Beloved Ones,




I come on the wings of love! Life on Earth will take on a more intense experience within the hearts of All. Each human spiritual being is at a crossroads at this time. There is a choice to be made by each soul; to stay in status quo or to bravely choose the unknown and move forward. We know that all Lightworkers and Starseeds everywhere upon this planet have chosen to move forward. This does not mean leaving all your loved ones behind you and moving forward alone, Dear Ones. Your loved ones are those souls who have chosen to move forward with you, even though it may appear otherwise at this present moment. Trust that all is unfolding in your lives in Divine order and that all is well.




Upon the waves of incoming energies come many beings from throughout the galaxy who are here to witness and offer assistance to any who call upon their service. These beings have many gifts of knowledge to offer humanity in these times and are exceedingly eager to commence work with those of you who call upon them. You may call upon them thus, “I call upon the Galactic Masters of Light to work with me and make their Presence known to me through my own Divine essence. I desire to know more about my own Galactic heritage and ask that you work with me to help me to remember and reconnect in complete alignment with Prime Creator’s Divine Plan, for my highest good and the highest good of All here upon the now ascending Earth. So be it and so it is! Thank you!”




Those of you who feel this call and heed it will be assigned their own personal Galactic Master who will commence work with you. It will begin for most of you upon the inner planes as your physical body lies asleep and you will gradually become more aware of their constant presence as you go about your daily activities. It will require a time of going within to listen to the inner prompting of your sacred heart where contact with these beings will be made. This is a great honor and a step up to the next level of your ascension path and you will be working within a greater energy frequency and harmonic.




We are very pleased at the progress of so many of you who daily come to mastery within yourself by employing the various and creative tools that have become available to you through many channels upon the Earth. Know that the pull of the Old is still strong and you will be hard pressed to keep balance and equilibrium at times. When these moments occur, try to repeat a simple mantra such as “I AM Light, I AM Love. I AM anchoring my Divine Essence here on Earth right here and right now.” If there is no time for you to do this, then just say “I love you” into whatever situation is confronting you or even to yourself as you behold energies rising up from within you that are not love based.


我们对你们许多人的进展感到非常高兴 --- 每天用通过地球上的管道传递的各种创造性工具精通内在。知晓,“旧”的拉扯依旧是强力的,有些时候你会难以保持平衡与平静。当这发生,试着重复以下这类咒语“我是光,我是爱。此时此刻我在把我神圣的本质锚定于地球。”如果你没有时间去这么做,那么就说“我爱你”,对任何你在面对的情况或对你自己,随着你看到从你之内升起的能量不是基于爱的


Know, Dear Ones, that you are not alone in these challenges. Each of you is completing your initiations upon this planet and these require a great dedication, motivation and the understanding that all that seems to be taking place in your personal life is not as it seems, that there is more to it than is apparent. Stay true to yourself always and you will pass through these tests with flying colors. You will soon fly with the Angels! I leave you now with my deepest blessings and love. You are loved beyond measure and are always under the guidance and protection of your Family of Light.




I AM Melchizedek.





翻译:Nick Chan





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