The world as you know it is changing by the second and it is imperative that you are prepared for every eventuality. Many of you may have to move beyond your current comfort zone and start life anew in a new environment when this is what you least expected to do. Know that this is preordained for you and that there is a reason and purpose for it. For many years you have held the Light in your current place and now it may be time to anchor it in a different area. Each of you must follow your inner guidance in this regard and ask for the signs to be given to you to validate the thoughts that come to you.




Start to look upon your life as a great adventure whereupon you do not know what the next minute will bring to you and learn to experience the moment of now in a conscious manner, for it is by direct experience that you will connect with your Divine Self and become a part of the Oneness of All. Try to really see the life that teams around you and become an observer of it all. There is so much wonder and magic that surrounds you and sooner than you can imagine, you will begin to see this magic as the world moves into the higher octaves of Light. Many new abilities will come from deep within you and you will be delightfully surprised to experience them.




You are still in the midst of cleansing and clearing all that does not resonate with the energy of Divine love that is now constantly anchoring into your being. Take heart, Dear Ones, that as the density leaves your physical body, the Light takes hold and more and more of your Light Body will begin to manifest upon the Earth plane and this is a very good thing. As more and more of your Lights shine ever more brightly on your little corner of the world, each of your Lights will begin to connect together upon the crystalline grid until the entire planet is encompassed by a network and web of Light that will grow ever more stronger each day until its radiance is unmistakable in the night sky. What a glorious sight this is!




Radiate your Light in waves around your energy field and visualize it going outwards in concentric circles of Light until the Earth is lit up when viewed from outer space. This Light will grow exponentially the more you practice this and you begin to notice a lightness of spirit from within you that will carry you through your daily lives in feelings of well-being, joy, upliftment and even, euphoria! There will be a constant stream of loving vibrations running through you deep into the core of the Earth and the great central sun beyond and this gives great assistance to Mother Earth during these changing times.




Shine your beautiful Lights, Beloved Ones, and know that your efforts are not in vain and are very much needed at this time.




I AM Lady Mary




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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