Greetings dear ones! I AM St. Bernadette, and it is with great pleasure that I come here today to speak to you, to bring you peace and serenity, and to offer you my love and my warm embrace. I wish to assist you in the process of shifting more easily into that space of high vibration, into your space of love and light.




It is from that place that you can regain clarity and a deeper and more comprehensive view of your challenges and of your journey in general. And that being said, we want you to know that you do not have to stretch your minds too hard in trying to understand every occurrence and event that is unfolding in your lives.




You do not have to push and press too much to get ahead of yourselves, for there is a divine plan and there is perfect order in everything you do. Trust yourselves as you have been told many times! Trust that your steps and actions are carefully monitored and guided in every moment of your journey and that they are aligned with your sacred purpose just as you have intended.




Let go of trying to figure things out with the knowledge you have at hand. Surrender in loving trust knowing that when you least expect it the answers that you are seeking are going to be revealed to you. For when you pose a question, the answer to it is always there, even if it might not come in the way and in the form that you are expecting.




You need to know that you can take upon yourselves as much or as little to do and to carry as you want or feel comfortable with. What is important is to let go of the need and of the wrong idea that in order to be of service you need to sacrifice yourselves, that you need to work hard and endure pain and suffering.




Dear ones, this is of the old paradigm and it doesn’t apply to the new ascended you and to the life of the Nova Earth. We know how much you want to assist. We know that it is your desire to uplift the ones behind you in any way possible, in addition to creating the new world. But when you lend a hand in help it doesn’t mean you have to be in pain or suffer in any way.




Use that light and love that you can bring in so effortlessly to clear your space and to set boundaries, thereby assisting others without getting too involved in their personal lessons. Yes, you can be the transmuters and the loyal friend and soul family. Yes, you can be the transmitters of the Love coming from the Mother and from the entire Council, but that doesn’t have to prevent you from expanding into your own personal journey with joy and constant happiness.




I thank you for your wonderful achievement. You are so loved and appreciated for all you are doing.




My peace be with you always! Farewell!