It is me, Sananda, who speak.




I am happy for the opportunity to share this with you. I can see how so many of you struggle and are having a hard time right now. As I and Juliano (Arcturian) mentioned some time ago new frequencies of light have arrived on Earth, which forces to the surface deep raw feelings and situations in your lives.


我很高兴有机会与你分享。我看到非常多的人在挣扎,现在非常地困难。正如我和 Juliano (大角星)在一段时间前所提及的,新的光之频率在到达地球,会迫使深度、粗糙的感受和情况浮现到表面。


It is with tears in my eyes that I see your suffering and I want to give you hope and trust in your selves. I have said it before and I say it again, all is well. Everything is according to plan – you are exactly where you should be. The only thing that you need to think about is to let go and go along with the ascension. The pain and suffering comes when you hold on and identify yourselves with what is happening.


看到你受苦我的眼中就充满了泪水,我想要给予你希望和对你自己的信任。我之前就说过,我再说一遍,一切都好。一切都按照计划在进行 --- 你处于你应该处于的地方。你唯一需要思考的是放下,扬升。当你紧抓,用正在发生的定义自己,痛苦和苦难到来


Give up, let go, and see how much easier it will be to breathe. Turn to your guides, angels and guides, ask for help and receive it in your life by your trus that you are being helped. The trust is your strongest force, with trust you can cause things that are considered impossible on Earth. Trust and Courage – remember these words and make them to your allies. I promise you with all my power that you are protected and are guided even during the times you believe you are lost.


放弃,放手,看看呼吸会更加地容易。转向你的指导,天使,请求帮助,接收它,通过相信你被指引着。信任是你最强大的力量,伴随着信任你可以让不可能成为可能。信任和勇气 --- 记住这些词,让它们成为你的盟友。我向你保证,你被保护着,指引着,即使在你认为自己迷失的时期


I also want to turn to the lightworkers that have come a bit on the way and are not impacted equally hard by the frequencies of light that are now being anchored into Earth. For you other symptoms might appear, such as extreme fatigue and changes in appetite. For you it is more the physical body that is being impacted as there are enormous changes going on in your whole DNA – structure. It is important to listen to your body. It knows exactly what you need and will say so to you. You are all unique beings of light with different tasks, abilities and development phases. Follow your heart and listen to your intuition. You have your own unique path to follow and it is important that you do exactly that. Listen and absorb that which resonates with you and follow it.


我还想转向被锚定于地球的光之频率不同程度影响的光之工作者。对于你们,其他的症状可能会出现,比如极度的疲劳,胃口的改变。对于你,这是物理身体在被更多地影响,因为你的整体 DNA--- 结构中有着巨大的改变在发生。很重要去聆听你的身体。它知道你需要什么,会跟你说。你们都是独特的光之存在,伴随着不同的任务、能力和发展阶段。跟随你的心,聆听你的直觉。你有着自己独特的道路去跟随,这么去做非常重要。聆听、吸收与你共鸣的并跟随它


With love, light and open arms I am with you for each step.




As I love you // Sananda


我爱你 / 萨南达


萨南达 20180313 身体症状


翻译:Nick Chan




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