新纪元扬升之光 2018-06-29


Archangel Gabriel via Genoveva Coyle, June 26th, 2018




Youare to actively send love to everyone that is in dire need of a loving hand andof a kind word.



Greetings dear ones! I AMArchangel Gabrielle, I am the Lily of Love and the Trumpet of Truth. I am your friend,I am your family, in service to the Mother, and in service to you all.



I am here to speak to thee of this need to further open yourhearts! I am here to infuse you with my golden bubbles of joy and love, tofill your hearts, and especially your high hearts with more golden light andlove.




At these times of rapidchange that are happening in the world, at these times of the necessaryreleasing of much of the heavy and dense energies, there is need that you staygrounded and firm in your balance. More than that, dearest hearts, we need youto be that loving observer that is holding others in their peace and love atall times.



No, you do not have totake on any of the negative energies that are swirling around everybody,energies that are furiously and chaotically effecting many who are not yetfully awakened, and not yet processed and free of their core issues andbaggage. You are not to allow these energies to drag you down into the dramaand into the pain of the third dimensionality.



You do not have to proveanything to anyone and you do not have to make things right! That is not oflove, and it is certainly not a Nova Being’s task to solve issues and createnew ones. Strive to stay in the happy place of your heart where there is noneed to judge or to be right! Just observe the events and the energies that arecoming your way, and let them go into the light using the grace of the Motherand every single transmuting tool that you are comfortable with.



The ones listening to orreading this message have been given and bestowed with plenty of gifts andtools to deal with this turmoil. And you have been given access to the 13thOctave and to the entire Council of Love to assist you in removing any of theremaining specks and dust of low vibrational energies in your field.



But now I am giving youmore love, and I am always available to come to you at any time you call on meto fill and refill thee with my golden light, to assist thee in the balancingand re-balancing of your sweet selves, of your space, your beautiful homes, andthe entire soul family connected to you. For your mission at this time, amongothers not least in importance, is indeed to create a stable space for everyoneto fill through you with love, hope, and peace.



And so, you are toactively send love to everyone that is in dire need of a loving hand and of akind word. And even more so to those appearing to be on the other side of theloving spectrum.



You are channels of lovein so many unique ways, whether you speak of it or not, whether you talk orwrite at all, it matters not, because the effect is felt by everyone near orfar since you radiate so much light and compassion that it can fill up a room,a house, or an entire gymnasium.



When you are doing thiswork of sending love and light consciously as a group or a community you canexpand and stabilize and then change events for the better, raising thevibrations and uplifting an entire country, even this beautiful planet, and thewhole universe.



Know your power! Know yourworth!



Stay with my love andgolden bubbles of joy! Farewell.







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