J: Well, that’s a staggering thing to say! And yet I can feel your response coming and it makes complete sense.

J: 这是一个惊人的说法!但我可以感到你的反应正在出现,它很合理

X: Yes! You have intuited correctly.

X: 是的!你的直觉很准确

For the dark side, fear creates loosh, the negative energy on which they thrive, like a grey soup of pain. For this reason, many on the path of ascension believe that they should not experience fear and that they should ignore or repress it when it does arise.

对于黑暗面,恐惧创造 loosh ,他们赖以生长的负面能量,就像一锅灰色的痛苦之汤。出于这个原因,许多处于扬升道路上的人认为他们不应该体验恐惧,他们应该忽视或压制它,当它出现

However, for ascending human beings, fear is gold dust. Allow us to explain why.  


You are ascending, you are on the path of self mastery. It is a distortion to believe you should experience no fear, no apprehension and no worries. You are still incrarnated in physical form and you have not ascended completely, therefore the wide palette of human emotions are still within you and flowing through you.


Perhaps we should more aptly say that your awareness of your fear is gold dust.


Becoming aware means that you are honing your internal world with increasing precision, with nuanced awareness of when you are being triggered and where you need to heal. This is an extremely important step in self mastery.


When you notice emotions from the fear spectrum arising – including anxiety, apprehension, panic, feeling trapped, anger (a very important aspect of fear) – then you are no longer being run by that emotion, nor are you being controlled by the wounded part of you that has been triggered.

当你注意到情感从恐惧的光谱中出现 --- 包括焦虑,忧虑,恐慌,感到被困,愤怒(恐惧非常重要的一个面向) --- 然后你不再被那个情感支配,你也不再被触发的那个受伤的自我部分掌控

Noticing fear gives you the opportunity to stop and heal yourself, and healing creates light; it lifts the vibration of all life.


In that moment of awareness, you have the opportunity to nurture and heal the part within who was left unattended to when you were a child. In noticing and approaching your fearful inner child, you free yourself more and you increase the light quotient on the planet. Through tiny steps in your inner world, you create dramatic change in the external world.


It need not be difficult. It could be as simple as whispering to your sacred inner child, ‘I am here my love, you are not alone. I see you are afraid and I’m here to hold you and to help you. Tell me all about it.’


Sometimes you may get a response, an image, a memory, a feeling… sometimes you may feel a slight easing of the tension in your muscles… sometimes you may experience nothing. No matter what the outcome, it is always important to acknowledge your own fears, for they always come from your inner child, in a moment when you that did not receive the love and support you required.

有时候你可能会得到一个反应,一个画面,一段记忆,一个感受 ... 有时候你可能会感到肌肉张力的一个轻微放松 ... 有时候你可能什么都体验不到。无论结果如何,去认识到你的恐惧总是很重要的,因为它们总是来自你的内在孩童,当你没有收到你所需的爱和支持

When your fears are unacknowledged, they add to the loosh. When you notice your fears, you harness that energy and you transform it into spiritual gold dust.

当你的恐惧没有被认识到,它们会增加 loosh 。当你注意到你的恐惧,你会驾驭那个能量,把它转变成精神上的金沙

Such is the power of your attention and intention: you can transform loosh to spiritual gold dust. That is the path of the Alchemist.

这是你意图和专注的力量:你可以把 loosh (译注:知道这什么意思的人请留言)转变成精神上的金沙。这是炼金术的道路

如釋說 黑暗存有吸食人類的恐懼、悲傷、憎恨、憂鬱、自私、自戀、憤怒、仇恨、妒忌 …. 等各種負面能量當作是他們食物的來源,此即所謂的露食 loosh ”。

聖哲曼 : 這些能量吸食者最喜歡的口味是“恐懼”。愛的能量會使它們消化不良。它們享受恐懼,它們沐浴在恐懼中,它們崇尚恐懼,它們尋求恐懼,想盡辦法製造恐懼。任何不知情的人都是它們操控的獵物。你必須學會抵抗,這是唯一的辦法。愛就是你的反抗,別無他法。


J: Goodness me, that was an exceptionally powerful channel, I feel really out of it right now. Thank you for that fascinating insight.

J: 天哪,这是一个非常强大的传导,我现在真的感觉有点迷糊。谢谢你惊人的洞见

X: It is our pleasure and our honour to assist you all of you on your path to enlightenment.

X: 我们很荣幸来在启蒙的道路上协助你们


传导:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan



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