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Sirius the Starvia Ann Dahlberg, January 11th, 2018

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Sirius the Star



I am a star in God’s greatHeaven – The Heaven that does not have any end nor a beginning. We are all Oneand I feel as One with you. It is a great day now on Earth. Our dear Gaia is onher way up into her great light again. It is a holy day and a day of reverence.A great change is on its way in this part of the galaxy and it will impact ourwhole galaxy. It is a day of joy and triumph. There is much that will be healednow. There will be a better balance in the Universe that you belong to. Therehave been some imbalances at the outskirts of this galaxy, but this will becorrected now when Earth is taking its rightful place in this galaxy again.Earth is more than she has become, just like you dear Earthlings.



All the inhabitants of thegalaxy are now waiting with great joy and eagerness for Earth’s return as wellas all your friends and families. You are the object for a great interest andengagement now dear friends – the greatest that has ever been on this side ofthe galaxy. It is of great importance that our Earth now ascends. It is ofutmost importance for this galaxy. This you will understand when you yourselveshave ascended a bit in your vibration. It is a wondrous time that is awaitingyou dear Earthlings, much more wondrous that you think. You are love childrenthat are walking on Earth today, much longed for children of love. You ascendwith your Earth, your Goddess and master. You cannot be in better hands and youcannot be more loved than you already are. I am a big star in the sky, but youare also big dear children on Earth. You are magnificent and splendid. We cansee this, but you still feel insignificant in comparison to the world you livein. It is an illusion. Everything is an illusion until the veil has been fullylifted from your mind. You are on your way out of the illusion now dearchildren on Earth and it can sometimes be hard to wake from one’s deep sleep.It can be as being born again with the pain and trauma that this can cause.This, as everything else will pass. Newer experiences of a more beautiful kindknocks on the door.



I am Sirius the Star andwatch over you now and send a little extra light to where I can see it isneeded. There are many from my star mingling among you now. They raise thevibration on Earth and make it easier for Mother Earth to ascend to her highervibration. She has fought courageously our Earth – the Earth that you also callGaia. She is a brave soul and she has much love for you and all life thatexists on Earth. In her great love she has made great sacrifices, but now it istime for her to return home. Her light has grown thousandfold and it is a greathonor to get to help her during her last journey to the light – The light whereshe belongs and where her rightful place is.



I feel a great love for Earth and for you dear children – the joyI feel in anticipation of the wonderful that is now happening has now limits orwords. It just is…magnificent, wonderful, fantastic and holy, yes, holy dear children and it canonly be experienced within yourselves.

I am sending the light youneed in order to heal your wounds now dear children. The time is ripe for abigger light in your hearts.

We love you so much.

Sirius the Star











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