原创 2017-10-15 Angels 新纪元扬升之光

The Angels via Ann Albers, October 14th, 2017




My dearfriends, we love you so very much,



Your planet earth continues to grow dear ones, much in the sameways you do. She stretches her awareness intogreater love. She shakes and erupts to release dense and stuck energies. She,like you, wishes to allow love to flow through every pore and vein of hercelestial body, but like you sometimes movement, growth, and change arenecessary. She loves you very much. She never wants to hurt you. She warns youbefore disasters and attempts to create peaceful movements.




Nonetheless, she is subject to the collective consciousness. You,the human race are cells on the body of this earth. Your energy is within hersand her energy is within you. When the collective consciousness has harboredpent up energy for too long, she must release it for you. When she is about toerupt, you may feel as if you are as well, if you have not already risen into amore natural and easy flow of energy and emotion within your own hearts.




This is not Armageddon. This is atime of incredible and rapid growth upon your earth. The emotional energies ofhuman kind have been repressed, pent-up, and held within for far too long. Thetears have not been cried. The hearts have not been shared. The fires ofpassionate self-expression have not been allowed to burn. Mother earth is doingit for you. Thankfully this is not true for all of you.




We know so many on this list have been working diligently to feelyour feelings, open your hearts, and bring your beautiful sensitivity to thesurface. Your mother earth thanks you. You areamong the minority and yet you are powerful healing balm. Like arteries thatremain unclogged, you allow her love to flow. You allow God’s love to flowthrough her, through you, and into the human race. You are the ones willing tosurrender to something more.




This is why now, more than ever, it is crucial to understand thatthe Source, the Divine, God, whatever you choose to call the CreativeIntelligence in the universe loves you beyond anything you might every put intowords. You are not solely responsible for making your lives work.Whether you fear for your safety or don’t know how to pay a bill, the Creatoris aware of your every breath, because this Source breathes in you and throughyou.




The Creator is expressed in physical form throughyou, dear ones.Breathenow. You are allowing God to breathe in human form. In very much the same wayyour fingers surrender to your will in order to hold another hand, you cansurrender to the love of God that wishes to move you in harmony with allcreation. You can surrender to your own hearts, for it is therein that you willfeel the Creator’s love pulsing through you into creation, and from creationinto you.




If you have a bill to pay but feel the desire for a cup of coffee,get your coffee, and perhaps you will meet someone with wonderful new ideas. Ifyou want a relationship but have a desire to take off and go somewhere alone,do so, even if it makes no sense, for it is in the journey that you might findyourself, or even find another. Trustyourselves. Trust your hearts. Trust the dance of life and the Love that guidesyou.




This is not the end of the world, but rather a grand and glorioustime of awakening. Like many births, there areexpansions of love and contractions of fear. You may feel these and so manyother sensations. Don’t fall into fear dear ones… Ride the waves of your ownfeelings, and trust in the guidance within.




God BlessYou! We love you so very much.
— The Angels







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