I have a patient that has cancer. Can she be saved? Am I treating her right? 




There is no right and wrong. 



The idea of any so-called disease within your society can serve many different functions 



And can always allow the individual who has co-created the disease within themselves to get in touch with different portions of themselves. 



First of all, recognize that, generally speaking, the fundamental reason that an individual creates a disease is to force themselves to look at certain portions of themselves that they were not willing to look at 



Or perhaps did not believe that they could integrate within themselves in an easier fashion, 



Because in your society, they had not been taught to believe it could be re-integrated easily. 



So they have brought themselves many times to a point where they have suppressed many portions of the ideas of their consciousness that they now wish to look at in their exploration of integration. 



But because they have not been taught that it is an easy thing to do, they create a situation which relieves them of the responsibility and forces the situation upon them, so that they cannot back out of it.



Often times many diseases simply are for that purpose and a person will go through the disease, no matter how "Devastating" Or "Radical" It seems in your terminology, and come out the other end just fine 



But when they come out, they will not be the same person that went in.



because they are now a different definition, a different equation, a different vibrational matrix, a different frequency, a different idea. 



They are a completely different person—literally. 



They can allow themselves to circumvent any idea of needing a disease to show them these portions of themselves if they are willing to accept the fact that they can allow these portions of themselves to come to the surface to be integrated in an easy manner. 



And, there is nothing—nothing, nothing, NOTHING—within themselves that they could ever discover that they ever truly need to fear can hurt them or destroy them. 



You follow me so far? 








The idea is, if she is willing to be in touch with certain portions of herself, one way it can be balanced is through the idea of visualization...if she is willing. 



But there are many doorways we perceive within that entity that have yet to be opened to allow the contents through into the light to be integrated so that being can become a whole being. 



Another idea we might suggest which may be of assistance is to allow that being to recognize this fundamental idea: 



If they can in their visualizations of themselves picture or image, or feel what would be an idealized version of what they imagine they could be 



Then that individual can recognize if they can imagine it—in that moment they actually are that vibration. 



If they are willing to continue to believe that their imagination is just as real as physical reality, that physical reality is only a product of your imagination anyway, 



Then they do not necessarily have to believe that once they have had the envisionment, there "Has to be" A continuing process in order to become what they or you have imagined themselves to be. 



You can teach this individual that to conceive of a state they desire to be in does not have to be the beginning of a process, it can be the end of a process. 




All they need to do is act like they ARE what they envision themselves to be 



And then they will allow themselves to be the person that, by definition, does not have cancer. 



Another idea that may tap into this particular individual's subconscious and unconscious matrix, as we perceive their energy, is to recognize that any individual that is "In a situation" Has created that situation, conscious or otherwise, and recognize that they can create themselves to go into another situation. 



Remember, no matter what tools seem to be responsible for effecting the change, the individual is always the one that effects the change. 







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