I am with you now to let you all know that when the storms seem over, they are just begun, and that is only for the next few moments, then and for always. The storms bring new growth, and as they settle down, the new growth comes forth and brings the beauty that is in the works for all of you. This is the beginning of the new way of life on planet Earth, and as we take our turns for the better in Love, and the Power of change we do so with the utmost ability that we have to create that which is in harmony with all of life on the planet and beyond. It is the time for all of you to know this to be true and live it in every moment and movement that you make. I am Horus once more, and I am with you in Love and the Power of change that is in the works as I speak.




通灵:Nancy Tate

翻译:Nick Chan




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