量子觉知意识 & 时间的本质

时间里 --- 时间外 --- 环状效应

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn, www.earth-keeper.com

大天使梅塔特隆透过 James Tyberonn 传导

Quantum Consciousness & The Nature of Time

Time In – Time Out – The Torus Effect

Full Channel – Parts 1 & 2

完整通灵纪录– Parts 1 & 2

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Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space. I embrace you in unconditional love.



Dear Ones, Light is an enigma to you. It exists in succinct units termed photons. Photons have no density, and no charge, and they trave l as both particles and waves at 186,000 miles a second.

亲爱的一们, ' ' 对你们而言是一个谜。它存在于一个简要的单位 ~~ 被称为『光子』。光子没有密度,而且没有正负极,并且他们飞射的速度既是以粒子和波段以每秒 186,000 英里的速度在旅行。


At the ‘speed of light’ time, as you understand it, disappears. Photons of light go so fast that time has stopped for them. A photon leaves the surface of a sun or star and races through space for what you perceive as vast light-years, and then illuminates your eye as you gaze upward at the array of heavenly stars. It seems paradoxical to you that the instant the photon left the star and the moment it struck your retina, are the same. No time has passed for it at all. In this way, light permeates your realities and it is time-less, literally.

在时间的 ' 光速 ' 里,一如你了解的,它消失了。光的光子去得如此之快 ~~ 所以对他们而言 , 时间已经停止了。 当光子离开了太阳或恒星的表面 , 而且快速冲过空间时 ~~ 对你而言就是你所认为的 ~~ 『广阔的光年』,然后照亮你的眼睛 ~~ 当你的目光向上看到在天上成群的星星之时。这对你们似乎是自相矛盾的描述 ~~~ 就是当光子离开了星星时的瞬间就打到你的视网膜了,是一样的道理。对它 ( 光子 ) 而言 , 根本就没有时间已经过去。以同样的方式 ~~~ 光渗透到你们的实相们当中 ~~ 而那是没有时间的 ~~ 事实上直接了当说 , 就是如此。


You are beings of Light, and as we have just shared, light is timeless.

Speed influences the manner in which you experience time flow, but it does not necessarily influence the ‘units of consciousness’ you experience within time. The faster you move through space actually slows down the movement of time. Space has 3 measures in physical reality: length, width and height. Time and space are connected in a fantastic structure called space-time. The movement of consciousness in time flows through space and thus time becomes a fourth measure forming the space-time. You refer to these as dimensions; they are in this context perhaps better described as measures. In pragmatic terms, linear space-time is the measure of experience that keeps you from encountering everything at once. Quite an overload!

你是光的存有,就如同我们刚才分享的,光是『没有时间』的。速度影响你遇到时间流的方式,但它并不一定影响到你在时间之内所体验到的 意识的单位”。您越是快速的移动过空间你就实际上减缓了时间移动的速度。空间在物理现实上有 3 个计量方式:长度,宽度和高度。时间和空间都连接在一个叫做『空间—时间』的奇妙结构之中。在时间之中的觉知意识的运动流经空间 ~~ 也因此时间变成为一个第四个计量方式 ~~ 在这『空间—时间』的结构之中。你把它们称之为『维度』 ; 他们在此时对它们也许更好地描述是『测量计算量度』。就实务面而言 ~~ 在线性『空间—时间』的结构中,时间就是经验的计算方式 ~~ 它让你不会同时遇到所有事情。那对你会相当超载!


Lets us continue…

让我们继续 ..


The Torus Effect



[ 大天使麦特昶 ]----- 时间的

Time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. Space, in a manner of speaking is congealed time held in a matrixial kinetic format within duality that allows for the separation and program of the purposed programmed illusion of sequential time metrics. Accordingly time is the inverse of space, in dynamic free flow. Both occur though the harmonic flash of consciousness units, through mechanisms of the inward and outward pulse of matter to antimatterand vice-versa via black holes and white holes. This may be termed the ‘Harmonic Cycle.’ Matter, like light, occurs in spectrums.

