新纪元扬升之光 2018-10-31


Mother God via Galaxygirl, October 29th, 2018




Greetings children, my precious ones. Thisis your Mother God speaking. I want you to sit back and relax into me, for youare worried and burdened, I can sense it. The heaviness that has beentransmuted of late has been quite the load to bear and I see this children. I –we, your Father and I, thank you so much for your service. This is not aforever thing children although it can feel like it when you are in the throesof it. Relax and lean into me and become refreshed and rejuvenated.




I am your Mother God. I see you, I knowyou, I love you. My breath is your breath, children. We are one, united,together, of the same stuff. We are love. It is this Now for you to recall anddeeply remember this truth and time for the untruths to be transmuted into loveand truth. Love is all there is. I, Source, is all there is. All is light inthe end, children. Rest in this and enjoy the journey. My wave coming is mylight, my pulse, my love. Let it into you, just as you are letting my wordsjust now come into you and sooth your vibration. It is the same. Do not overthink it. Continue to walk hand in hand and heart in heart with me and all willbe made right. Rest in me. You are safe and secure. And children, you arestrong. So strong, it takes my breath away in delight as I watch your prayersand light beams light up the heavens. You are a formidable team, children, andtogether we are unstoppable. It is time for the light to completely vanquishthe dark now. I have spoken. The divine feminine has returned. And children, itis truth through me, through you, through this communication that we have whenyou open your hearts up to me. For it is time for the old to pass away and thenew to be reborn and re-remembered. Will you build and rebuild with me? Gaianeeds you. Nova Gaia waits for you. We are all here in great support of you.




I am your Mother God. Be at peace. But ofcourse that is your choice should you decide to rest in me or stand off to theside frizzled and frazzled. Why would you chose that? Have you not been in thatspace of lack for long enough? Yes! Come to me, rest in me, talk with me aboutyour day, about your concerns. I am ever listening for you and to you. Let mesing you a lullaby and be soothed at your deepest core. Let me in there too andbe one with me. Twins and family and the what ifsreally are inconsequential when you realize that all is divine timing and willserve my purpose. Ah, there you are. Rest in me a bit more children. I amforever here for you and your biggest fan – well Father of course too! We bothare your biggest fans and our reunions (Company of Heaven with us) andcelebrations we are greatly anticipating. I am your Mother God.





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