【昴宿星】《事件 - ”杰作”行动》(第一部分) 



if someone pushes too hard, then you simply back off!




stop worrying now! worry works against everything positive you are doing!




stop killing your body every trying to reach some illusionary 3d goal!




just slow down and stop working so dang hard!




simplify, this is the pleiadian way!




don't try to hold up the whole world, because it's too cumbersome!




stop dragging others around!




clear the clutter around you this is the beginning of energetic clearing!




get organized with your time and things!




keep a running task list every day on your communication device!




back off and back out from matrix life just a bit!




take a break and do nothing for a few days, the world won’t end!




one primary cause of poor mental health is a chemical imbalance in the brain and body, which can be corrected fast by blocking any incoming toxins and by ingesting nature!




exercise the mind:




start gaining much deeper knowledge of things! don't be afraid to look deeper into different esoteric topics that 3d humans call crazy or untrue! you will be surprised!




reprogram the mind:




only feed your mind with positive energy and thoughts!




use positive affirmations daily to reprogram old errant thoughts!




question everything you were taught in 3d!




only decode what you want coming into your bio-computer vessel!




be the programmer of your body/mind computer!




learn to create with your thoughts!




a thought is the most powerful thing in the universe and the basis of all creation!




be careful of and aware of what you think!




healing protocol 3 -emotional healing:




here are our teachings and some tips for successful emotional healing:




you always have a choice in every situation to choose love or fear!




the whole point of life is to feel good, so start doing only what you love and stop doing what you do not love now!




ask yourself what would make you feel good right now and start doing this!




it is important to mention that benevolent, intelligent beings live by one law: do no harm!




it is understood that one should never attempt to feel good at the expense of another being!




choose love in all situations great one!




ask yourself, “what would love do” then do that!




love and all of its derivatives are the highest and most powerful positive, healing emotions!




do not seek love, or even go out looking for love! we tell you that it cannot be found this way!




from another, but give yourself the highest love first, then love will come to you, in its highest form!




the universe cannot give you a thing that you are not giving to yourself!




love and pamper on yourself more than ever now and re-create your life to be only what you want!




let your spirit soar, be creative and begin to live life to the fullest!




learn to ignore the opinion of others!




connect to your higher self and move into your-space! this is where you will find comfort and joy!




you have to come first to get through all of this with more ease, and to be successful on your ascension journey!




dear one, it is time to clear out the emotional pain of past traumas!




this old painful energy has been with many for a long time and it is like an old friend, but one that causes great suffering!




one-half of the ascension is vibrating high but without first clearing out the old heavy energies that pull you down, cause pain and suffering, and no longer serve you, you cannot ascend, period! the universe will not allow low vibrations to pass through the veils of the higher realms!




the painful emotional energy of old traumas stay trapped in the body until it is released and expelled! some beings hold onto old painful energies for decades and even for multiple incarnations!




trapped trauma energy is always stored next to a major organ inside the body and this area will cause pain and issues until the energy is cleared!




each major organ in the physical human vessel is where the multi-dimensional body chakras are located!




the main causes of blocked chakras are usually memories buried deep within the subconscious mind from childhood or past-incarnation trauma, abuse, a learned restrictive belief system, emotional injuries that haven’t been forgiven or just lack of attention can cause a chakra to shut down. tension builds up at one of the chakras from repeated denial, guilt, repression and unexpressed emotions. eventually, everything is affected from posture, metabolism, breathing, and emotional state. disease in the body is caused by chronically repeated blocked pranic energy.




pranic energy is literally the life-force of the physical body! this energy is called, simply, body-life! if it is depleted by being stolen, wasted, mis-used, etc..., the physical body will become diseased and will die.




a certain discipline of focused inner work is required to clear out all trapped energies in the body, that will completely stop one's ascension process!




this inner work can be achieved without a guide but the self-sabotaging and over-protective ego which is designed to keep one from facing the trapped inner trauma energy will go overboard to make sure you avoid the matter completely no matter how much intention you have to heal it!




this inner work is 100% required by every being on planet earth no matter what vibrational level they are currently in to be able to become free from the bounds of the earth and for the being to achieve any sort of enlightenment or awakening!




become a master at locating any trapped emotional energy in the body, seeing what chakra is blocked because of it!




sit alone and allow that energy to speak!




it has something it wants to say to you and when it is allowed to express itself, it has no more purpose and will leave the body at once!




it is that simple great one!




can you imagine being free from these old emotional hauntings?




again, once you fully express painful old trauma energies they leave the physical body forever!




this is the secret of the master, the teacher and the healer!




this emotional healing process is referred to as “transmutation of lower vibrations into light” because the living energy mass is transformed into love by first fully expressing the emotional pain, next by understanding and acceptance, then by forgiveness, letting go, replacing the old hurt with love, and it finally saying goodbye to it as it goes!




it is important to clear these dense energies out of the body not only so you will feel better but so you can reach your ascension goal!




all of the old lower energies that no longer serve your soul cannot go with you into the next higher dimension and there is no way around not clearing it all out first!




this is the great clearing of the path and critical for the evolution of your being!




what we know for sure is this: if you will follow the guidance given here and do the simple tasks we speak of, life gets much better within days, good things come that never came and the space where the energy was stored heals up quickly, along with any dis-ease or discomfort that came with it!




also after the emotional release, the space where the energy was stored becomes immediately flooded with white magnetic light (god power and love) and the being transforms into a higher and better version of itself! the internal vibration of the body speeds up dramatically as the ions spin faster causing the being to become much more loving, attractive, younger, more at peace, happier and universal abundance starts to flow freely in everyday life!




most physical ailments and disease are rooted in a mental/emotional cause and when you heal the underlying thought and emotion, the physical body heals itself automatically!




 翻译:Nick Chan



【昴宿星】《事件 - ”杰作”行动》(第一部分) 

【昴宿星】《事件 - ”杰作”行动》(第二部分)




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