And I AM Lady Nada.




And I AM so overjoyed to be able to be with you in these times, in these moments, in this way that I can share my understandings, my love for all of you.




Many of you know me, know dear Sananda, so close that we all are that you can feel my touch on your shoulder now. Feel it now. Feel as I touch each and every one of you lightly on your shoulder. Feel the energy imparted to you. Feel even more of the love imparted to you. For I am the embodiment of love just as all of you are the embodiment of love and light.




Feel now this energy coming into you. Know that we are connected beyond your understandings at your three dimensional consciousness level. For you cannot begin to understand it if you remain in the programming. But if you find yourself out of the programming, out of the illusion into the real reality, then you will know of our connection. You will know from where we came from. We as a collective we.




All of us at one time or another were together and together we will all be again. Yes I can speak through this one James and I can be with you in this way, but I, just as all of you, long to be there with you which you call in-person. Alive and in person.


我们所有人曾经都在一起,一起我们会再次成为。是的,我可以通过这位管道 James 说话,我可以在这样的方式中与你在一起,但我,就像你们所有人,渴望面对面和你在一起。活生生地,面对面


But it does not take this visual acuity to occur for you to know that we are bonded together; that we are together even in this moment as I speak to you, as you feel or felt my touch on your shoulder or on your head. All of you felt it at some level. If not consciously now, you will feel it at another time later. For I have touched each one of you just as you will be touched again much more powerfully in those times ahead, as the Holy Spirit, the Source Within You comes over you, comes within you, and you feel the energy and the power that comes with it. The power of love to spread the love, to spread the light to all of those that you come in contact with as the emissaries or the disciples of that love.




I AM Lady Nada. I leave you now. All peace and love be with all of you. And know that our connection is strong and we are strong together.




娜达夫人 20180304 爱的使者

通灵:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan


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