Secrets of the Alexandrian Library

Master Guide Kirae

l through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling


透過Kahu  Fred Sterling傳


  亞歷山大圖書館的秘密 ( )


KIRAEL: 我們會說到關於亞歷山大圖書館的秘密,我並沒有想要使你們對於這些細節感到厭煩,例如,亞歷山大圖書館被燒燬多少次,遺失掉多少,等等。然而,我會啟發你們關於被保存的,和你們盼望由圖書館發現的東西。


KIRAEL: We will speak about the secrets of the Alexandrian Library. I have no desire to bore you with details such as how many times the Alexandrian library was burned down, how much was lost, and so on and so forth. Yet I will enlighten you about what was saved and what you can look forward to finding from that library.




It is a testament, if you will, to the Creator's Light that the Alexandrian Library existed. You will come to see that there are untold histories of this particular time, which is why many of us in the Guidance world have arrived here on your Earth plane at this time. Understand that the Creator, in its experience of Light, would never let the whole of anything be lost. Whatever it is may be put away for thousands of years, in some cases, but it is never lost.


例如,這未被寫入的歷史,這些偉大的世界,如雷姆利亞,亞特蘭提斯,埃及,基督時期,以及現在,和被稱為未來的,只能由實相中的指導靈帶來。你們說,”噢,齊瑞爾大師,我們不認為它們有運作過,因為我們如何發現這些沒記錄的歷史,如果所有的靈媒明天決定辭掉工作的話 ? 不要讓他們辭職,我猜這是我能告訴你們最好的。你們了解了嗎,你們遺失的知識,是你們已經感覺遺失的知識 ; 而你們現在真得需要擁有這些知識。


For instance, the unwritten histories of such great worlds as Lemuria, Atlantis , Egypt , and the time of Christ and the Now and the so-called future can only be brought forth by the Guidance reality. You say, "Oh, Master Kirael, we don't think that would work, because how would we find out about these unwritten histories if all the mediums decide to quit work tomorrow?" Don't let them quit, I guess is the best I can tell you. You see, the knowledge that you've lost is the knowledge that you feel you've lost, and you really need to have that knowledge in the Now.


為什麼是現在,在所有的時間裡,而為什麼是亞歷山大圖書館呢 ? 亞歷山大圖書館的內容,在上師耶穌走過地球層面的時間之前就被燒燬了 ; 而更多被燒燬於耶穌行走地球之後。即使我們可以發現那些物質,它將那告訴我們什麼呢 ? 朋友們,寫在數千年前的答案,如何創造你想要的生活。仔細聽了,朋友們,我將發表亞歷山大圖書館被破壞的古卷及書本的能量。


Why now, of all times, and why the Alexandrian Library? The contents of the Alexandrian Library were burned years before Master Jesus even walked upon the Earth plane, and more were burned after he walked on the Earth plane. Even if we could find that material, what would it tell us? Well, my friends, the answers to how to make your life what you want it to be exist within what was written those thousands of years ago. So, listen closely, my friends, as I bring forth the energy of the destroyed scrolls and books of the Alexandrian Library.


這訊息會對你的生活產生影響,你活在無限的社會。偉大的心智在你之前到來,而許多會在你之後來到。你來自光的源頭,我們提到的創造者,你們在這裡編造的字以顯示創造勢能。在你之前從創造者的光來了許多的光,在你之後也會有許多的光到來。前些日子,有人問我”齊瑞爾大師,有著無限的光體存在嗎 ? 亦或,創造者自身的擴展時也有著有限的數目呢 ? 我的朋友們,來自亞歷山大圖書館的答案,看看柏拉圖研讀些什麼,並且他如何教導及傳授給 Aristotle( 亞里斯多德 ) ,他最偉大的弟子之一。而且可以看到無限的潛力,沒有結束。”噢”你說,”齊瑞爾大師,你正在說的是,我們那些來自創造者之光的”當然,是所有的你們 “來自沒有範圍、沒有盡頭、沒有限制的一個源頭”,那正是我要告訴你的,為何他被稱為造物者,也是為何你會與所擁有美好的信念分離,全根基於一個限制性質的社會。


The information will have a defined effect on your life. You live in a limitless society. Great minds have come before you and many will come after you. You come from a source of light that we refer to as the Creator, a word you made up over here to exemplify the potential of creation. From that Creator Light came many lights before you, as will come many lights after you. Just in the previous day or so someone asked me, “Master Kirael, are there an infinite number of light beings, or is there a strict number by which the Creator expands?" The answer, my friends, from the Alexandrian Library, is this: Look at what Plato studied and how he taught it and handed it off to one of his great pupils called Aristotle and you can see that the potential is limitless. There is no end to it. “Oh,” you say, “Then what you're saying, Master Kirael, is that those of us who came from the Creator’s Light”—which, of course, is all of you—“came from a source that has no extent, no end, no limit.” That's exactly what I am telling you. That's why it's called the Creator, and that's why all the beliefs you have held onto so wonderfully are coming apart. They’re all based on a limiting society.




Scholars over the last two or three hundred years have, for the most part, tried to limit whatever they've studied. They tried to reach the absolute limit of their potential, only to find that that limit opened up into an area that was so broad that what they had just discovered was actually miniscule. Most of them walked around wondering why they had spent all that time just to discover a minute part of the whole.


為什麼我們想要知道關於亞歷山大圖書館 ? 畢竟,它不是當時唯一的圖書館,那時在世界各地都有圖書館,在羅馬有一座圖書館,在雅典也有一座巨大的圖書館。

然而,亞歷山大圖書館,朋友們,坐落於海港旁,如果你願意,在某些意義上,你可以隨著這一條廣闊的河流經它。在那裡容納著龐大的巨大能量的圖騰,遠離大眾能得到它的地方。他們隱藏訊息,為了他們可以感覺到某人控制被稱為生活的巨大混亂。生活有著磨擦,卻沒有混亂。你們稱之為生活的,是一個被設計成隨著磁力的” in-lightening 模版,一致的振動,即所有生命必須擁有的浩瀚經驗。這浩瀚包含了所有領域的訊息及生命經驗的權力。


Why do we want to know about the Alexandrian Library? After all, that was not the only library of its time. There were libraries throughout the world in those times. There was a library in Rome . There was even a huge library in Athens . However, the Alexandrian Library, my friends, was situated on a seaport, if you will, and a vast river ran past it and through it, in some sense of the word. All of the great energy patterns stored information there in vast quantities, away from where the masses could get it. They hid the information so that they could feel that someone was in control of this mass chaos called life. There’s the rub. There is no chaos in life. Life, as you call it, is a designed pattern of "in-lightening" energy with a magnetic force, a vibration that is consistent with the understanding that all life must have the vastness of experience. That vastness includes an entitlement to all arenas of information and the whole of life experience.




Understand that you're unlimited. Go beyond your limits. Open your mind beyond all that you have read in your books. Someone made statements recently that Master Kirael speaks only about things that can be verified. Well, I'll go beyond that this evening. I'll give you an example of things that can't be verified that I've spoken of many times.


