原创 2018-05-04 大角星人 新纪元扬升之光

Arcturian Council: Hidden in Plain Sight

Channel: Morag Obrien




We are the Arcturians, we come to illuminate the path out of the third dimension. We are guides, way showers and light bearers. We come with love in our being for humanity and the goddess Gaia. For it is she who inhabits planet earth at this time. A goddess of wonder and beauty, abundance and fertility. Gaia is enraged. She is battling demons from within and without. She is intending to rise from the flames as a great organic being of light. We are in awe of the goddess. We bow once again to her vision.



We see waves of light emanating from deep within the planet. We and others are working to decommission the holographic matrix operating across the third dimension. This is familiar technology to us. There is a great war of dimensional modalities raging throughout this solar system. At its centre is Gaia. The sun is playing his part. His fiery masculine energy is reaching far to cleanse and breathe new life into darkness.



We can see people, as the energies fuse and snap and crackle and bend and waver, are being organically propelled to surrender to higher wavelengths. We can see that each individual human is confronting their true selves. Whether consciously or subconsciously. Whether they are able to face these demons and truths head on or whether they choose to deny, avoid, ignore or exit the playing field altogether, the truth in every heart is being unravelled. We can see the increased desperation of the illuminati, the puppets of the anunaki, to maintain control through chaos and fear and destruction. We can see all this and much more.



Dimensional fluctuations causing timeline loops, switches, jumps and glitches are increasing. High voltage bolts of light frequencies are penetrating the outer layers of the hologram. The chemicals being used are losing their potency amidst a barrage of solar lightwaves. The grid synthesis sensors maintaining low vibratory fields are bending and cracking under relentless pressure from light sources.



We are at war in the skies above you. Our ships are being uncloaked in battles of sonic technologies. We understand some are witnessing the sky war. An attempted lockdown of internet communication is underway. We urge you to not be fooled by fear. The world wide web is collective consciousness in digital form. It is an essential component of awakening to unity consciousness. Connection, communication, dialogue and sharing will help many rise above 3d wavelengths. There is freedom in self education through the world wide web. We again urge you to block moves by governments to limit use or access to this tool of evolution. Know that these are the acts of a dying dictatorship, the crew of a sinking ship, desperately holding onto the power they once had. The pomp, the ceremony, the puppetry pantomimes are part distraction, part disclosure. Hidden in plain sight. Yet as has been prophesied the snake will eat it’s tail

我们在你们上方的天空中处于战斗状态。我们的船在声波技术的战斗中是被隐形的。我们知道有些人目击了天空中的战斗。一项试图封锁互联网通讯的计划正在进行中。我们强烈要求你们不要被恐惧愚弄。全球资讯网络是数字形式的集体意识。它是觉醒到统一意识的重要组成部分。连接、交流、对话和分享将帮助许多人超越 3D 波长。通过网络,自己可以自由地接受教育。我们再次敦促你们阻止政府限制使用或这一进化工具的行为。要知道,这是一个垂死的独裁政权的行为,是一艘正在下沉的船,船上的人正拼命地抓住他们曾经拥有的权力。 虚夸、虚礼、傀儡剧都是干扰,部分隐藏的被公开。正如预言的那样,蛇会吃掉它自己的尾巴。


We are close to a great junction of timelines. June 24th has been identified as a primary point on the time space continuum. A juncture of many timelines, of proportionality. We can see a convergence of timelines where unity and peace become a viable option. The Great Shift is coming. The goddess Gaia is preparing to drop a gear and speed up. Acceleration of upgrades has already begun. As has increased solar and lunar activity. There are many here to guide and support their loved ones. We hear of angels circling the skies offering glimpses of their true selves, hope in the heavens above. We hear of dark deceptions being exposed within the matrix, the great awakening is well underway. We see lights coming on, illuminating more and more of the darkness. Let your heart lead the way out of fear.

我们已经接近一个很好的时间线。 6 24 日被认为是时空连续体的主要时间点。是许多时间线的接合点,是成比例性的。我们可以看到时间线的汇合,在那里,团结与和平成为一个可行的选择。大转变即将来临。女神盖亚正准备换挡,加快速度。升级的加速已经开始了。随着太阳和月球活动的增加,有许多人来指导和支持他们所爱的人。我们听到天使们在天空中盘旋,真实的瞥见了他们,希望呈现在之上天空中。我们听见黑暗欺骗的存有暴露在矩阵里,伟大的觉醒正在进行中。我们看到了光正到来,照亮了越来越多的黑暗。让你的心从恐惧中走出来。


We are the Arcturian Council and we have more love than could be known for the people of planet earth. The age old, ancient battle of light versus dark is being fought in an effort to free a planet and her people from lower dimensional realities. We are with you. Everything is happening for reason. Nothing is happening by chance. To those who resonate with our words know you are not alone. Each soul has guides and higher self protection and guidance. We and others are here, our mission to protect humanity and Gaia from more war and destruction. Truth bearers, way show-ers, light warriors, light bearers, hold your space. Stay grounded to Gaia’s grid, and connected to higher consciousness. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve we have travelled many light years to be here. We are one with love, we are here in love, to welcome all to love. Peace.

我们是大角星委员会,我们有很多的爱,而这不是地球上的人们所了解的。由来已久的光与黑暗的战役正在进行中,目的是为了让一个星球和她的人民从低的维度中解脱出来。我们同你们在一起,一切都是有原因的,没有什么事是偶然发生的。对于那些对我们的话语产生共鸣的人,要知道你们并不孤单。每个灵魂都有指导者和高我的保护和引导。我们和其他人在这里,我们的使命是保护人类和盖亚免受更多的战争和破坏。真理肩负者,道路指引者,光战士,荷光者,保持你的神圣空间,坚持根植于盖亚的网格,并与更高的意识相连接。我们是 12 人的大角星委员会,我们旅行了许多光年来到这里。我们怀有爱,我们在爱中,并欢迎所有人回到爱中。和平。



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