原创 2017-10-30 麦可 新纪元扬升之光

Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn, October 27th, 2017


 Celia Fenn ~ AA Michael



The Triple Gateway Initiation, the Time Capsule Awakening

and Stepping into your New Soul Mission



BelovedLight Family, the shifts and transformations on your Earth continue toaccelerate. There is much confusion and uncertainty as the old systems begin tofail and break down and the new begins to emerge into manifestation. At thisstage, the collapse of the old may seem more evident than the rise of the new,but be assured that the New Earth is gaining in power as its comes intomanifestation.



Atthis time, you are passing through what we call The Triple Gateway and theInitiation into your Augmented and Higher Soul Mission at the 11/11 Gateway onthe 11th of November.



Thefirst of these Star Gates or Stellar Portals was the 10/10 on the 10th ofOctober.  This first gate was theactivation into new beginnings.  Many of you felt as if you no longer werecomfortable in the old reality and longed for the New Reality to becomemanifest.  This intense discomfort and longing for the new was anindication that your Soul was in the process of the Triple Gateway Initiation.



Thesecond Gateway on the 11th of November is the 11/11 Gateway,and it is the Gateway of Initiation in which your Soul accepts and begins toexpress its new or augmented soul mission on Earth.  This is an importantinitiation in which deep levels of “old” imprints, beliefs and limitations arefinally released, allowing you to fully embrace your New Reality and your newperception of yourself and your soul mission in that New Reality.



TheThird Gateway is on the 12th December at the 12/12, where you gain the power tobegin manifesting your life according to your new mission and within theholographic grids of the New Earth.  At this time, you are free of all oldperceptions and links with the past, and ready to embrace the gifts of the NewEarth Future Timeline as they manifest in the present moment.  You willbecome more aware of how these gifts are presented to you as opportunities andideas, and you will take action on them as you create your new reality withoutanxiety or fear.



Thesethree gateways will find climax and completion at the time of the DecemberSolstice on the 21st December of 2017.  At this time, Beloveds, you willbe able to bring these emerging energies into balance with the Divine Light andthe powerful Galactic Lights codes that emanate from the Galactic Center as italigns with the Earth at this time.

这三个门户将在12月的冬至, 20171221日达到高潮并完成。在这个时候,心爱的,你将能够把这些新的能量与神圣之光平衡,并与强大的银河光编码结合在一起,这来自于银河中心,并与地球相对齐。


Itwill indeed be a time of celebration and joy as you move forward in the spiralof creation at a higher and deeper and more profound level.



TheTime Capsule Awakenings




BelovedFamily of Light, there is a very powerful and beautiful energy that is movingacross your planet with the Diamond Light right now.  It is a gift thatcomes to you from a future time when Galactic Consciousness is fully anchoredon the Earth and the wisdom of Time Travel and Time Creation is fullyunderstood.



Visualizeif you will, a meeting of the Planetary Council of Elders in this futuretime.  As they review the struggles and suffering of early 21st centurysociety, they resolve to send a Team of highly evolved spiritual warriors oflight to assist in accelerating and facilitating the Ascension and Transformationprocess.  But, they know that the only way that such an intervention maybe achieved is by allowing these advanced souls to incarnate into physicalbodies in this Timeline to be part of its manifestation and creation.



So,Beloveds, since 2012, among the Diamond Children who have been incarnating onthe Earth, is a Team of high-level Galactic souls whose purpose is to be a“Time Capsule of Awakening”.  These ones exist in both placessimultaneously, as children in this reality and as adults in the futurereality.  They are briefly in a “suspended sleep or dream state” as theycome to live out a lifetime in your era to contribute to the shift and thegreat awakening simply by being who they are and transmitting their advancedEnergy Signature into the Collective Consciousness on Earth.  Theirexperience on your Timeline is the length of a dream in their (future) home, astime wizards of that era know the techniques of time compression andexpansion.  They are not here to do anything other than to contribute ahigh frequency Galactic energy to the emerging timeline.



Asmore of them come into physical incarnation, their powerful Galactic SoulSignatures are raising frequency on the Earth.  They are livingembodiments of a future energy that has been placed on Earth to act as anactivation in the ongoing Awakening and Transformation process.



Theirpresence, as it grows in power, accelerates the Awakening process onEarth.  In this period after the Lion’s Gate and the Solar Eclipse inAugust 2017, there has been a huge awakening process that is producing agreater wave of awakening than has been experienced on the Earth before. And it us this wave of awakening that will continue into 2018.



Thisincrease of newly awakened souls will also require an increase in those who areready to act as guides, teachers and way showers for these ones.  Thismeans that many of you are being called to release the past and make yourselvesready for new or augmented Soul Missions, to guide these newly awakened soulsinto the New Earth Reality.



Steppinginto your New or Augmented Soul Mission within the New Earth Reality For thoseof you who have been Light Workers, Healers and Teachers for many years, theremay have been a recent period of confusion where you felt unsure of what youwere doing.  Or you may have experienced health problems that seemed tohold you back and make you stop and rest, rather than work even when thereseemed much to do.



Thisis an indication that your soul is urging you to stop and “down tools” whileyou are undergoing what might be called a “re-orientation” period that willbring you into alignment with this new direction of your soul mission for thisnew time.



Thesenew missions require new perceptions of self, of how to manifest and create andhow to heal and align within these new energies.  You simply cannot bedoing the same things that you were doing in the old energy.



Inthe past, Beloved Ones, your energies were focused on transition and awakening,and how to work with awakening and how to deal with the trauma as peopleawakened.  But now, there are enough awakened ones on the planet tofacilitate the creation of a Template for an acceleration of this process.



Now,the need is to create a Template to assist the awakened ones into the New Earthconsciousness.  In order to do this, you must yourself be a part of thecreation of that Template.  You must be living within the consciousness ofthe New Earth and with the consciousness of your role as a pioneer in theNew.  You must have moved beyond duality and victim consciousness and mustbe creating an empowered life that also empowers others.



Asyou reach this space or place of alignment with Higher Consciousness and yourSoul, you will quite naturally align with your augmented or new SoulMission.  You do not need to push or search for it.  Sometimes, whatis most needed is simply complete rest and quiet so that you may hear theurgings of the soul through intuition and synchronicity.



Whenthis connection is made, you will have one of two options :  either theAugmented Soul Mission where your former soul mission or work will be augmentedby new understandings and new directions, or you will have a completely newsoul mission.  In the case of the Augmented Soul Mission you will continueto work with the wisdom that you have gained over the years, but you will beaware of new perceptions and new approaches that are necessary for this newperiod.



Onthe other hand, you may also feel the need to step away from the pastcompletely, and embrace something completely new and that better expresses yoursense of who you are now.  This will be the process that will lead youinto a completely new soul mission that is more in alignment with the needs andexpressions of the New Reality.  In this case, you may be drawn to a wayof life that is more creative and more connected to the Earth, and that betterexpresses who you are at this time.



BelovedOnes, it is an exciting time of Change and Creation.

Wewish you all a great adventure of Time and Space in your New Earth creation.



Ifyou would like to know more about these energies and how to access your newsoul mission, please join us for our Online webinar series “The Triple GatewayIntiation of 2017”. You will be guided through the Gateways and initiations byCelia Fenn and Archangel Michael, in the company of a Planetary group ofawakened beings.

如果你想了解更多关于这些能量的信息,以及如何连接你的新灵魂使命,请加入我们的在线网络研讨会“2017年三重门户计划”。你将被Celia FennCelia Fenn引导,在一个觉醒存有行星团体的陪伴之下。





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