我跟你們談過抹大拉的馬利亞。那甚至不是她真正的名字。她只是剛好來自馬格德林家族。嗯,馬格德林和瑪德琳娜有些被混淆了。你們曾聽過假定的故事嗎,抹大拉馬利亞是一個不同型式集合在一起的整體人類 ? 我告訴你們,朋友們,這假定迄今不能結束。在你們地球的層面,今天,抹大拉的瑪麗亞會被認為是精神分裂者,或者也許是兩極化的,或被證明是無行為能力。你們了解了嗎 ? 抹大拉馬利亞在任何時候用她承載的許多聲音說話,如同主耶穌向你們證實的。有幾次,抹大拉馬利亞與主耶穌對話,抹大拉馬利亞會短暫的停止,當她再次說話,她的聲音會以低沈的男中音出現,這個男中音會繼續說著主耶穌已經完成的偉大工作。已經猜到了,抹大拉瑪麗亞是一個靈媒,這不是很奇妙嗎 ? 我打賭你們將不會在任何書裡發現這個訊息。


I spoke to you about Mary Magdalene. That wasn't even her true name. She just happened to come from the Magdalenian family. Well, Magdalenian and Magdalene somehow got confused. Have you heard the hypothetical stories, if you will, that Mary Magdalene was a whole number of people gathered together in different forms? I tell you, my friends, that hypothesis may not have been so far off. On your Earth plane today Mary Magdalene would be considered a schizophrenic, or perhaps bi-polar, or certifiably incapacitated. You see, Mary Magdalene spoke in a number of voices that she carried with her at all times, as Master Jesus would verify for you. There were times when in conversation with Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene would stop momentarily, and when she spoke again, her voice came out in a deep baritone. The baritone would go on to tell Master Jesus of this great work that was being done. Some of you have already guessed it. Mary Magdalene was a medium. Isn't that amazing? I bet you won't find that piece of information in the books anywhere.


你們今日的真相是,你們活在一個無限的社會。我希望我能告訴你們這個道理一千遍,讓它成為一句真言,你們生活在光體的無限制社會。沒有什麼能提供創造者可以創造的。,創造者一直經歷的唯一的限制是,你們選擇不移動。那麼,你們如何連結創造者的能量呢 ? 在”自覺創造的十個原則”裡,有許多的工具和技巧,能帶你們超越你們的限制,或者你們感知到的限制。許多人說,我的靈媒在世界間行走。事實上,他行走在世界之內,並且在乙太結構內學習,也可以如此說。你稱呼的那裡,是個有著未被書寫的資訊的地方。


In the truth of what you are today, you live in a limitless society. I wish I could say it a thousand times and make it a mantra—you live in a limitless society of beings of light. There is no extent to what the Creator can create. The only limits that the Creator ever suffers are what you choose not to move to. So, how do you connect into this Creator energy? Many tools or techniques in the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating can take you beyond your limitation or your perceived limitations. Many say my medium walks between the worlds. In truth, he walks within the worlds and studies there in the “etheric” fabric, so to speak. Out there, as you call it, is where the unwritten information is.




Remember, Plato came from the same spectrum of light as you. When you return home, you don't give up all of this knowledge. You bring it home with you and you implant it into your higher self's energy, and your higher self's energy implants it into its soul family and its soul family implants it into the oversoul, and on into the Creator and all in between. So, what Plato said so many thousands of years ago is available to each of you.




You have access to all of this information, including the burned books, manuscripts, parchments, and the rolls upon rolls of information that was housed in the Alexandrian Library. After all, this information came from We the People, and that means it came from you. So, yes, you have access to it all.







I'd like to take each of you on a journey. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Focus deeper than you've ever focused before. Remember the will and the word. Will yourself to go with me. Do it through your words. Very gently, I will spread my energies a little away from the medium. I will hover over top of each of you. Will yourselves to relax deeper and deeper into the light.




Feel the presence that surrounds you touching the skin on your face and your arms and your hands. Use your will to see yourself in the beautiful energy of ebony light, the shiniest of black core light. In the center of that core light is a tiny dot. Focus on that dot for just a moment. Use your will. Don't let your mind wander from my words. Focus on that dot.


慢慢的,從你的第三眼,流動著你的光 - 顏色不重要 - 將它連接到那一點上。看到一個雷射光束從你的前額發出,貼附到那個點上。別緊張,它不是連結任何東西。你們跟著我。僅僅貼附你們自己在那火光上。


Gently, from your third eye, run a stream of your light—the color doesn’t matter—and attach it to that dot. See a laser beam of light coming out from your forehead and attaching to that dot. Don't worry; it's not connected to anything yet. Will yourselves there with me. Just attach yourselves to that spark of light.




In a moment I will take you through that spark of light through a portal. Hold yourself back. Don't go through that portal yet. First, I’ll explain what you will see when you come out of the other side of that portal. Attach yourself to that spark and, gently, from your third eye, let your energy force go down that stream of light that's connected to that dot. When you get to the end of that stream of light, stop for a moment until everybody catches up. Will yourself to go with me, my friends. This will be one of the most beautiful journeys you've ever taken.




Now that you're at the end of that stream of light, I will spread my energy one more time. If you'll go with me now, in just a moment I will bring us through that stream of light. I'm taking you on the same journey that I used to take my medium on ten years ago. Move forth with me now, and when you go through, you're going to see a cloud of golden particles as big as the mind can possibly imagine.


讓你們自己跟著我在那裡飄浮,在所有這些金色的塵埃中—典型的粒子。在某些地方,他們較厚。它看起來像是一個巨大的雲,美麗金色粒子的儲存所。讓你自己飄浮在那一分鐘,當你們環繞四周,會了解到你們無法計算這些粒子。你們如何曾經計算過那麼多的粒子 ?


Just let yourself float out there with me among all these golden dust-type particles. In some places they're thicker than others. It looks like a huge cloud bank of beautiful golden particles. Let yourself float there for just a minute. As you look around, you’ll realize that you can’t count the particles. How could you ever count that many?  


你們看到的每個粒子都是一本知識的書,向遠方望去,挑選一顆粒子,並且那顆粒子緩慢地朝你而來,當你看著它穿越所有其它的粒子而來,它呈現了一種特殊的振動。你還跟著我麼,它不是那麼容易。將粒子帶向你,它浮在你面前約六吋遠的位置。現在,讓它進入你的第三眼,在你讓它進入之前,對這個你要接收的訊息敞開你 90% 的腦。現在,讓這個粒子進來,並且感覺它通過你的第三眼。打開你頭腦的 10% 90% ,閱讀並且注意聽,你正從另一個世界、另一個地方和另一個時間,聽到什麼新發現呢 ! 你也許想著你就只是閱讀、聆聽,或者在這世上聽到一部最偉大的小說,但你正經驗的是世界之間的旅程。


Every particle you see is a book of knowledge. Look off into the distance and pick one particle, and will that particle towards you gently, slowly. As you see it come through all the other particles, it takes on a special vibration. Will yourself to stay with me because it's not easy. Bring that particle to you so that it floats about six inches before you. Now let that particle enter your third eye. Before you let the particle in, open your 90 percent brain for this information you are about to receive. Now let the particle in and feel it come through your third eye. Open your ten percent mind to your 90 percent mind and read, listen, and hear what you have just found out about another world, another place, and another time. You may think you've just read, listened to, or heard the biggest fiction in the world, but what you've just experienced is the journey between the worlds.


我要你現在安全的回來這個房間,你正在做的絕不會消失,你可以完全地到那兒,這正是為何我們要學習關於亞歷山大圖書館。這過程取自 4662 卷,由一個美麗的能量模式所撰寫的書,他的名字是 Poliasis ,他是一個教授柏拉圖的人的學生。


I want you to safely return to the room now. What you've just done will never be lost. You can absolutely go there. That is why we are learning about the Alexandrian Library. This process was taken from Volume 4662, written by a beautiful energy pattern known as Poliasis [phonetic], who was a student of the man who taught Plato.




