Greetings to You Lightholder! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).


问候,光之保持者!衷心地,我是 KejRaj(KayRy).


The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.




It is my intent to make this a weekly share, every Thursday. I will write about something, anything that comes to mind, that is in hope uninfluenced, uninhibited by anything outside of myself, and perhaps unique, different from what you’re used to reading. As you can see the title of this series is simply FREEDOM. This will also be shared on the forum.




I hope you are able to follow and comprehend what I am saying here with a neutral stance.




Do we really do things out of love or “out of ego”? If you only do things that feel good to you, isn’t that serving the ego in a way?




What about doing things that do not make YOU feel good but make others feel good? Perhaps THAT IS doing things out of love. Yes? Like buying a pack of cigarettes or a case of beer for someone(laughter). Or better yet, the Galactics telling Creator “We apologize for breaking the law of freewill but it’s time to go in directly and neutralize all Cabal at once”.


那去做并不让你( YOU )感觉良好的而是让别人感觉良好的事情呢?也许这才是出于爱行事。是不是?也许给别人买一包香烟或一打啤酒(笑)。或者更好,银河存在告诉造物主“我们很抱歉打破了自由意志的法则,但是时候直接地行动,一次性消灭所有的陰谋集团”


We must be brutally honest with ourselves. We must face the ego and accept that we are lost, though repeatedly we are told that you are where you’re supposed to be. Is that so?




On this, I do not want the point of view of some being from the 7th, 8th or 10th dimension. I want the point of view from someone that is barely getting by, or someone that’s dying from hunger. I want to ask them if they think THEY are where they’re supposed to be.


对此,我不想要一些 7 维, 8 维或 10 维存在的观点。我想要只能勉强过活或就要饿死之人的观点。我想要问问他们是否认为自己处于应该处于的地方


This is interesting, or is it? That most of the happy talk comes from beings who have it good for themselves, including wealthy people on Earth. How about we switch roles? Ah, I forget that we each signed up for what we’re experiencing. Few rich, billions poor. But it’s all in the mind? I must ask where is this thing called BALANCE we often hear of from different Higher Sources? Again countered by balance within, balance without.




If everything is as it should be(mu·der, rape, poverty, war, pedophilia, taxes, poison in food, air, water, ensla·vement) what is the point of trying to change any of this? Why do we have billions of beings from around the Universe trying to save Earth and humanity IF everything is as it should be? Why are the Galactics getting involved? Out of love?


如果一切都如它所是(谋杀,强 ,贫困,战争,恋童癖,税收,食物、空气、水中下毒,奴役)试图改变任何这些东西的意义在哪?为什么有数十亿的存在来试图拯救地球和人类,如果一切都如它所是?为什么银河存在参与进来?出于爱?


Unless it was written in the so called Divine Plan for all the chaos on Earth to come to an end at this time.




So everything prior to now was planned? And so is everything here after. It is said that the falling from the higher dimensions was not supposed to occur. It did. From there on everything basically collapsed. No one could fix it? After millions or is it billions of years of chaos, Creator and the Spiritual Hierarchy have decided that NOW is the time to lift it all up back into a state of peace?!




I am not talking here just about Earth’s history and humanity on Earth. The Lyra civilizations, the humans and other races on Lyra were attacked and nearly completely destroyed by the Draconians for no good reason. Where was Creator, where was the Spiritiual Hierarchy?


我不只是在说地球的历史和地球上的人类。天琴座文明,人类和其他天琴座上的种族被攻击,几乎被 Draconians (译注:是天龙人还是什么意思)完全摧毁,没有什么缘由。造物主在哪,精神层面在哪?


Yes I forget once more, the freewill, EXCUSE? Or did all those that were killed and souls traumatized for many lifetimes sign up for that experience? I do not know. But I know I am one of those souls, and the chance is you reading these words are one too. This is why we cannot stand to see unrighteousness here on Earth because we have played the victim role many many times.




When the time came and those that survived the Galactic wars proposed that Reptilians/Draconians be obliterated wherever they are found. They were stopped and told that that method would be like killing a weak animal because it can’t keep up with the herd.