时间和空间是相同的机制的两个面向。空间 ~~~ 在某种意义上说 ~~~ 是被凝结在二元内部矩阵中的动能格式的时间 ~~~ 它让这个蓄意被设计的连续时间度量标准的幻觉编程中可以产生分离而且可以被设计。相对应而言 ~~ 时间是空间的对立,是一种动态的自由流动。两者都因为觉知意识单元的和谐波闪烁而出现,通过物质变成非物质的向内和向外的脉冲机制 , 以及相反方向 ~~~ 通过黑洞和白洞发生。这可以被称为是“谐波周期”物质 ~~ 就像 ' ' 一样 , 以频谱方式出现。


The inward -outward Harmonic Flash is not only the point in which space and time merge into a homogenous foam , it is also the rate of consciousness unit perception that strobes attention of awareness into each simultaneous lifetime. This ‘micro-flash’ occurs at a magical rate approximated at very near what is termed the Planck Number, occurring at 10 to the power of -43 of one second. At this point time and space merge and become nonlinear and the Torus aspect comes into play. Space is inverted, turned back upon itself, and time units float in a nonlinear discontinuous quantumized pool of what you term past, present and future.

这向内和向外的谐波闪烁点 ~~~ 不仅是指向在其中的空间和时间所合并而成的一个同质的泡沫体 ~~~ 它也是觉知感应单元理解力的速率 ~~~ 当注意力选择而频闪出『警觉性』进入每一个同时产生的『人生』生活之中。这种“微型闪光”以一个神奇的速度发生在逼近 ~~~ 被称为是『普朗克号码』的速度中 ~~ 发生在 10 度点 ~~ 当力量是『每秒 -43 』的时候。在这一点上时间和空间会合并,而且成为非线性 ~~ 然后『环状效应』就产生了。空间是向内转的,翻转身回到其自身,而时间单位则以一种非线性方式漂浮在一种不连续性的量子池中 ~~ 那是你们称之为『过去 , 现在和未来』的东西。


In this quantum gestalt, the space-time continuum dissolves, and in a manner of speaking becomes simultaneous ‘event’ streams, event horizons all co-existing in one integral ‘now’. It is an amalgamation, an experiential quantum soup intricately aggregated with every event, every potential and probability from each lifetime. You have heard the song ” On a Clear Day You Can See Forever’ …literally this specific ‘vectorless’ sphere is the clear day of all potential forever’s.

But that is only one attribute. It is much much more…

在这种量子完形,这时空连续体 ~~~ 溶解 ~~ 并在某种意义上说 ~~~ 成为同时性的“事件”流,事件的界线把所有同时存在在一个整体的所谓 ' 现在 ' 之当下 ( 事件 ) 匡起来。它是一种融合,一种体验式的量子汤 ~~~ 错综复杂的合并计算着每一个事件 ~~~ 那是出自于每个人生的每个潜力和可能性。你听过这首歌曲『在晴朗的一天,你可以看的很远 ... ~~~ 从字面上 , 这个特定的『非矢量』的球体 ~~~ 就是所有潜在的永远的晴朗的日子。但,这只是一个属性。还有更多更多 ...


It is also the point from which time holograms are projected, as well as the center from which the harmonic pulse transforms matter spectrums. Matter shifts into antimatter realms and antimatter is downshifted into matter to form physical reality. Both are pulled in and projected out (and vice-versa) in the harmonic flash via black holes & white holes. In physical realms, white holes) bring in the energy of consciousness that forms reality, and black holes phase out the energy. It occurs at an unimaginable velocity and it is the means of the ‘strobe-effect’ of your consciousness stream sequencing into all of your realities, all of your lifetimes.

也是从那个点 ~~ 时间的全息投影被放射出去,同时那个点 ~~ 也是该谐波脉冲转换物质的光谱的 ' 中心点』。无论是物质被转移入反物质领域或是反物质被往下降低频率入物质领域 ~~ 这两者都通过黑洞和白洞来被拉入和投射出来(的反之亦然)的谐波闪烁作用。在物质领域, ( 白洞)带来的意识能量 ~~ 形成现实的能量,而黑洞则淘汰掉能量。它发生在一个超乎想像的速度 , 而且它代表的是你的觉知意识流的 选择效应”所测序出来 ~~~ 而进入到你所有的现实,所有的人生生活中的结果。


In the not too distant future your scientist will make discoveriesthat lead to theories supporting this process. There is evidence of it now. It has been noted that electrons in their circulation around the nucleus of the atom seem to ‘disappear’ for a few microseconds, and although this is surmised to be quantum tunneling, it is actually a phasing in and out of dimensions.