So, my friends, you have something from the Alexandrian Library that you can use any time. Just remember what I've shown you. If all else fails, listen to a recording of this session, and when I'm about to take you through that portal, shut off the recording and go through the portal and take as many particles as you desire. Come back when you're ready.    




Once you've learned how to get out there, you won't want to bring the particles back. You'll want to read every one of them out there, and every time you do, you'll find yourself in a new dimension, a new reality of life that has very little to do with your Earth plane. It will astound you to find out how limitless you are.


亞歷山大圖書館只是一個人類世界試著隱藏的一個例子,我的朋友,它並非意外燒燬,因為在圖書館裡的訊息,學者可以教授你們的是如何的無限,當亞歷山大圖書館被燒燬,學者們於是被限制了他們 教授你們的。那不會發生在你身上。簡單的練習這個我今晚帶領你們的冥想,你可以成功的超越人類罩紗的限制。


The Alexandrian Library is but one example of what the human world has tried to keep hidden. The burning of that library was not an accident, my friends. It occurred because, with the information contained in that library, the scholars could teach you how to be limitless. When the library was burned down, the scholars were limited in what they could teach. That won’t happen to you. With the simple meditation I showed you this night, you can go well beyond the restraints of the human veils.


你們一些人對自己說 : ”噢,上帝,我希望我可以做這個”,如果你相信你不能的話,那麼你就是不能。只要你說 : ”我不能做這個,齊瑞爾大師”,我向你保證,你不能做到。然而,當你使用這個意志和話語,你把你的思想意識帶到裡面去了,你可以超越這層罩紗。你存在你的思想意識裡 ; 所以,停止放棄你自己。


Some of you are saying to yourselves, “Oh, God, I wish I could do this.” If you believe you can’t, then you can’t. As long as you say, “I can't do it, Master Kirael,” I guarantee you can't do it. However, when you use the will and the word, and you bring your thought consciousness into it, you can go beyond the veils. You exist by your thought consciousness. So, just stop giving up on yourself.


噢,有一個念頭,我剛好趕上了第十一個原則 : 別放棄 , 停止放棄你自己,停止試著去賺一塊錢,讓錢成為你表現愛的副產品。停止去成為任何你不了解的某事,取而代之的是,成為任何事。用活躍歡愉的能量充滿你自己,帶你到以前未曾想過的階段。釋放你自己,對亞歷山大圖書館敞開。自己去發現它吧 ! 我的朋友,他們也許燒了書,但知識並未被燒燬。仍有你可以與之生活的信念。


Oh, there's a thought. I just came up with the eleventh Principle: Stop giving up. Stop giving up on yourself. Stop trying to make a dollar. Let money become a byproduct of the love that you express. Stop trying to be something you don’t understand, and, instead, be everything. Fill yourself with the animated energy that will move you to levels that you've never even considered before. Free yourself to open up to the Alexandrian Library. Find it yourself. My friends, they may have burned the books, but they didn't burn the knowledge. There's a thought that you can live with.


任何你想要討論的是你今晚將要討論的。你可以到達任何你想去到的階層。今天晚上當你準備好,問你自己一些問題,輕輕閉上眼睛,慢慢的,然後說”齊瑞爾大師,這裡是我的問題”,這是將發生的 : 你會關上你 10% 的頭腦,並且讓某些事情從你 90% 的腦透過你的聲帶流出。你的問題來自你深處的渴望,由沒有底部的井被引出,沒有不能被檢視和再檢視的答案。更重要的是,沒有不能被感知的答案。當我們開始詢問,我們,人類將對準我們指導者。


Everything you want to talk about is yours to talk about this evening. You can reach to whatever levels you want to reach. As you prepare to ask your questions this evening, close your eyes nice and gently and say, “Master Kirael, here's my question.” This is what will happen: You will shut off your ten percent brain and let something flow out through your vocal cords from your 90 percent brain. Your question will come from the depths of your desire to draw from the well that has no bottom, for there is no answer that cannot be checked and rechecked. More importantly, there's no answer that cannot be perceived. As we begin the questions, We the People shall be in alignment with We Guidance.





Q: 傳說亞歷山大的某些文件在梵諦岡教廷的地下室,在梵諦岡工作的人是否知道這些文件的價值 ? 他們能帶進造物主的愛治療,並且與我們大眾分享訊息麼。


Q: It has been said that some of the documents from the Alexandrian Library are in the basement of the Vatican . Do the people working at the Vatican understand or know of the value of these documents? Will they be able to heal into the Love of the Creator to share the information with We the People?


KIRAEL: 這不是一個讓大家高興的答案。超過 200 個檔案保管的地窖在梵諦岡內,一個資料庫,超過 20 萬份文件。我只談到主要的地窖,還沒說到那些遠處的分館,有這麼多的文件。


KIRAEL: The answer is not one that will make everyone happy. There are over 200 vaults of archives within the Vatican , and within one archive could be over 200,000 documents. I'm only talking about the main vaults. I'm not even talking about those that branch off from them. There are so many documents.




No one within the confines of the Vatican at this point, and that includes the Pope, has the knowledge of what's in those vaults. There is too much to know. You must understand that everything that wasn't burned was copied and put into those particular archives. There's a section of the archives in the United States of America that has a number of documents as well.  


一團意識控制梵諦岡,我並不是說那裡有一個陰謀,或者任何其它的,但是有一個能量波在梵諦崗運作,它壓縮它自身在基督意識之下。現在,並不是說他們是壞人,就只是他們壓縮他們的能量。他們的信念系統,由代代的教宗所 教授,而有著相同的光的人們,認為資料庫裡的訊息會破壞人們。


A mass consciousness rules the Vatican . I’m not saying that there’s a conspiracy or anything like that, but a wave of energy runs the Vatican and it has compressed itself below Christ Consciousness. Now, that doesn't mean they're bad people, just that they have compressed their energies. Their belief systems, taught to them by generations of Popes and people of the same light, suggest that the information in those archives would devastate the human population.




They are wrong, a thousand percent wrong. They were right, up until about two years ago, when you came into this particular part of your journey where the Shift is the priority of your light. You are now capable of hearing and using this information.  




Those who discover the information and are willing to bring it out would not be able to move one foot in front of the other in the particular vibration of the Vatican Archives at this point. There are places in the Vatican Archives where human beings cannot walk. The energy that prevents a human from entering those places is a combination of a protective energy and a consciousness that lives in the framework of fear. Those two combined make for a powerful force. Imagine trying to walk through something in your life that was created in unknowing as well as in fear of the unknown. You wouldn't attempt to walk through it, either.


部份梵諦岡的圖書館,超過 50 年無人進入,也許 100 年,這些門甚至打不開。任何今天活在世上的人知道這裡的任何事嗎 ? 不。這些資料庫將會被發現嗎 ? 是得,我的朋友,神奇吧,他們會被發現。


There are parts of the Vatican library that haven't been entered in over 50 years, maybe a 100 years, in some cases. The doors haven’t even been opened. Is there anyone alive today who knows everything that's in there? No. Will the archives be discovered? Yes, my friend, magically, they will.




At the time of the Shift, the doors to every archive in existence will be opened and information will flow out of there so fast and furious, and so beautiful and enlightening, that the world will absorb the energy processes of everything that's been held back. No one will learn it in one lifetime. Even if your whole brain were working, you couldn't conceptually understand what is held in the archives of the Earth plane. Remember, the Earth plane is one of the storage vaults of the Creator's source. It is where not only your histories, but also the histories of other civilizations outside of your Earth plane have been kept. That's why you are not allowed to know what's in those vaults. These other civilizations don't even vibrate on the Earth plane, and their histories are locked away in a beautiful archive here.


