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I am Sananda and I write today to remind you how important it is to focus within you, in your heart. It is easy to loose focus if you do not have an inner focus. There is much that is happening in your outer world that distracts you and demands its attention. It is then best to now and then go inside and check what is important and what is less relevant for you right now. The most important thing is that you are grounded and in focus with yourself.




Let go of all that disturbs your inner focus now. There can be much that has piled up in the body that comes up via various events in your life or you get reminded about something. It can be grief. It can be fear or disappointments of different kinds. Go then inside to your heart and give yourself the love you need in order to let go of it. Your guides are also available if you ask them. Mother Earth and Father/Mother God are always with you and help whenever you ask for it.


放下所有打乱你内在专注的东西。有着很多在身体中堆积的通过你生活中的各种事件显现或者你被提醒有着那些东西。它可以是悲伤。可以是不同种类的恐惧或沮丧。进入内在,给予自己所需的爱以便放下。你的指导等待着你的请求。地球母亲和父神 / 母神总是与你同在,会帮助你,只要你请求


These are confusing times and much is reawaken by hidden and forgotten matters. It is a big awakening and we understand that it can be problematic sometimes, but you should know that you are always equally loved and honored for who you are. Wherever you find something dark in yourselves, forgive your selves and let it go. We have all done something in our big lack of consciousness. It is in our consciousness that we should care for and love our neighbor, as it is then that we understand that we are all One. It is then that we understand that it is through injuring our neighbor that we hurt ourselves. We all belong together so the wounds that you cause somebody elses soul they also take root in your own. It is in this way that the door is closed as a protection against the outer world and yourself. Yes, this is the way it can be dear children on Earth, but now it is time to open all doors and let the light pour in and flow again to all that need it. Yes, and there are many who need light and love today.




Our Father/Mother God has let down its strong light beam on Earth and it affects everybodys heart in one way or another. This strong light beam consists however of love only and you can get as much love as you wish and need. You just need to take in and feel that it is there around you. Let in a little at a time, if it is too much to take in all at once. A little at a time opens up the light in your heart and finally you will stand there in your full bloom The beautiful flower that once was created by Father/Mother God her/himself.


我们的父神 / 母神已经把强大的光束射到地球上,它影响着每个人的心。这个强大的光束只由爱构成,你需要多少爱就能拥有多少爱。你只需摄入,感到它在那。一次一点地允许它进入,如果太多难以摄入的话。一次一点地打开你心中的光,最终你会在那盛开 --- 父神 / 母神所创造的美丽花朵


It is towards your completion that you now walk dear children on Earth. Look around you with the light that is growing within you and you can see the beauty in the world around you and in the things that exist around you. You will see the beauty in people, animals and plants and understand that all is perfect and beautiful exactly as it is. What is already original and natural has its beauty and is in perfect balance with all that is. In your origin you are already everything, nothing needs to be added or subtracted You are perfect in your beauty and balance with all that is. You move towards your completion, your origin as a being of the light and this should gladden and calm your hearts.


你正朝向你的完工,亲爱的孩子们。看看周围,伴随着你之内增长的光,你可以看到周遭世界的美丽。你会在人们,动物,植物中看到美丽,明白一切都如它所是地完美和美丽。本质有着自己的美丽,与一切完美平衡。在你的起源中,你是一切,没什么需要添加或减去 --- 你在你的美丽和与一切的平衡中是完美的。你朝向自己的完工,你的起源,作为一个光之存在,这会是令人高兴的,会平静你的心


We are with you on your journey home to yourself and it is a wonderful and beautiful journey.




I spread roses on your path so that you more easily can find your way home.




With much love,








原文: http://sananda.website/sananda-via-ann-dahlberg-june-28th-2017/

通灵:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan


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