Good morning dear ones! I AM Archangel Ariel. I AM your beloved sister in love. I AM your friend and supportive family and I come here for a short message and to spread love and cheer to all of you, and through you to many more, and literally to everyone in your world. This is how vast your being is, this is how extensively you are connected with one and all. Not only that, but love is extremely catchy and contagious in the most wonderful way, and it needs to do nothing more to affect you and everything other than just being love.




I want you to focus on this love and to open up to it, to intend to receive it fully and without any reservation. Let it flow through you, and let go of fears and worries that it won’t last forever, that it will touch you and then just leave you yet again…for real love, Mother’s Love, never really departs or completely deserts you, that is just impossible. For you see, this is who and what you are, each and every one on you – love beings!


我想要你去专注于这个爱,去向它敞开,去意图充分地接收它,不留余地地。让它流经你,放下不会持久的恐惧与担忧,它们只会触及你然后再次离去 ... 真正的爱,母亲的爱,从不会离开或完全抛弃你,这是不可能的。因为你看,这就是你的所是,你们每个人 --- 爱的存在!


From this moment on, endeavor to look for love and beauty in everything around thee. And not just to see it and observe it, but to feel it, to touch it with your heart and beingness, to really get to experience and know it. It doesn’t have to take you a lot of time, it can take only few seconds of your day. See it in the eyes of young and innocent children or in the eyes of your beloved house pets; see it in the sadness of the abandoned, the elderly left alone, and frail ones; see it in the grieving mother who lost her sick child; see it in the hurt soldier in so many ways traumatized by war; see it in the deceiving and cold politicians…see it everywhere.


从这一刻起,试着在周围的一切之中找到爱与美丽。不只是去看到它和观察它,而是去感受它,去用你的心和存在触摸它,去真正地体验和知晓它。这不需要花费大量的时间,这只需几秒钟。在年轻和纯真的孩子眼中看到它或在你心爱的宠物眼中看到它;在被抛弃的悲伤中、孤寡老人中、脆弱的人之中看到它;在失去生病的孩子的悲伤母亲中看到它;在战争中受到多方面伤害的士兵中看到它;在欺骗和冷血的正客中看到它 .... 在各处看到它


For it doesn’t matter whether it is wide openly displayed and available to everyone out there, or if it is only a tiny speck or a little sparkle of love and light hidden behind many, many walls, you can spot it everywhere.




You know you can allow your love within your brilliant heart to flow freely and without any reservations to everyone, and particularly to the ones that are closing their hearts in pain. You don’t judge, you are way beyond this because you know that it is not for you to understand their journey, it is not for you to attempt to take care of their situation and to solve their problems. You plant the seeds of activation and remembering with your touch and embrace. You send your unconditional and genuine love and then move on to live your own life fully, the way you have always intended, for you know that there is so much you have planned to be and to do in this lifetime. You know that there is so much you have to give of yourself to yourself, and that then overflows and is extended to everyone.




Dear ones focus on the goodness and the light that exists in everything and everywhere, and sooner then, you know your world and the entire world will be the love that you are and will hear the song that you sing!




I will leave you now in love and light! Farewell!




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan






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