華盛頭 DC 的某處,有 184 個箱子, 4 呎長 2 呎厚,裝入非常接近你們的系統的星星系統的訊息。放在那些箱子內的,那個星系以書寫的方式被研讀和紀錄。這訊息今日在華盛頓 DC ,想像在梵諦崗裡的是什麼。


Somewhere in Washington , D.C. , there are 184 boxes that are about four feet in length, about two feet in depth, and packed with the information of a star system very close to the star system you're on. That star system was studied and recorded in writings, which were put in these boxes. The information is there today in Washington , D.C. Imagine what might be in the Vatican .


Q: 我相信一些由火中倖存的亞歷山大圖書館的捲軸,也在薔薇十字會的資料庫,而且一些藏匿在西藏的洞穴內。你也提到一些被指導靈領域所援救,為了再次引入給人類,當他們準備好的時候,還有哪些是這些訊息在的地方,而意識創造的第十個原則是失落的捲軸這個部份嗎 ?


Q: I believe that some of the scrolls that survived the fires in the Alexandrian Library are also in the Rosicrucian archives and some are secreted in caves in Tibet . You also mentioned that some of these documents were rescued by the Guidance realm for the purpose of reintroducing them when humanity is ready for them. Where else is this information held and are the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating part of the lost scrolls?


KIRAEL: 某些訊息以完整的片段被保存,就像你們的星際能量,被認為是”原資料型式的能量力量”只有一件事要記住 - 征服其它的社會,並向他們學習。更有趣的是,也許是事實,有一次 1% 的指導靈,迷失在他自己的視野,自身的旅程,轉而抗拒,如同你們今天所知的提昇這個世界。數百萬年前,指導靈界的片段參與了退回社會,阻礙我今天帶來此的能量。指導靈界的一個社會,帶著從亞歷山大圖書館的訊息,聚焦在覆上教堂面紗的巨大企業集團。這一群指導靈在最高處維持這個教堂,將其伸出在世界層面之中,所以它可以立足於世。我不是在辨別我自己是救世主這一類,因為我不是,但是指導靈的世界,現在進入你們的生活領域。我曾經投入我的自身的能量到他們之中,為了這一個片刻 -- 轉回許多傾向抑制人類的力量。


KIRAEL: Some of this information was also held by a whole segment just like your galactic energies that were considered “raw data-type energy forces” that had only one thing in mind—conquering other societies and learning from them. More interesting perhaps is the fact that at one time there was a percentage of the Guidance reality that got lost in its own vision, in its own journey, and turned against enlightening the worlds as you know them today. Many millions of years ago, a segment of the Guidance reality participated in trying to hold back from societies the energy that I'm bringing forth today. A society in the Guidance reality took information from the Alexandrian Library and focused it on this huge business conglomerate veiled as a church. It was that group of Guidance that held the church in the highest and put it out among the world plane so that it could get the foothold that it has. I'm not making myself out to be some sort of savior, because I'm not, but the Guidance world that is now coming into your arena—and I'll even throw my own energy in among them just for the moment—has come to reverse the trend of many forces that have held things back from the human world.




We’re not trying to reverse things because we’re concerned that the conglomerate became a church. Church is a beautiful thing. The church was guided to keep information from We the People. The emphasis is on the word guided, and suggests that a group from the Guidance reality had this information and saw or felt that it was too much for a civilization to comprehend. Therefore, they learned how to hold it back.




So, yes, Guidance, as I have told you in the past, got a hold of many of those written ethereal light portions and absorbed their energies into the patterns of experience that were laid out in meditative form similar to what I showed you tonight. See, I showed you through your meditation how to go beyond Guidance. I took you to the portal and released you; I didn't go with you.




So, the answer to your question is multifaceted. Hopefully, my answer will bring a conceptual understanding to your mind and to the minds of those who wish to go there with me. There are archives not only in the Vatican , but in the Americas , in France , and in the pyramids under the sand dunes of Baghdad . There are archives beyond your wildest accounts. They are filled with energies that can release things such as overmasterminds. There is a key in these philosophical writings that can destroy the overmastermind overnight.




Now, that's not going to make my medium popular, but that's all right because I and a number of other energies are protecting him. The Guidance world held a scroll at one time that is no longer being held by it. That scroll has been brought to your Earth plane and is waiting to be discovered. That key will unlock and destroy the consciousness of the overmastermind.




To understand the overmastermind is to understand certain projections that result from willing and using words that are not usually comprehendible by the human reality. For instance, in our meditation, some of you willed yourselves and scared yourselves half to death because you felt the motion. What I told you tonight was basically the key of that scroll. It is accessible by every human being in existence. We have the Billion Person Peace Meditation because it assists you in unlocking the mind.




The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are a segment of principles worked out by Aristotle. Aristotle was not a human being as you know him to be. Aristotle lived in all worlds simultaneously. He drew knowledge from all other beings, and he was taught this by his greater teacher, Plato. When Aristotle realized what Plato had taught him, it scared him so much that he decided to become human. In becoming human, he went through all the traditions of being human. Did you know he was married four times? Your histories won't even tell you about it. They might tell you about one or two marriages, but they won't tell you about all four, or the fact that he was married four times in the same amount of years. I'm not saying he's a bad man or a bigamist or anything else. It means he became human, and when he became human, he lost his stride until he came across a 13-year-old young man, who was sent to him by one of his predecessors. This young man was Alexander.


這個 13 歲的年輕人問亞里斯多德說,”亞里斯多德,我夢過你住在另一個世界”,在那一刻,亞里斯多德再一次變成亞里斯多德,而他傾盡所能的在那一點上給予了亞歷山大,他成為偉大的亞歷山大,並且建立了一個充滿訊息的圖書館。在接受訊息下載的過程中,亞歷山大敞開他自己成為一個全新的光譜,他讓他所有的能量移到另一個經驗。當他這麼做,亞歷山大發表某事,包含著亞里斯多德的十個法則。


The 13-year-old Alexander came to Aristotle and said, "Aristotle, I have dreamt that you live in another world.” At that moment, Aristotle became Aristotle again and he emptied everything he had at that given point into Alexander, who became Alexander the Great and built a library filled with the information. In accepting this download of information, Alexander opened himself up to a whole new spectrum, and he let all his energies move out into the other experiences. As he did this, Alexander brought forth something that contained the ten principles of Aristotle.








The Ten Principles that I brought to the Earth plane are only one segment of one of Aristotle's principles. The integrity of those that I brought through is to help you understand that in the words on the recordings of those Principles is the same key that Alexander saw in his dream when he said to Aristotle, “Open your mind and let the world begin.” That is when Aristotle came back to life, and that is where you'll see the truth of Alexander's work. That's also where you'll see the truth of Aristotle's light unfold in every segment.


我今天說了一些話,會引起你們一些人說”見鬼了,我怎麼會知道這些 ? ,我從來沒讀過亞里斯多德,我甚至不知道他的十個原則”,你們知道的,因為你們與宇宙的能量流是連繫的,光的指導靈已移除所有的限制。現在這裡有著神奇的能量流,每個人都可接到 --10 個簡單的原則,不是亞里斯多德,而是亞里斯多德進一步帶著亞歷山大的運作,當年輕的亞歷山大說”我作了一個夢”之後。那就是你們的開始,我的朋友。


I have spoken words tonight that will cause some of you to say, “How the heck did I already know that? I never studied Aristotle. I didn't even know he had ten principles.” You know it because you are tied into a universal flow of energy, off of which the guardians of light have taken all restraints. Here now is this magical flow of energy that anybody can tap into—ten simple principles, not of Aristotle, but of the work that Aristotle brought forth after young Alexander said I had a dream. There's your beginning, my friend.




