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Saturday, February 9, 2013    Channel: Suzanne Lie 2-9-13

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Transmissions from the Mothership

Connecting Realities 2

Our Final Briefing





我们亲爱的学生和‘扬升大使们’ ,


We are fully confident that you are ready for your Mission. However, many of us have lowered our consciousness enough to partake in the world of humanity and become lost in that process.  Thus, we invited you to attend this Transmission, so that you could receive these important tools for visiting a third/fourth dimensional world.

我们完全相信你们已经为你们的使命准备好了 ! 但是 , 我们有许多人降低了觉知来参与人类社会而且已经迷失在那过程当中 . 因此 , 我们邀请你们来参与这个传输 , 所以你们也可以得到这份重要的工具来拜访一个第三\四维度的世界 .


“Because your appearance is quite human, you will spend some of your time walking among the ascending ones. You will easily see their Higher Expression of whom they may appear completely unaware. One of your primary challenges will be to allow each human to come into awareness within their own ascension schedule. Remember to live within the Flow of unconditional love and send that love to everyone with whom you come into contact. Most important, remember that we, your Arcturian friend and guide, will ALWAYS be with you.

由于你们的显化是非常‘人类’的 , 所以你们会花一些时间走在‘扬升的一们’之间 . 你们会很容易的看到他们的‘高我’ --- 即使他们自己完全没有查觉 .--- 你们的一个主要挑战 --- 将会是 --- 允许人们 --- 依照他们扬升的时间表 --- 来走入‘觉知’之中 .--- 记住 --- 要活在‘无条件的爱’之中 !--- 并把这份爱送给每个你们接触到的人 !--- 最重要的是 --- 记住你们的‘大角星人’朋友以及‘指导灵’ --- 会永远与你们在一起 !

 “You will be informed of the appropriate clothing for each area you visit, so that you can better create the illusion that you are ‘one of them.’ As you blend in with the crowd, you will hear their thoughts and be able to identify those who are open to meeting you. Remember, you will appear quite physical to the earth ones, but you can easily transport out of any situation that may become dangerous.


你们会被告知在你们拜访的每个区域所适合穿的衣服(身体) --- 所以你可以比较好的创造‘你们是他们的人’的幻象 !--- 随着你与群众混在一起 , 你们将可以听到他们的思想 , 而且能够分辨出来谁已经准备好了开放的心胸来会见你 .--- 记住 --- 对地球人 --- 你会看起来很‘物质体’ --- 但事实上你可以轻易的‘离开’任何有危险的现场 .


“At this pivotal, transmutional time, the escalation of Earth’s energy field can create sudden, erratic behavior in some humans. This behavior will usually occur in those who have not expanded their consciousness enough to integrate the higher frequency of light. Therefore, you will primarily visit the ‘Islands of Light’ that are developing on Earth.

在这个关键分水岭的转变时刻 --- 地球的能量场一直在提升之中 --- 某些人类会被引发出一种突然的 , 疯狂的行为 . 这种行为通常会发生在那些‘觉知’还没扩展的人身上 .--- 因为他们无法整合这些高频率的光能量 .--- 所以你们主要是要拜访那些地球上已经发展出来的“光的岛屿”(光之使者们) !

 “These areas have a greater percentage of ascending ones who are consciously, or unconsciously, sharing their light with Gaia. These humans may even recognize you, or at least perceive your expanded aura. Therefore, they are more likely to call upon and accept your assistance. On the other hand, many ascending ones will likely see you as a normal human. It is best to allow that illusion.

这些区域有许多高比率的‘扬升中的一们’存在 --- 他们有些人有觉知的 , 而有些人没有觉知的 , 在与地球盖亚分享他们的光能量 . 这些人类可能会认出你 --- 或至少可能可以感应到你扩大的外光体 (aura).--- 所以他们会比较容易接近以及接受你们的协助 . 从另一方面而言 , 许多‘扬升中的一们’有可能以为你们是‘正常的人类’ !--- 所以最好是 --- 允许他们这个幻觉的存在 .


“Please remember that we will be in constant contact with you. Thus, you will be instantly informed of any changes. If you get in a difficult situation, just call us, your Arcturian friend, and we will instantaneously assist you. Just as you will be telling humans to remain in contact with their Higher Expression, we remind you to stay in constant connection with your Higher Express, WE the Arcturians!

请记得我们会一直与你们保持联系 . 因此 , 有任何改变你们都会立即知道 . 如果你们遇到困难 --- 就呼叫我们 --- 你们的‘大角星人’朋友 --- 而我们立刻就会协助你们 .--- 就像你们也会告诉人类要与他们的‘高我’保持连络 .--- 我们也提醒你们 --- 要与你们的‘高我’保持连络 --- 那就是我们 --- ‘大角星人’ !!!


 “Do you have any final questions or comments?”

你们有任何最后的问题或意见吗 ?”


Mytria and I looked at each other and then the Arcturian. How could we express our gratitude for what the Arcturian had done for us? Instinctively, we both stepped into the vast aura of the Arcturian in a vain attempt to hug It. However, how do you hug a wavering energy field? Hence, we began laughing, while trying not to cry.

Mytria 和我看看彼此 , 然后看看‘大角星人’ . 我们要如何表达我们对‘大角星人’为我们所做的所有事情的感激呢 ? 直觉的 , 我们两人都向前走入‘大角星人’的外光体之中 --- 想去拥抱祂 --- 但是这尝试是白废的 !--- 你如何拥抱一个晃动的能量场呢 ? 因此 , 我们开始大笑 --- 同时试着不要流下眼泪 .


Our tears were not from sorrow, for we knew the Arcturian would always be with us, but we had tears of joy. Mytria and I had had such wonderful times with the Arcturian, and we both told It that It was the best teacher ever. We had not experienced much emotion from the Arcturian, but we could feel that It shared how we felt.

我们的眼泪不是因为担忧 --- 因为我们知道‘大角星人’会永远与我们在一起 --- 但我们有欢乐的眼泪 . 因为 Mytria 与我与‘大角星人’有过这么美妙的在一起的时光! --- 我们都告诉祂 --- 祂是最好的老师了 !--- 我们没有感受到‘大角星人’太多的情绪 --- 但是我们知道祂分享了我们的感受 !


We remained within the Arcturian’s aura beyond any measure of time and gained more information, which we knew would come into our consciousness exactly when we needed it. Finally, the spell was broken when Mytria and I simultaneously said,

我们保持在‘大角星人’的外光体中超越我们能记得的任何时间 , 也得到了更多的信息 ,--- 我们知道这些信息将会在我们需要时正确的浮现在我们的‘觉知’之中 . 最后 , 这个连系中断了 . Mytria 和我同时说:


“Can we have one more ride together as swirling patterns of light?”




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