Greetings dear ones! I am Commander Ashtar, I am your brother and family, I am your friend. I come in love and I come in admiration for the progress that you are making steadily, for the ones looking with the lenses of the third-dimensional view it seems that there is not much happening.




Nevertheless, even these ones can see that there is great positive movement towards regaining freedom of all sorts and towards the reinstatement of the sovereignty of human beings and every creature that is living on this beautiful planet. But for us, and for most of the awakened brothers and sisters that are currently incarnated in physical form living on planet Earth, there are many progressive signs of libera·tion by the exp·osition and dem·olition of the old structures that had only one agenda  the ensla·vement and dimi·nution of the spirit of the human being.




We are here watching you with pride and admiration because we see how deeply you are reaching in and removing the outdated false grids, while at the same time you are able to touch and uplift everything with your trusting and magnificent hearts ~ hearts full of love and compassion for everyone and every being that was ever created by the Mother/Father/One.




Sure there are moments when you feel tired and a little overwhelmed with the assignments given to you. Sure there are times when you question yourselves slightly and your ability to work efficiently at so many levels. And this is when we come and extend our love, our energy, and support. This is when we send one or many of our boots on the ground  star-brothers and sisters of yours, of course  to assist you energetically or in other more practical ways, for we have you looking into the sky to see our ships as we wave to you.




In other words, we guard you, your homes, and your families; we are always closer to you than you can ever imagine.




Sometimes we take you on our ships and into the heart of the One to strengthen you, to assure and re-assure you that you are extremely loved, and that you and your earthly families are never given more than you can handle successfully. Yes, you do work undercover still and that needs to continue for some time. But at different level, at the visible and more practical way of living on Earth, there is more good news.




The time when new and vital information is to be released to the unawakened human beings is here, and you are the ones who will bring forth these messages. The time for the new tools, that have the ability to make everyones life easier and more independent, while living in this free will world, is here. And it is you, the ones listening to this message in this forum and beyond it, through whom we can bring them so that you can promote them safely and properly.




It is you that we can trust, knowing that you would utilize them only for the highest and the greatest good of all, and not for the benefit of the few privileged ones.




There is wonderful progress and I salute and support each and every one of you for your stalwart work and invaluable contribution.




I will leave you now but know that we are with you. 








通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan




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