I am BrMy from the Pleiades and I am here today to greet all peoples on Earth. I stand for the simple things in every day life. Wherever there is chaos, me and my like minded friends will untangle it. We see the possibilities and what is simple when you think most things look like a mess of yarn. We are here now to offer help to Earth in order for you to see the opportunities and not to blindly look at what looks impossible. Everything is possible and there is always a simple red string to follow. Some people would call it logic and we represent the higher logic, the intuition when it comes to seeing the opportunities in something that looks like chaos. This can apply to all fronts in your life – to clear up your inner as well as your outer worlds. It is like unraveling a yarn that has gotten entangled – you start in one end until you have untangled it all to an even nice ball. This starts within you. You clean up in the chaos, the worries and the fear until you have a calm harmonic feeling in yourselves. You start to work methodically with your homes or your work tasks until you have a good overview of what is important to do or preserve. You get more energy and everything goes easier and quicker. The surprise is often great when you see how much you have done and how fast it went. The higher intuition works with a higher heart and mostly it goes like a dance.


我是来自昴宿星的 BrMy ,我今天前来问候地球上的所有人。我支持着日常生活中的简单。哪里有混乱,我和我志同道合的朋友就会清理它。我们看到可能性以及什么是简单的,当你认为很多事情看起来像是一团纱。我们前来提供地球帮助,为了让你看到机遇,而不盲目地看向看起来是不可能的东西。一切皆有可能,总是有着一条简单的红线可以去跟随。一些人会称它为逻辑,我们代表更高的逻辑,直觉,当谈到在看似混乱的东西中去看到机遇。这可以应用到你生活的所有方面 --- 清理你的内在以及外在世界。这就像解开一个打结的毛线球 --- 你从一个头开始直到整理成一个漂亮的球。这始于你之内。你在混乱,担忧和恐惧中清理,直到你有一个良好的纵览,关于什么是很重要需要去做或保留。你会有更多的精力,一切会变得更加容易,快速。当你看到你完成了多少以及它是多么地快速,惊喜往往是巨大的。更高的直觉与更高的心共事,通常它会像是一个舞蹈


There is logic in the whole universe and everything is perfectly arranged in perfect geometric patterns. Trust yourselves dear humans, you have it inside you. Just let it come out and take its place in your life. Follow your heart and let common sense have its place. It is not loud. It is calm and peaceful and follows its own paths. It chooses to do things at the right time and place. It prioritizes what is most important first and what is less important gets done without much problem. It slowly unravels the mess and the reward is great when it is completely unraveled.




This can also be applied to the world you live in – you have slowly untangled the mess that came to be and the reward waiting you is grandiose. You are all a part of this each one of you in his way, whether you do it within or outside. That which is done within can also be seen on the outside – this has been talked about many times. This is where patience enters. It takes time to untangle that, which has taken time to get tangled up in the first place. The more entanglement the more difficult it is, but you are on your way dear friends. You have untangled a large part of the tangled up yarn and there is only a small bit left now. Take some deep breaths and sit calmly and peacefully and then you can surely untangle the worst of knots – The knot that you have tied hard around yourselves in order to protect you against that which is vulnerable and fragile. Now it is time to dissolve this last knot and open up for that which is vulnerable and fragile, which also can turn out to be that which is strong and courageous. An open heart is a courageous heart. It is also strong and strong willed. The gain is within your selves. It is time now to build the new Earth with love, trust and intuition


这也适用于你所生活的世界 --- 你缓慢地解决你陷入的混乱,等待你的回报是巨大的。你们都是其一部分,在你们自己的方式中,无论是从内在还是外在去做。在内在完成的可以在外在看到 --- 这被述说许多次了。这是耐心进入的点。整理缠在一起的东西是需要时间的。缠地越多就越困难,但你已经上路了,亲爱的朋友们。你已经解开了很大一部分纠缠的线头,只剩下一点了。深呼吸,静静地坐着,你肯定能解开最糟糕的结 --- 你在周身硬生生捆绑的结,为了保护自己对抗易受攻击和脆弱。现在是时候去溶解最后的结,向易受攻击的和脆弱敞开,其实可以变成强大和勇敢。一颗敞开的心是一颗勇敢的心。它强大且意志坚定。受益在你之内。是时候去伴随着爱,信任和直觉建立新地球


My friends and I are the masters of logic and we walk with you now.




Much love,BrMy


大量的爱, BrMy



通灵:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan



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