Greetings my sweet Annas! I am your Mother, Universal Mother Mary, Mother of hope, Mother of change and transformation, Mother of all. I come to you today, I come to speak to thee, to have you feel my embrace and my love. I come to have you see me or perceive me in whichever way you want, though you have to know by now that I am and always have been with you.


问候,我亲爱的 Annas !我是你的母亲,圣母玛丽亚,希望的母亲,改变和转变的母亲,一切的母亲。今天我前来跟你述说,让你感受我的拥抱,我的爱。我前来让你看到我或感知我,在你希望的方式中,尽管你已经知道我总是和你在一起


There are times when you need some visible or tangible signs of my presence, and I do understand this dear hearts, because being in human form and going through all of these rapid changes and adjustments which are sometimes quite uncomfortable, and at the same time having to face your ego’s attempts to confuse you and persuade you to give up, well, this is not an easy task.




And so, I am here my beloved children to congratulate you for your recent advancements and achievements. I am here to show you that you have grown up and matured so much and I do want to take this moment to embrace you and to hold you in my arms and place you into my heart so you can feel my love and appreciation. And this is just as a mother is holding and hugging her adult children with love and adoration regardless of their age, but mostly with pride for all that they have accomplished.




I know that you are ready for your next adventure, I can see your impatience and eagerness to get going with the next project and to move on further and further along on your journey.




Yes, we have designed this lifetime together, you and I, to be an exciting and an exhilarating journey, a life that is full of wonder and joy, a lifetime when you break through the shackles of the imprisonment of the human mind and then to step into the freedom of your beautiful hearts and love. And this is what you are doing, this is what my son, Jesus, has been talking about, and this is what we have been sending to all of you through different books, channels, songs and other forms of messages.




You found your freedom, yes, you may say you have arrived home at last, that you have ascended while being in this wonderful physical vessel, it matters not how you call this process of expansion. What matters the most is that you have found your lightness and direction at last, and even if you still won’t be able to see everything that is happening around thee, and there are many reasons for this, you know that the only way to continue on this journey is to follow the love and truth of your heart.




You have matured a great deal indeed, my sweet Annas. And that means you understand who you are, you understand the universal laws, you see how important it is to flow only with the grace of love and to let go of any remnant doubts and worries.


你确实成熟了很多,我亲爱的 Annas. 这意味着你明白了你是谁,你明白了宇宙法则,你明白了只伴随着爱的优雅流动,放下任何残留的怀疑和担忧是有多重要


You can finally perceive with clarity how far your energy field and love can reach out there. You can see the positive uplifting effects of your loving thoughts on your own body, on your home and family and let me reassure you, on everyone that is connected to thee, even if they live thousands of miles away.




Your eyes are glowing and laughing, your singing hearts are open and beaming with love, your step and walk is light and full of joy, and to see you this way, my sweet Annas, it is indeed the fulfillment of My Dream. And I thank you and embrace you with my infinite love and gratitude! The rest of my dream, bringing everyone along with thee and together building Nova Earth, will be following shortly.


你的眼睛在发光和微笑,你歌唱的心在敞开,发送着爱,你的步伐轻盈,充满喜悦,看到你这样,我亲爱的 Annas ,确实是我梦想的实现。我感谢你,拥抱你,伴随着我无限的爱和感激!我梦想的其他部分,带每个人和你一起建立新地球,很快也会实现


Well done dear hearts, well done! Go in peace and love! Farewell.





圣母玛丽亚 20180112 我知道你渴望开始下一个项目,下一个冒险

通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan



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