Greetings dear ones, I Am NaTaMoh from Sirius.I greet you with the love, light and compassion from our beloved star system.


问候,亲爱的一们,我是来自天狼星的 NaTaMoh 。我伴随着来自我们太阳系的爱、光、同情心前来问候


We are here to share a brief message, as some of you are asking, what is Sirius like and what are the people of Sirius like? So, I will explain briefly, what I can and what you are able to comprehend.




We are a sixth dimensional system. Meaning, we have evolved past the need for a physical body, although we do have a body, it is our light body we spend most of our time in. When we do choose to take on a physical form, or should we say, the form we have evolved from, it is a short and slim body structure, with a beautiful light blue skin, with similair facial features as humans have. We just have smaller noses and tiny ears that function differently to yours. We have large round eyes with pupils.




Our home planet is very colourful and we reside in cities of light, crystalline cities.These cities are somewhat transparent but full of colour and full of light. We do have plants and other animals but they are quite different, yet similair to what you have on Earth. We also have large oceans. We have 3 moons and two suns, that are of a beautiful blue/purple colour, it is through these coloured sun’s that our skin colour came to be.


我们的家乡星球非常艳丽,我们住在光之城、水晶城市中。这些城市有点透明,但充满了色彩和光。我们也有植物和动物,但它们有点不一样,但和地球上的又有点相似。我们也有巨大的海洋。我们有三个月亮,两个太阳,美丽的蓝 / 紫色,所以我们的肤色是蓝色的


We are telepathic and travel by either our light ships or light bodies. Our light ships can become physical but are mostly crystalline. We can travel in groups in these ships, as we merge our conciousness and create the ship through thought, everything is created with intention, something you are soon to learn. But for now we leave you with this.




We hope that through this breif description, of our home world and ourselves, you will feel the beauty it holds, just as your world holds beauty in her unique ways, but in a physical sense.




You will one day exist on the Earth, just as we do in Sirius, but for now, know that the grand times of transforming your planet, are about to begin and have already begun behind the scenes.




I am NaTaMoh and I leave you now with my love, blessings and the phrase “see you soon”.


我是 NaTaMoh ,我伴随着我的爱、祝福和“待会儿见”离去




翻译:Nick Chan



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