在不太遥远的将来,你的科学家们将会自己发现,导致支持这一发展进程的理论出现。现在就已经有它的证据了。人们已经注意到 ~~ 在其原子的原子核的电子循环周围 ~~~ 似乎会“消失”几微秒,虽然这被推测为是量子力学的隧道 ~~ 但它实际上是在维度之间的闪入与闪出。


It is the ‘Torus’ effect of the spectrums of the harmonic cycle. It occurs atomically in all matter. All physical matter fluctuates in and out, including your physical world, and of course your physical body.



Such refractive fluctuation also occurs psychologically on a very deep, extremely profound mental level. Your awareness phases between all lifetimes in somewhat the same way. Yet it seems to you that your consciousness in all lifetimes is a seamless streamline. It is an illusion. All lifetimes are in greater aspect simultaneous.

这种折射波动也发生在心理上的一个非常深刻的,极其深刻的精神层面。你的警觉意识会在所有转世之间 , 在某种程度上以类似的方式波动。然而,你的觉知意识在你所有的转世中 , 它似乎是一个无缝的流线。这是一种错觉。所有的转世都在更大的层面上 ~~ 同步进行。


This harmonic pulse is the mechanism of ‘simultaneous lifetimes’. You flash in and out of each lifetime, and are unaware of any absence in any of them. They all seem continual. But we tell you that in far less than the time it takes to snap your fingers, you have had a ‘perception unit’ of consciousness in every other lifetime. There are no gaps of cognizance, because the awareness rapidly moves in and out.

' 谐波脉冲 ' 是『同时发生的转世们』的这个『机制』。你在每一世中闪进闪出,而没有意识到它们任何一世的消失。他们似乎没间断的在持续当中。但我们告诉你 ~~ 在远远超过你所需要去扣打你的手指的时间还少的时间里 ~~ 你已经有了一个『意识的感知单元』产生在『所有其他的转世』当中。没有认知的差距时间 ~~ 因为觉知意识是非常快速的在移入和移出。



As an analogy, your earlier (non-digital) films appeared to be unbroken movement, but were actually individual still frames, with undetectable gaps between them. The individual frames (representing separate lifetimes) moved so quickly through the projector light that they appeared as seamless movement. Such it is with your concepts of linear time, except that the undetectable spaces between the separate frames, take you to other ongoing realities, other lifetimes…and the projector light is your consciousness.


作为一个比喻,你刚才的(非数位)的影片似乎是个不间断的运动,但实际上它们是个别化的幅图 ~~ 它们之间有无法检测到的空白在它们之间。这个图画(即单独的转世)的移动是如此快速的穿过投影出来的光 ~~~ 所以他们看起来似乎是无缝的在移动。因此它与您的线性时间概念,除了这无法检测到的空白在这分别独立的帧图之间之外 ~~~ 会将你带到其他正在进行的实相之中,其它的转世之中 ...... 而且这投影的光就是你的觉知意识。


There are many such in- out points of points of reciprocal refraction, but your physical senses are purposely unaware of them. To experience them all at once would be far too much information!

有很多这样的出入互相折射的点,但你的身体感官是故意不要去觉知到他们。若要同时一次体验他们全部 ~~ 会是太多的讯息!


And this same phenomenon occurs on the physical consciousness spectrum. The 3d brain (personality-ego) consciousness of each separate lifetime comes alive and awake to its particular individualized existence in the harmonic flash, but in between are other fluctuations in which attention is focused upon succinctly contradistinct schemes of reality; each of these other “lifetimes’ jumping to alertness, fully awake and responding, yet each unique personality having no sense of absence. They are absolutely unaware of any gaps or absence, each flash then is like the individual frames of the motion picture and the flashes occur so quickly that linear continuity is perceived by the ego personality brain in each ongoing lifetime, within the individualized framework of each succinct time hologram.

