y dear friends, we love you so very much,




Your Mother Earth wishes to thank you. Earlier in the year she was so exhausted from all the bickering and tension among humanity that she wasn’t sure she could hold herself together much longer. Like a mother weary of hearing her children’s arguments, she was ready to blow.




However, through your prayers, your love, and your kindness, you have soothed her hurting heart and given her the strength and incentive to remain steadfast in her unconditional love. The volcanic explosions that could have happened did not, and it is thanks to each and every one of you.




Many of you who are sensitive were in tune with the earth without even knowing it. Many of you found yourselves weary and no longer willing to take on the drama of others, no longer willing to embrace one-sided relationships, no longer willing to pretend you were OK with situations and relationships that weren’t authentically serving your joy.


你们那些敏感的人与地球协调一致,甚至都不知情。你们许多人感到疲惫不堪,不再愿意承担他人的戏剧,不再愿意拥抱单方面的人际关系,不再愿意假装对并不真正服务你喜悦的情况和人际关系说 ok


Dear ones, God has never asked you to suffer for the sake of others. This year, more than most, many of you woke up to that reality. Many of you are choosing more peace, more calm, more joy, more inner focus, more honesty, and more love.




We in the heavens have been working with you very closely to keep you strong as you release an old paradigm of service through slavery and martyrdom, and embrace a newer, higher-vibrational understanding of service as giving authentically from your heart and your joy.


天堂中的我们一直密切地与你合作让你保持坚强,随着你释放旧的服务范式(奴役和殉道者),拥抱更新的、更高振动的服务理解 --- 从你的心和喜悦付出


As you approach the holidays, try to give from the new paradigm. Try to give what is joyful to give and focus more on the joy of giving, rather than on the duty of doing so. Try to sink into your heart and ask yourself, “How would I like to share my love with family and friends? How can I share from my authentic self? How can I be deeply honest with myself and those around me, as I embrace the season.” Look at the activities you love, and those you’d rather leave behind and be true to yourself while being kindly honest with others.




As you honor your own heart, you give others the great gift of permission to do the same. As you give from your joy, you feel Joy running through your being. Grant yourself this honesty, this truth, and this joy dear ones. Then, you become the Light of the Season, shining purely and clearly throughout your world.




God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels


上帝保佑你!我们非常地爱你 --- 天使


通灵:Ann Albers

翻译:Nick Chan



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