当时间到来,那些幸存于银河战争的人提议爬虫族 /Draconians 被除掉,无论在哪里。他们被阻止,被告知这个方法就像杀死一个软弱的动物,就因为它跟不上群体,落单了


Did someone know that the Lyran Wars would occur? Nothing done to prevent it. But all was done for the sake of experience and expansion? A game was created called Polarity Integration(integrating two opposites, light and dark) by the Founders of this Universe. A group of beings in the 12th dimension. In order for them to cross into the 13th dimension they had to create, come up with something beyond unique, never done before in this Universe. And that’s what they came up with.


有人知道天琴座的战争会发生吗?没什么来预防它?但一切的发生都是为了体验和扩张?一个游戏被创造,称为极性整合(整合两个对立面,光和黑暗),由这个宇宙的创造者创造。 12 维度中的一群存在。为了让他们穿越到 13 维度,他们必须创造,构想出超越独特的东西,从未在这个宇宙中做过的东西。这就是他们想出来的


One war after another for hundreds of millions of years. This made it all the way here, to Earth. And from what has been communicated to us all from higher sources, put in a simple term chaos, or negativity is ending in this Universe, and once again Earth is leading the way.




I guess the planners, the Founders, the Spiritual Hierarchy and whoever else was involved in the invention of this Universal Game were “out of love”, out of ideas, unable to expand and grow through LOVE/LIGHT instead of HATRED/DARKNESS. Perhaps darkness/chaos at that/this level was NOT their intention?




One of the truths that most of the Spiritual Community has not realized yet is this; MOST IF NOT ALL AND EVERYONE besides SURFACE EARTH HUMANS, starseeds excluded; The Highest of the high in the Spiritual Realms, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Council’s/Federations, Inner Earth Groups, are not here assisting in these times JUST out of pure love. As GREAT as their love is for humanity and Earth, they are here because more than in one timeline, in one way or another they ALL contributed to the situation in which we find ourselves in right now here on Earth, yes even YOU and I fellow Starseed got our hands dirty a few times. The other reason is because of the genetic pool that has been created, accumulated here on Earth, the range of emotions, and Earth herself, the living library as she is referred to, all of this and more, will NOT be allowed to be destroyed by a few ruthless entities just for the sake of ownership/power.


其中一个事实就是大多数的灵性社区还没有意识到这一点;大多数,如果不是全部以及所有人,除了地球表面的人类,星际种子排除;精神领域中最高级的,大天使,扬升大师,银河议会 / 联邦,内部地球团队,并不在这些时刻在这里协助,出于纯净的爱。就像他们对人类和地球的伟大之爱,他们在这里,因为不只有一条时间线,一种方式,他们帮助着我们发现自己此刻身处的情况,是的,即使你和我,同胞星际种子有时候也会把手弄脏。其他的原因是因为基因池已被建立,在地球上积累,情感的范围,地球自身,活生生的图书馆,正如她被称为的,这一切以及更多,不会被允许被少数残忍的实体摧毁 --- 只为了权力


We have all gathered in these times to make it right, and we are all doing a wonderful job. ALL is being lifted up a notch or two into a higher state of beingness. How does it feel to know that because of YOU the Starseeds, the FOUNDERS(Creators of this Univer/sal Game), The Archangels, The Ascended Masters and others are now able to enter into new/higher octaves, realities of Creator. Yes, because of the countless of lifetimes you have lived and experiences you have gone through, are now helping them as much as they are helping us here on Earth.


在这些时刻我们聚集在一起来纠正它,我们都做着很好的工作。一切都被提高了一两个等级来进入更高的存在状态。知道这些有什么感受,因为你,星际种子,创造者(这个宇宙 / 游戏的创造者),大天使,扬升大师和其他人现在可以进入新的 / 更高的八度音,造物主现实。是的,因为你无数的生世和体验,现在帮助着他们就像他们帮助着我们


From this moment and forward, this Universe will only allow EXPANSION through LOVE until this Universe “graduates”. Which means the entire Galaxy has been uplifted to the 12th Dimension and ready cross into the 13th Dimension.


从这一刻起,这个宇宙只会允许通过爱扩张,直到这个宇宙“毕业”。意味着整个银河系被提升到 12 维度,准备穿越 13 维度


That is all for today. Take what you will, leave the rest for later.




From heart to heart, I AM KejRaj.


衷心地,我是 KejRaj.



翻译:Nick Chan



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