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My dear friends, we love you so very much,




There are standards for perfection on your planet earth that have plagued humanity since the dawn of time. You feel successful if your life looks the way society thinks it should, and not when it doesnt. You feel beautiful if you match some capricious wrinkle-free image. You feel good about yourself when acknowledged and loved by others, less so when abandoned or criticized.




It is only the human conditioning which robs you of your natural state of joy and makes you feel anything less than Divine.




In our eyes, you are perfect, exactly as you are.




When you came to earth as babies, you knew you were perfect. You loved yourselves. You cried when you had need. You laughed when something was funny without worrying about being socially correct You didnt have a shred of guilt in reaching out for what fascinated you. You lived authentically.




And then, as you say, life happened. You became conditioned by others.You started to feel guilty when your authentic self no longer matched what others wanted, or expected of you. You were trained to conform, to succeed, and to please.




Deep down however, a fire of Divine Love (self love) burns within you. Whether it has been covered over so strongly that the sheer effort of denying your truth has resulted in depression, whether it erupts in angry spurts when quenched too long, or whether it burns warmly it is always there. It cannot be extinguished. It is who you really are.




A rose does not feel guilty for its thorns. A river makes no apology for carving a channel through stone. The sun does not take responsibility for anything other than shining, even though clouds may obscure its light. All of nature knows that its only duty is to be what it is in a given moment. That is all that is ever asked of you.




Dont apologize, dear ones, for being who you really are. Dont worry about whom you please or whether or not you are a success in the eyes of the world. Dont change yourself to fit in with what others expect. Dont let guilt rob you of your natural joy.




You are already good enough. You already fit perfectly in this beautiful puzzle of life. If you think even the smallest loving thought about yourself or another, you have succeeded today. If you have loved in even one breath then, in our eyes, you have not lived in vain.




In our eyes, you are perfect. In our eyes, you cannot fail.




God Bless You! We love you so very much. The Angels





通灵:Ann Albers

翻译:Nick Chan







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