There are distinct challenges that come from shifting into your authentic power.The first stage is shifting out of victim consciousness.As you start to assume the role of loving friend guardian parent and guide for yourself you start to experience the idea that you are completely able to navigate your life from a place of complete competency and innate and divine strength.As you leave behind the illusion that you have no power you start to experiment with what power is.




This usually manifests in different ways depending on your predominant energy.If you are predominantly masculine the challenge is moving out of the old 3D model of powerthat which overpowers controls intimidatesinto authentically being able to anchor in your truth and innate power and create from there.The challenge is being able to leave the ego dominated ways behind and find balance and fairness while embodying a new much more loving and unified version of masculine strength.




For those of predominantly feminine energy the challenge is to not mimic the old masculine based 3D models of power or to use your emotions or old illusions of weakness as a means of control but rather harness your innate and divine strength and create from there.Many women think they need to be tough and strong-willed to be taken seriously or weak and helpless to get assistance.The task they are facing is the creation of the new template for the empowered feminine energy which is fair loving empathic yet strong capable balanced and firm when required.




Both the masculine and feminine are anchoring and creating brand new standards which like all things will grow and evolve as you go along.But the main attributesbalance truth divinity authenticity wisdom and empowerment for all are at the core of both and will be the driving force of the next grand phase of the shift you are all part of.~Archangel Gabriel






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