So, yes, the loss of this information can be rectified. Those same guides who were so aligned to protect a little society called Earth are willing to come here and open up. What we can't find are mediums to get the information through. The mediums of this Earth plane are few and far between. You say, "Oh, no, Master Kirael, there's one coming up every day." There are not enough, my friend. There is a tremendous amount of information to share and we want our words to be devoid of interpretation.


Q: 有一系列的十個原則麼,還有什麼是你可以討論的 ?


Q: Is there a sequel to the Ten Principles, and is it something you can talk about?




KIRAEL: There is a sequel, but you're far from it. We're having a difficult time getting people to even attempt the Ten Principles. If you look within the Ten Principles, you will find a lifetime of knowledge to be unfolded from within your own mind consciousness. The Principles are the key that unlocks the universal flow of light. So, is there a sequel? Oh, yes. Every Principle has ten principles within it. Will you get all of them in this lifetime? Sit back and hold your breath just a minute. You most assuredly can get them all this lifetime, but you will have to work at it, my friends, like you've never worked at anything before. You may toil at your job, but this is where your real work is.


Q: 許多亞歷山的圖書館的文件被捉住和運出。如果鯨魚擁有自創造以來,每一位元的資料。那它們仍然擁有存在亞歷山大圖書館被燒燬之前的資訊麼 ? 我們現在能取得這些資訊麼 ?


Q: A lot of documents from the Alexandrian Library were seized or smuggled out. If the whales hold every bit of information since creation, would they still have the information that was present at Alexandria prior to the burning? Are we able to access that information right now?


KIRAEL: 絕對可以,有一些指導靈的分類稱為故障安全能量指導者。我正使用你們日常的用語。故障安全能量指導者被送進來,以創造者源頭和基督意識的形像。他們不是耶穌,而是基督意識。在當時,他們看到圖書館不見了,相信我,我們提前在你們的世界,知道即將發生的事件,因此,一部份的指導靈被送來緩衝舊和新的指導靈。舊的指導靈撤回他們光的力量讓給新的指導靈,也稱為發展中社群的指導靈,新的指導靈被帶入對準地球層面,很多亞歷山大圖書館的能量不是屬於地球層面的,很多能量是從地球之外的光的力量而來,而且是你只能想像的事物。無論如何,造物主支配集合一群指導靈一起干預和緩衝這兩個指導靈的世界,並且平衡他們,使他們對不只是這個世界的大眾釋出這些資訊,所有你們其他行星系統的兄弟姐妹的世界 - 你們星際的兄弟姐妹。


KIRAEL: Absolutely. There was a certain classification of Guidance called the failsafe energy guides. I'm using your common everyday words. Failsafe energy guides were sent in, in the fashion of the Creator's source and the Christ Consciousness. They were not Jesus, but the Christ Consciousness. At the time, they saw that this library would be lost—believe me; we know what's going to happen on your world prior to its happening—so a segment of Guidance was sent in to buffer the old and the new guardians. The old guardians were retiring their force of light to the new guardians, also known as Guardians of Developing Societies. The new guardians were being brought into alignment on the Earth plane. Much of the energy in the Alexandrian Library had nothing to do with your Earth plane. Much of that energy was from outside light forces and was about things that you can only imagine. Anyway, a gathering of Guidance was brought together in the Creator force to intercede and buffer these two guardian worlds and balance them so they could free this information for the populace of not just this world, but all of your sister and brother worlds in the other planet systems—your galactic brothers and sisters.




There was a huge disagreement among the forces of guides. The old guard tried to protect you by keeping you not too bright, and the new guard wanted to expose everything to everyone all at once and get it over with. The buffer group was sent into the center of these two groups. They saw that the Alexandrian Library was going to be burned. So, this buffer group from Guidance came in to gather everything that had been put in writing, not only in the Alexandrian Library, but all library systems. There were libraries in Athens , Africa, Polynesia, Asia , all over the world.


這群指導靈界的工作,是帶出所有的訊息,並且交託可以在地球上保存維持的一些能量,無疑地,指導靈界知道 -- 鯨魚。現在,記得,我正在講述的是不曾在地球上被討論的。這群緩衝的指導靈調查這些資料,當時,他們擁有的唯一同盟是海洋的哺乳動物,就是你們今日的鯨魚跟海豚。他們帶了某些特定的鯨魚,並要求牠們吸收這些能量,舊的要離去的和新的要進來的指導靈。鯨魚們有最大的腦容量,甚至比今日的牠們都還要大。現在,我們已經學到如何壓縮這些資訊。


The job of this Guidance world was to bring all the information out and give it to some energy that could hold it on the Earth plane and that the Guidance world would have no problem understanding—the whales. Now, remember, I'm talking about something that has not been discussed here on your Earth plane. This buffer group looked into this information. The only allies they had at the time were the sea world mammals, which today are your whales and dolphins. They took a certain class of the whales and asked them to absorb the energies of the old guard going out and the new guard coming in. The whales had the biggest brain capacitors, even bigger then than they are now. Now we've learned how to compact the information.




The energy was taken from the old and the new guard and given to this buffering group of guides, and then downloaded into the animals of the sea, if you will. That particular segment of guides was then sent back to the Creator force and retired, because they were not to work on a plane such as Earth again. They were sent back into the Guidance of all God Creation, or of your Creator Force, and they stayed there until some of us were called out of retirement to come back and announce the Great Shift of the Earth plane.


For more information, please see Kirael: The Great Shift Revised Edition by Fred Sterling.


所以,如果你想要知道鯨魚,找出牠的名字,如果牠的名字是 K 開頭,牠就是保管知識能量的這一類,如果你看進出自任何以 K 開頭的鯨魚群能量的眼睛,牠們是一類的 K 鯨魚,牠們是紀錄保管者,資訊就儲存在那鯨魚裡,以便牠們可以在這時提供你們。這也是為何他們呼喚我們回去休息。


So, if you want to know a whale, find out its name. If its name starts with a K, he is of the class of energy that is the keeper of the knowledge. So, if you look into the eye of any energy out there in the whale population whose name has a K on the front of it, it’s a class K whale. It’s a record keeper. The information was stored in that whale so that it would be available to you at this time. That's also why they called us back out of retirement.


Q: 獅身人像的紀錄大廳如何連結到亞歷山大圖書館 ?


Q: How is the Hall of Records by the Sphinx connected to the Alexandrian Library?




KIRAEL: The Hall of Records is an index coder. When they pull these records out, all the different languages that were used, whether it was Hebrew or whatever they were using to write then, can be deciphered via codes. Everything back to and including Lemurian hand script can be deciphered. The Sphinx scrolls are the code decipherers of these energies. They are vitally important, which is why they've been put where they are, and that's why you can't find them. We can't let them free right now because you wouldn't be able to decipher them.


Q: 因此,在紀錄大廳是否有次元的保護 ?


Q: So, is there dimensional protection on that Hall of Records?


KIRAEL: 無疑地有次元保護,但在我的世界中,它被稱為次元外觀,在頂端有著密碼,只有當人類意識到達某一個階段,才能解開瞭解鎖在哪裡,瞭解伴隨著解開它。


KIRAEL: There definitely is dimensional protection, but in my world it’s called dimensional semblance, which means that there are codes over top of the codes that can only be unlocked when the human consciousness reaches a level to understand that the lock is there. That understanding alone will unlock it.


