There is an upcoming solar storm expected this weekend.Researchers have noticed a sunspot that will bombard the Earth with solar particles on Monday. Sunspots are patches of darkness on the Sun which are caused by an underlying magnetism beneath the surface. A solar storm occurs when that magnetism bubbles up and is released in the form of solar flares, which spew cosmic particles into space. Earth is in the path of these particles, so we can expect an exceptional aural display at the poles soon!




Auroras are caused when solar particles hit the atmosphere. These include the northern lights, or aurora borealis and southern lights, or aurora australis. Both are expected to put on incredible shows thanks to this solar storm. The light show will appear when the magnetosphere gets bombarded by solar winds and that layer of the atmosphere deflects the particles.




According to the Express, a cosmic forecasting website called Space Weather said:




A minor hole in the sun’s atmosphere is turning toward Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind in our direction. The estimated time of arrival is April 22nd. Geomagnetic unrest and polar auroras are possible when the gaseous material arrives.”


“太阳大气中的一个小洞正转向地球,喷出一股太阳风。预计到达的时间是 4 22 日。当气态的物质到达,地磁动荡和极光就会出现”


Solar particles have been responsible for power grid failures and disruption in communications systems on Earth when they’ve been strong enough. A surge of particles can lead to high currents in the magnetosphere, which can cause a higher than normal level of electricity in power lines. The results could be devastating, especially considering Earth’s magnetic field is weakening. Eventually, as a solar storm could cause electrical transformers and power stations blowouts and a loss of power.Solar storms can also affect satellites in orbit, potentially leading to a lack of GPS navigation, mobile phone signals, and satellite TV.


当太阳粒子足够强烈,地球上的电网和通信系统会失效和被破坏。一个粒子的汹涌会导向磁气圈中的高电流,会导致电线中高于正常水平的电流。结果可以是灾难性的,尤其考虑到地球磁场的衰弱。最终,一个太阳风暴会导致变压器和发电站爆裂和失去电力。太阳风暴还会影响卫星,可能会导致 GPS 、手机信号和卫星电视失灵


Earth’s magnetic field is getting significantly weaker, the magnetic north pole is shifting at an accelerating pace, and scientists readily admit that a sudden pole shift could potentially cause “trillions of dollars”in damage.Today, most of us take the protection provided by Earth’s magnetic field completely for granted. It is essentially a colossal force field which surrounds our planet and makes life possible. And even with such protection, a giant solar storm could still potentially hit our planet and completely fry our power grid.But as our magnetic field continues to get weaker and weaker, even much smaller solar storms will have the potential to be cataclysmic. And once the magnetic field gets weak enough, we will be facing much bigger problems.As you will see below, if enough solar radiation starts reaching our planet none of us will survive. -Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog


地球的磁场正在显著地变弱,磁北极在加速转换,科学家们欣然承认,一个突发的磁极转换可能会导致数万亿美元的损失。今天,我们把地球磁场提供的保护当作理所当然。它本质上是一个巨大的力场,包围着地球,让生命成为可能。即使拥有这样的保护,一个巨大的太阳风暴依旧可能会烧毁我们的电网。但随着我们的磁场越来越弱,即使比较小的太阳风暴都有可能是灾难性的。一旦磁场弱到一定程度,我们会面临更大的问题。正如你会在下方看到的,如果足够多的太阳辐射到达地球,我们没有人能够生存 ---Michael Snyder


The weakening magnetic field could have apocalyptic implications for all of us. Increased cancer rates will occur and there will be increasingly dangerous outcomes of fairly minor solar storms such as the one expected on Monday.





翻译:Nick Chan



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