I am Sanat Kumara.I am proud and happy over your fantastic progress. Your connection with Mother Earth is rapidly deepening and increasing in frequency. You have regained the ability to live in the now rather than as previously where you mostly have alternated between living in the past and the future. You are letting go of the control that you believed you had to maintain through a constant process of planning. You are listening to your heart and are visibly happier, more positive and more open to your fellow humans. You see and help each other. You are all changing at a cellular level, from within and out exactly as Gaia does. You enjoy her beauty and grandeur –and her finesse in the smallest of details and her communication with the Universe.


我是库玛拉。我对你非凡的进展感到自豪与开心。你与地球母亲的连接在快速加深,频率在快速提升。你已经恢复了生活于当下的能力,不像以前,你主要在过去和未来之间徘徊。你在放下你认为必须通过一个恒定的规划来保持的控制。你在聆听你的心,变得更加快乐,更加积极,更多地向你的同胞人类敞开。你们看到并帮助彼此。你们都在细胞层面上改变,从内向外地,就像盖亚。你享受她的美丽和伟大 --- 她最微小的巧妙之处,她与宇宙的交流


You enjoy nature’s communication with you –All trees and plants that give you various messages and gifts.You plant seeds, you plant plants, both in your outer physical world and in your soul. In this way you spread the joy of living and positive thinking on to others who have not found it yet. More and more understand that the animals are the confidants of humans. The birds are singing for you and your pets seek your company out of love.Better care for these living beings, tame and wild, is frequently debated in many places, which will result in cleaner oceans and water handling with conservation in mind.


你享受大自然与你的交流 --- 所有的树木和植物会给予你各种信息和礼物。你在外在的物质世界和你的灵魂中播种种子与植物。如此你把活着与积极思考的喜悦传播给那些还未找到它的人。越来越多的人明白动物是人类的知己。鸟儿在为你歌唱,你的宠物出于爱寻求你的陪伴。去照顾好这些生物,无论是驯养的还是野生的,经常在许多地方被讨论,经常会导致去清洁和保护海洋与水源


See that everything is changing to a better and lighter world, from within and out. Beloved friends, enjoy the day, enjoy the moment, and enjoy each other’s company. Everything is ONE and in this NOW you walk together on the most beautiful planet in the universe. We follow you with love and joy and are always with you.




I am Sanat Kumara and I love you all.





通灵:Kerstin Sisilla

翻译:Nick Chan




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