Q: 約櫃是鑰匙之一嗎,它與亞歷山大圖書館有關連嗎 ?


Q: Is the Arc of the Covenant one of the keys and is it associated with the Alexandrian Library?


KIRAEL: 它不是這些鑰匙之一,從立場上來說,它與亞歷山大圖書館相關,約櫃,門徒之光的所有力量的描述,不要跟耶穌的門徒混淆了,我說的門徒之光是造物主的經驗,實際上進入地球的化身,就像耶穌。


KIRAEL: It is not one of the keys. It is associated with the Alexandrian Library from the standpoint that the Arc of the Covenant has the description of all forces of disciple light, not to be confused with the disciples of Jesus. The disciple light I speak of is the Creator's experience that actually incarnated onto the Earth, much like Jesus did.





Q: 我想要知道我可以在這個島上做什麼 .

Q:  I'd like to know what I'm supposed to be doing here on this island.


KIRAEL: 你也許可以在這島上參加像今晚的課程,以致於你可以記起你就是光的力量的關鍵載者,你想要聽某些更三次元的東西麼,但是你會聽到你需要聽到的 - 你進入這個化身,而不是透過你父母的傳訊被生出的,你進入這個化身,帶著另一個世界的你的高我。你不是被置換的靈魂,除非你想要認為你已經被你自己置換。你被帶入經驗這展開的雷母利母治療意識的偉大部份,雷母利亞的治療意識不只是關於身體接觸的治療,它是關於喚醒靈魂能量,在每一個極巫師核心的冬眠能量力量之內。所以,你隨身帶來了一個鑰匙,它將解開很多,而我會說你也許在六個月內,離開釋放能量,那就是吸引你到雷母利亞的。


KIRAEL:  What you're supposed to be doing here on this island probably is to attend the session this evening so that you can remember that you are one of the key carriers of the forces of light.  You want to hear something very third dimensional, but you will hear what you need to hearthat you came into this incarnation not being birthed through your parent's channel.  You have come into this incarnation by bringing another part of your higher self.  You are not a walk-in, unless you want to consider that you have been walked-in by yourself.  You were brought in to experience the unfolding of the greater part of the Lemurian healing consciousness.  The Lemurian healing consciousness is not just about physical touch healing.  It is also about the awakening of the soul energy within each of the hibernating energy forces of the extreme wizard core.  So, you have brought with you a key that will unfasten much of that, and I would say you're probably less than six months away from releasing that energy.  That's what's drawing you to Lemuria.

For more information on “walk-ins,” please see Guide to the Unseen Self, by Fred Sterling


Q: 在什麼時間,思想、被說出的話和被寫下記錄在史冊或亞歷山大圖書館,或者何處,他們也許被記錄下來 ?


Q:  At what point do the thought, the spoken word, and the written word get recorded in the annals of time or the Alexandrian Library, or wherever they may be recorded?


KIRAEL: 如果我以你問的方式回答,那麼沒有人會瞭解。口語、思想和被寫下來的文字,是主要的你可以解碼的三位一體。那是三位一體和亞歷山大圖書館之間的連結。


KIRAEL:  If I answer it the way you've asked it, nobody will understand.  The oral word, thought, and the written word are a key trinity from which you can decipher.  Thats the connection between that trinity and the Alexandrian Library.    



There are many of you on this planet right now who have been trained in another world, not an airy-fairy world like another planet, but a whole different world where you were trained to bring this energy forth.  The buffer society of Guidance reality put all of this in perspective until the Earth was ready to go through the Shift.  At the same time, we are teaching your energy how this will all become a reality. 



Q:  Is the Alexandrian Library, or any other libraries, recorded in crystals?


KIRAEL: 多數在雅典的訊息被編碼於水晶之中。當指導靈界解開這能量,並且移到不同的片段,某些簡單的事物存在,我們可以轉向水晶世界。水晶是從其它世界被帶來的,現在有一些水晶在此,沒有人知道哪些水晶發源何處,嗯,沒有水晶發源在此,許多水晶,即使是在雷母利亞時代之前被帶來的重要原因是編碼紀錄能量。那也是為何許多人被水晶世界吸引。水晶是偉大磁力場的一部份,保存訊息。


KIRAEL:  Much of the information in the library in Athens was encoded in crystal.  When the Guidance world deciphered this energy and moved it into different segments, certain simple things existed that we could turn over to the crystal world.  The crystals were brought from other worlds.  There are a few crystals here, the origin of which no one knows.  Well, no crystal originated here.  Many of the crystalseven those brought in long before Lemurian timeswere brought in for significant reasons of encoding them with energy.  Thats why so many people are attracted to the crystal world.  The crystals are part of their world.  The crystals are part of a great magnetic force that keeps information. 



Q:  When the Alexandrian Library existed on the physical planet, was it available to all people or was it available to only a select group?


KIRAEL: 圖書館被燒燬是因為它對大眾開放,大部份的男性社會謀殺和掠奪,有一段宏偉的時期,所以,他們對他們的女性互補者說 :” 看著,我正要去作戰,妳可到圖書館去,看看妳能為我找到什麼,而當妳回家滿足我好嗎 ?” 婦女們到了圖書館,那裡所有的女性也在,而每個人開始自動的存取圖書館的內容,女性們領悟到,從閱讀的文件和紀錄,她們是無限的存在體。所以,一個人閱讀一本書,而其它人閱讀其它的書,然後她們全部結合了她們的心智,以致於一個人可以接收另一個人閱讀的書的訊息。她們發現握住手,她們可以形成三位一體,使每一個人都讀了一本書,然後同時的,讓所有從捲軸上被閱讀的訊息被吸引和回饋到她們所有人,如同一體。不久,陽性能量,劈砍他們的劍,不再有機會瞭解是怎麼一回事。圖書館是最有可能被燒燬,因為女性互補者的經驗對人類來說太過聰明智的方式。


KIRAEL:  The library was burned because it was available to the populous.  Most of the males of society were murdering and pillaging, having a grand time.  So, they said to their female counterparts, Look, I'm going off to war now.  Would you run around to the library and see what you can find out for me, and when you come home, fill me in?  Off the women went to the library.  That's where all the other females were, and everybody had access to the librarys contents simultaneously.  The women realized, from reading the documents and records, that they were limitless beings.  So, one read one book and the other read the other book, and then they melded their minds so that one could receive the information from the book the other was reading.  They discovered that by holding hands they could form a trinity, within which each could read a book, then let all the information read from the scrolls be absorbed and fed back to them all simultaneously, as one.  Meanwhile, the male energy, hacking away with his sword, didn't have a chance of understanding what was going on.  The library was most likely burned down because the counterparts in the female experience were getting way too wise for humanity.

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Q: 今日在地球上有等同於亞歷山大圖書館的麼,而它對大眾開放麼 ?

Q:  Is there an equivalent of the Alexandrian Library on the Earth plane today and is it available to all?

KIRAEL:K種類的鯨魚和阿卡莎紀錄--不是太多的地球阿卡莎,而是宇宙阿卡莎--維持等同於亞歷山大圖書館。宇宙阿卡莎現在比鯨魚更輕易取得。他們擁有任何曾經在亞歷山大圖書館的訊息資源,因為緩衝指導靈將它們全部拉出,並且送出它們到多樣的方向。我們不是要干涉一個社群的人,並且採取機會,我們選擇了錯誤的社群給予一切,相信我,他們在所有的地方; 我們看到它。


KIRAEL:  The K class whales and the Akashic Recordsnot so much the Earth Akashics, but the Cosmic Akashicshold the equivalent of the Alexandrian Library.  The Cosmic Akashics are more accessible than the whales right now.  They have everything that was ever in the Alexandrian wealth of information, because the buffer guides pulled it all out and sent it in multiple directions.  We weren't about to interfere with a society of people and take the chance that we picked the wrong group to give everything to.  Trust me, they're all over the place; we saw to it.



