filled ideas that your egos offer to you as you take note of the intense pain and suffering that many are experiencing because they believe the illusion is real. But pain and suffering, although it often seems interminable while it is being experienced, is temporary and does pass. Reality, on the other hand, is eternal!




To relieve and dissolve your doubts, anxieties, and fears, go within at least once daily and surrender to Love by opening your hearts. Yes, the pain and suffering will still be there because you are still choosing to experience the illusory state of separation from Source, but the Love within you will comfort and reassure you, reminding you that you are divine beings who are awakening into the magnificence of Reality, into awareness of your eternal state at One with Source. Eternal joy awaits your awakening, and the wonder of it will fill you with delight.




With so very much love, Saul.



原文: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2020/05/eternal-joy-awaits-your-awakening-saul.html?fbclid=IwAR1w-sONAlss26JqxQX9BwrR-JuJ6iGS16mAwRFeatR-qbDF5a4Yly7vJrA

传导: John Smallman

翻译: Nick Chan

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