an incredible armada of light force battalions has arrived in earth's atmosphere over the last few days!




these central race craft are here clearing out final low-vibrational 3d matrix energies and overlaying it all with the new 5d earth crystalline grid!


这些中央种族的飞船前来清理最后一些较低振动的 3D 矩阵能量并用新的 5D 地球水晶网格覆盖


it is time for the opening of the grand portal and it's time to finalize the event on planet earth!




a planetary cohesion of high vibrational consciousness will be achieved over the next 6 days!


一个高振动的行星式的凝聚意识会在接下来的 6 天实现


we will broadcast the details of operation andara-321 tonight at 11:11pm eastern time!


我们会在今晚美国东部时间 11:11PM 发表 Andara-321 行动的细节


until then, let us know what ascension symptoms and major life changes you are experiencing!




god-speed, great beings of light!




earth frequency update




an amazing defined lattice pattern is now showing up in the vibrational field around planet earth and is being reflected on the schumann resonance chart!





this is the high-vibrational energetic signature of the new 40-hertz 5d crystalline light grid being overlaid directly on top of the old 3d matrix!


这是新的 40 赫兹 5D 水晶光之网格直接覆盖旧的 3D 矩阵的高振动能量“签名”


as we move towards the grand equinox portal of 3/21, benevolent light forces are working around the clock to assist all the light beings stationed on earth in manifesting a beautiful new world where all beings of earth will be free forevermore!


随着我们朝向宏伟的 321 春分门户,仁慈的光之力量日以夜继地协助着所有地球上的光之存有显化一个美丽的新世界,其中所有人会永远自由


these powerful celestial forces are here en-masse to help us finalize the grand ascension event!




in over 100 hours of channeling 'project andara', a powerful piece of technology from beyond this world was given to us to pass on to the starseeds on earth to open the grand portal!


100 个小时通灵“ Andara 行动”中,一个强大的来自这个世界之外的技术碎片被给予我们来传递给地球上的星际种子来开启宏伟的门户


we will present this technology to you this very night!




we are calling on 4.5 billion earth starseeds to combine their energy and come together in unison to return this world to the paradise it was always meant to be!


我们呼唤 45 亿星际种子联合他们的能量,聚到一起将这个世界返回它注定成为的天堂


have faith in the universe great ones!


相信宇宙,伟大的 一们!


standby houston!




prepare for ignition as we lift off to the higher realms on our great journey home!









翻译:Nick Chan





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