Q:  Are the crystals that line the bottom of the ocean also records of information, and if so, must we go through the energy of love to bring through the information in those records?  How can we channel that information to help guide and teach others as well as ourselves?


KIRAEL: 首先,當你在冥想中通過門戶,如同我做的,你有限的一瞥五次元的光,或五次元,或者任何你感到舒服的名稱。當你問這個問題,我盡我所能仔細地看入你的頭腦,而你談到的是第五次元的光。你看到的是水晶提取,因為你對這些事沒有參考的架構,你的心智把它翻成三次元的術語。


KIRAEL:  First of all, when you went out through the portal in the meditation I did, you got a finite glance of the fifth light, or fifth dimension, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it.  As you asked this question, I looked into your brain as closely as I could, and you were speaking of the fifth light.  What you saw were the crystal extractors, and, because you have no frame of reference for such things, your mind translated it into third-dimensional terminology.



The crystal extractors from that dimension cross through all dimensions. To your mind, it looks like an ocean, but they are dimensions. While crossing through these dimensions, the crystals absorb the knowledge of each dimension through the crystal extractors. That knowledge is stored in the fifth dimension, which is beyond all the archives and everything you're speaking of




You can have experiences like youve just described by willing yourself through that portal.  It wasn't a dream.  It wasn't your imagination.  It was a reality.  You saw the extractors of light forces, which are what the crystals go through when they go through a dimensional process such as they're going through in your third dimension right now.  They're gathering everything there is to know about the evolution of this journey in the Creator force.  They are not testing the Creator.  They are willing their light to show the Creator what the Creator has evolved itself to.  That way, the Creator can carry on into the Shift and allow the new dynamics to unfold.


你看到轉換會發生的證據,你看到已經在這世界上的提取器,而且看到轉換的可能。 我要非常仔細的在這裡稱讚你,因為我祈求你們的自我可以保持檢視。你是那些女孩的其中之一,站在亞歷山大圖書館的頂端,而且握著手的,繼續保持這樣,讓事情這樣進行,試著使其它人了解他們領先的地方。讓你們自身了解整個地球朝向何處。你們可以到那些提取器並且提取。

You saw proof of why a Shift will occur.  You saw the extractors that have seen this world and seen that it is capable of shifting.  I praise you very carefully here because I'm praying that your ego can be held in check.  You are one of those ladies who stood at the head of the Alexandrian Library and held hands.  Be willing to keep going.  Let go of trying to make other people see where theyre headed.  Let yourself see where the whole of Earth is headed.  You can go to those extractors and extract. 


Q: 多少在亞歷山大圖書館被燒燬的訊息,實際上儲存在現在地球上化身存在的意識中,而我們可以用我們 90% 的頭腦去存取這些資訊麼 ?


Q:  How much of the information that was burned in the Alexandrian Library is actually stored in the consciousness of incarnate beings here on the planet right now, and do we have access to that information within our 90 percent brain?


KIRAEL: 只有 100% 的訊息被儲存在地球化身存在的意識中。每一個化身存在體已經存取這些資訊。你們每一位可以進入宇宙源頭之流。源頭宇宙之流就在鯨魚與造物主的溝通,那之中造物主,不帶任何自身的溝通技巧,留給化身它的能量進入源頭的光。每一個人類存在是源頭之光的作品,意味著你可以化身進入物質,以振動覺知到自身。


KIRAEL:  Only 100 percent of the information is stored in the consciousness of incarnate beings here on the planet.  Every incarnate being has access to the information.  Each of you can tap into the universal flow of source.  The universal flow of source is where the whales communicate with the Creator, and where the Creator, without its own communication skills, is left to incarnate its energy into source lights.  Every human being is a product of source light, which means you can incarnate into matter that is vibrationally aware of itself. 




Hence, everything that has a brainincluding a little froghas access to these records.  The trees on your planet at one time in the civilization of your world were the only beings that absorbed this light.  If you understood that, you'd never cut down another forest as long as you live.  You'd build your houses among the trees.  That's a whole other story.






Q: 亞特蘭提斯的能量和亞歷山大圖書館之間有什麼關連麼 ?


Q: What is the connection between the energies of Atlantis and the burning of the Alexandrian Library?


KIRAEL: 亞特蘭提斯是一個非常蓬勃發展猛烈的能量的社會,概念上的能量。任何事對應一個觀念。所以,很多那些存在體被送到柏拉圖的能量。當亞歷山大覺醒,雷母利亞社會已經如此遙遠,而無法回去。那是整個社會再一次改造它自身的時候。當時很多指導靈實相在那時被驅策重建地球振動模式。


KIRAEL: Atlantis was a society that thrived on very heady energy, conceptual energy. Everything had a concept. So, a lot of those beings were sent into the Plato energy. Much of Plato's work came from the Atlantean energy. When Alexander woke up, society had gone so far from Lemuria that you couldn't get back. That is when the whole of society reshaped itself. Much of the Guidance reality was forced to restructure its Earth vibrational patterns at that time.


To learn more about the ancient land of Lemuria , please see Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for The Great Shift by Fred Sterling.


Q: 什麼類型的訊息被發現,當第一個中國皇帝的陵寢被發現 ?


Q: What type of information was found when the tombs of the first Emperor of China were discovered?


KIRAEL: 很有可能,當這個訊息被帶出時,發掘者被發現嚇壞了,很不幸的,他們決定去掩蓋其餘的。蛻變包含所有恐懼振動的轉換,並且揭露訊息。這就是為何你們做十億人的和平冥想 - 不只是地球上的和平,而且是一個振動的覺醒。


KIRAEL: Likely, when this information was taken out, what was found scared the excavators so badly that they decided to cover up the rest of it. The Shift is all about shifting that vibration of fear and uncovering this information. That's why you do Billion Person Peace Meditations—not just to have peace on the Earth, but to have a vibrational awakening.


當你進行百萬人和平冥想,你們處在提升地球振動和它的環境,以及所有圍繞它的能量。任何數千哩被這個冥想影響而甦醒。所以,現在樂意就只是中國人,而且做中國人做的事人的在中國的人,如此等等。現在,他們突然說,”等一下,我們社會中有一個最古老的部份,我們有更多的能量力量,相較大部份任何其它地球層面的社會。你們意識到當中國探索者自他們的探險中歸來,他們告訴皇帝,那裡沒有任何東西,他們沒有也不打算回去,那就是真相。在地球其它的地方發現了某事,中國人說,”我們已經知道那是什麼”,他們不知道的是,他們不記得,直到其它的某人發現它,你看到在所有當中最悲傷的事麼 ? 他們不能記得,因為,他們很早就選擇不共享他們擁有的。你們在中國的世界上已經得到如此多,而不願意分享,因為他們不願意去傾聽其它的世界。


When you do a Billion Person Peace Meditation, you in-lighten the vibration of Earth and its circumference and all of the energy surrounding it. Anything within a few thousand miles of anything that was affected by the meditation is awakened. So, there are people now in China who have been willing to just be Chinese and do what Chinese do, and so on and so forth. Now they're suddenly saying, “Wait a minute. We have one of the oldest parts of society. We have more energy forces than almost any other society on the Earth plane.” Are you aware that when the Chinese explorers returned from their expeditions, they told the Emperor that there was nothing out there that they didn't have and that they weren’t going back? That's the truth. When the rest of the Earth plane discovers something, China says, “We knew that.” What they don't know is that they can't remember it until somebody else discovers it. Do you see the sadness in all that? They can’t remember because, very early on, they chose not to share what they had. You’ve got so many in the world of China who are not willing to share because they’re not willing to listen to the rest of the world.




