Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters!Greetings! I AM St. Germaine, I am your brother and family, I am your guide and teacher, I am with you.




There is no greater pleasure than to come and commune with thee, to celebrate your new and wonderful expansion, this stepping up into your master-hood. You have worked hard and you went deep into yourselves, you went into the deepest darkness and reemerged successfully, filled with gems of wisdom. Yes, you know that the gems that you are bringing up to the surface have always been there, within you, because you are already perfect and complete in every moment.




But isn’t it wonderful when you place a little suspense there and even have to put a little work into uncovering that which you are? It seems more of an accomplishment, and a great victory, when you do it yourselves, step by step, rather than having it given to you by us ~ your heavenly family.




Yes, the work required is mostly one of trusting, and of relinquishing resistance, truly one of surrendering into the union with your divine self, and with the totality of who you are. My Violet Flame is to be used often as a powerful aid in letting go of all of the remnant debris of reluctant, hanging onto the old at every level of your beingness.


是的,所需的工作主要是信任、放弃抵抗、臣服于和你神圣自我      /你所是完整的联合。我的紫罗兰火焰可以被经常当作一个强力的工具来帮助你放下所有残留的不情愿碎片、对你存在每个层面上旧事物的紧抓


Step bravely into this Nova You!Get to know yourselves and see how beautiful, powerful, and yet gentle you have become. Allow others and the world to see who you truly are.




At this time there is great chaos in the world, there are massive changes coming with turbulence and agitated energies everywhere. Everyone is being nudged to awaken!




Take my violet flaming torch and assist everyone you meet on your paths. Use my violet flaming torch to greet everybody, either by placing it in your hands or by infusing your words with it, so that it will clear the space in an instant.




Rest when you need to, center and re-center yourselves often, but understand that humanity is in need of the great assistance that your loving stance provides. I am not suggesting that you go and take the problems of the world on your shoulders; what I am saying to thee is that you need to keep yourselves in a higher vibration and integrity so that you have the stamina and the energy required to be in the world at this time. For this is the next step in your journey!




You might need to reach many only on an energetic level, and not as much as being physically immersed in the 3 D world entails. But some of you might need to travel, shake hands, and physically embrace others. You are going to need lots of energy and stamina, but this is not to be of great concern to you, for when you place your needs first, prioritizing and listening to your sharp intuition and to your bodies, then you would be bouncing with lots of energy.




And do remember to ask for help, for I am always with thee. Let me infuse you with energy, let’s dance and bounce, let’s sing our way into the ascension of the whole of humanity.




Congratulations dearest hearts! Well done!





通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan


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