与此同样的现象发生在物质身体的觉知意识光谱。三维大脑的每个单独的转世的觉知意识(个性小我)开始活跃而且觉醒入其特定的个性化的存在的谐波闪光之间,但在两者之间其中的注意力的起伏 ~~ 都集中在现实的简洁的相对应的特殊性的实相计划等波动之中 ; 当每一个这些其他的“转世”跳入警觉之中,完全清醒的反应之中时 ~~ 但是每一个独特的个性都不会觉得少了什么。他们绝对完全没有察觉任何的间隙或失去,每一次闪光 ~~ 然后就像电影中的单祯图画一样 ~~~ 而且闪烁发生得如此之快,所以『线性连续性』被小我个性大脑中的每个持续性人生所感知到 ~~~ 在每幅简洁的 , 个性化的时间全息图的框架之内。

(RL: 我的解释可能不对, 大家姑且听之, 参考一下. --我认为他的意思是~~人在每个线性转世当中, 思想观念觉知意识差别不大, 但是还有个东西叫做『平行实相』, 意思是当你在做人生重大抉择时, 你觉得你只选择了一种决定, 但你没选的那个决定还是会发生在『平行实相』当中 ~~直到你真的 '学完功课』为止. 所以实相情节与个性有时会有'相反的'两个以上实相同时存在! 以上意见还请高明指正.)



We are aware of how confusing and how incredible this may seem to you. Yet the greater part of you is fully aware of this process. It is a fact of physicality, of physical existence in the polarity realms. Accordingly the greater aspect of each of you is not locked within linear time or physical reality. The divine (subconscious) mind (not the 3d brain) can and does perceive other time epochs and exists in other realities of even greater multi-dimensionality.

我们都知道这对你而言是如何的混乱与多么的不可思议。然而,你的更大的部分的你是完全知道这个程序的。这是物质物理现象的一个事实 ~~ 对于二元对立实相中的物质存在状况。所以 , 依此而论 ~~ 你们每一个人的更大的层面 ~~ 是没有被锁在线性时间或是物质实相之中的 . 因此神圣(潜意识)心智 ~~~ (并不是 3 维的大脑),能够而且确实感知到它的其他时间时期和存在其他更大的多维度的实相中的实相们。


In the ‘New Earth’ of 2013 and beyond, there are changes in place that will allow you greater access to your multidimensional lifetimes, your simultaneous lifetimes occurring in the holograms of time on the Earth-Plane. This ‘Torus Effect’ we first brought forward several years ago as it is pertinent forthe coming ascension of humanity as taught in the Metatronic Keys. By harmonizing all simultaneous lifetimes, a requisite soul harmony is achieved. The aspects of soul fragmentation are brought into ‘Soul-ar harmonic integrity. This is an essential Metatronic Key…the requisite of harmonizing all sojourns.

2013 年“新地球”以及以后 ~~ 已经产生了『改变』 ~~ 这『改变』让你可以更容易的进入你们的多维度实相中的转世,以及你在地球平面全息图的同时性中 ~~ 同时出现的转世们。这个“环状效应” ~~ 我们首先在几年前提出 ~~ 因为它是与人类未来扬升有关的关键 ~~ 也是我们在“ the Metatronic Keys 梅塔特隆关键』中所传授的。通过协调所有转世的同时,一个必要的灵魂和谐的实现就达到了。灵魂碎片的各方面被带到 ' 灵魂 – AR' 和谐整合之中。这是一个重要的梅塔特隆关键重点 ... 协调所有的转世实相的必要。

(RL: 以下意见仅供参考~~所谓的『扬升』 ~~依照这里的意思~~不只是『个人业障与身体的清理』而已,还包括了自己所有转世的灵魂碎片的『合一』!才能达到『频率』的提升并冲破三维矩阵,所以没有『合一意识』的人无法扬升! )







【大天使梅塔特隆】(1)《量子觉知意识 & 时间的本质 时间里 --时间外--环状效应》 






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