If the Chinese hear one, two, three from the rest of the world, they get four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen through twenty, but they don't know what to do with four to twenty because it doesn't fit with what they’ve just heard. There is probably so much knowledge in this tomb you are speaking about that one sheet of parchment or one block of carved stone probably sent the excavators into almost total unconsciousness. China was right. It sent out its people, who discovered there was nothing that they didn't already know, and they confined themselves. Hence, that is where they are this very day, as we speak. They've already got the knowledge. They’ve just got to remember it.


Q: 亞特蘭提斯圖書館是否在水底下,圖書館是在塔霍湖 Atlantean?


Q:Is the Atlantean library under water, and is the library in Lake Tahoe Atlantean?


KIRAEL: 是的,可能大部在水面下。沒人能找到亞特蘭提斯,因為它散布在全世界。當亞特蘭提斯潰散,部份飄浮遠離核心所在之處。那是為何你們可以在澳洲的海岸、格陵蘭島,和許多其它的地方,找到亞特蘭提斯的能量。那也是為何你們不能發現它的起源。大部份的它碎裂,而其餘的飄浮遠離。大部份亞特蘭提斯的圖書館,帶著原封不動的訊息飄浮遠離,並且長期被埋。在塔霍湖中圖書館是 Alpha Centurion R.


KIRAEL: Yes, probably most of it is under water. The reason no one can find Atlantis is because it is spread out all over the world. When Atlantis broke up, parts of it floated away from the core of where it was. That's why you can find the Atlantean energy on the coast of Australia , in Greenland , and many other places. That’s also why you can't find it where it originated. Most of it disintegrated and the rest floated away. Most of the Atlantean library, with its information intact, floated away and was buried over time. The library in Lake Tahoe is Alpha Centurion R.


Q: 地球的球面自轉,以及它的行星系統處在 Kali yuga 的不和譜衝突的黑暗時代。它是我的理解,我們剛才已經翻轉了地球的一個角落,並且是為何我們要進入教化的時期和轉換。它還需要在黑暗之中麼,像我們一直處於的狀態 ? 我指的是,它就似乎像是地球繼續從光到黑暗到光到黑暗。


Q: The spherical rotation of the Earth and its planetary system is in Kali yuga[1]. It's my understanding that we've just turned a corner on Earth and that's why we are coming into this period of enlightening and the Shift. Was it necessary to be in the dark, like we’ve been? I mean, it just seems as if the Earth keeps going from light to dark and light to dark.


KIRAEL: 地球原始是設計為二元性行星的模型,因此,它不曾經驗光直到全然的了解,黑暗是光的頂點。黑暗是一個黑暗時代的例子,有更多的關於訊息數量,具體或是凝結在一股細小的振動流中。地球自轉因為世界的層面,在它的轉換中,回到一個物理振動點,或者,至少是人類 ( 直立的半空呼吸者 ) ,要被分解或者回到光的因子。它是需要的去保持能量的自旋,以便人類回到時,它可以隨即接回。它長時間帶領我們向右旋轉。現在,自旋向右。


KIRAEL: The Earth plane was designed in its original form as a duality planet. Therefore, it could never experience light until fully understanding that darkness is a culmination of light. That darkness, as exemplified by the Dark Ages, was more about the amount of information personified or coagulated in one trickle of vibratory streaming. The Earth rotates because the world plane, during its shifts, came down to a point where the physical vibration, or at least the human—the upright mid-air breather—was going to be dissolved or returned into the light factors. It was necessary then to keep the spin of energy so that when the human returned, it could plug back into it. It took us a long time to get the spin right. Now the spin is right.


當你教導人們如何落實他們自己,並且使用他們的力量,去連結地球母親的光和乙太光 ; 你實際上是教導他們如何連接地球母親和乙太光的振動系統,使用地球的旋轉力量。那就是你可以使用的來源,待在凝結的光或黑暗中,或者說,站在振動的光裡。無論如何,待在振動的光裡是現在每個人所朝向的。


When you teach the people how to ground themselves and use their forces to connect between the light of Mother Earth and the etheric lights, you're actually teaching them how to plug into the system of vibration between Mother Earth and the etheric lights. The people aren't being grounded to the Earth. They are being taught to plug into the system of vibration that uses the rotating force of Earth. That is the source you can use to stay out of the coagulated light, or darkness, and, instead, stay in the vibrant light. The vibrant light is where everyone is headed anyway.


Q: 當我們進入轉換,未來的陰陽二元性是什麼 ?


Q: What lies ahead for the duality of male-female as we go into the Shift?


KIRAEL: 平衡,我總是對陰性能量謙恭,因為我恰巧喜歡陰性能量。陰性能量現在是艱難的。我不是說它是負面的。事實上,它是正向的,因為陰性覺醒正在發生的事。他們無法付諸言語,所以挫敗通常接管,到了一個點,陰性開始做它們不常做的。


KIRAEL: The balance. I'm always very courteous to the female energy because I happen to love the female energy. The female energy is struggling right now. I don't mean that as a negative. Actually it's a positive, because the females are awakened to what's happening. They can't put words to it, so frustration oftentimes takes over, to a point where females start doing things they normally wouldn’t do.


那真是好極了,我公平的提醒陽性世界習慣它,因為你們最終獲得相同的能量。 Adonis 是其中一種被平衡的能量,在陽 - 陰的世界中。成為一位 Adonis 不是所謂的成為一個女人般的男人。現在,陽性能量不喜歡被認為是柔弱的。它是違反原則的。一名男士可以被認為是如此,如果那是他想要成為的,但他不一定是。了解麼,所有的男性不得不做的,是去觸及幾乎永恆的女性存在能量,和調整到他們的系統。男性能量可以被教導如此做,但是相同的能量不打算立刻仔細的傾聽,最後,它會。


That is perfect. I'm fair warning the male world to get used to it, because you will eventually pick up the same energy. Adonis was one of those balanced energies in the male-female world. Being an Adonis is not about being a sissy, so to speak. Right now the male energy doesn’t like to be considered a sissy. It’s against the rules. A male can be considered so if he wants to be, but he doesn't have to be. See, all that the males have got to do is touch into that almost eternal experience of the female energy and tune it into their system. The male energy can be taught to do this, but that same energy isn't going to listen too closely right away. Eventually it will.




Closing Statement




I leave it to you to listen to or read what I've said more than once. You cannot hear or read it once and understand what I have said. I promise you I have never made a recording or written a book that you can listen to or read one time and fully understand it. You see, I'd be failing you completely if I didn't put packets of light into these energy forms so that you can listen to or read them over and over, always becoming more enlightened. Listen to and read my words, my friends, and go through that little dot in the portal. Until we have the opportunity, my friends, I vow to each of you that I do hold you, as I've done many times, in the Creator's Light. Good evening.


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[1] Kali Yuga, also known as The Age of Darkness, is one of the four stages of development that the world goes through as part of the cycle of Yugas, as described in Hindu scriptures. Most interpretations of Hindu scriptures believe that earth is currently in Kali Yuga. Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually throughout the Kali Yuga. It is mostly referred to as the Dark Age, mainly because people are the furthest possible from God. The "Kali" of Kali Yuga means "strife, discord, quarrel, or contention."


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