ArcturianTransmissions --- Connecting Realities 2

Saturday, February 9, 2013    Channel: Suzanne Lie 2-9-13

中文翻译: 林琚月20130210

Transmissions from the Mothership

Connecting Realities 2

Our Final Briefing




“The ascension process may seem very unique to your human self, but is common for your Higher Expression. Once you surrender your ascension to your Higher Expression, the ego’s firewall of the Reticular Formation within your physical brain will be superimposed with the "Spiritual Screening System" of your Higher Expression. Once you process data through your spiritual perception, you will be able to easily discern which physical communications are important enough for your attention.

这扬升过程对你或许觉得很特别 , 但对你的 高我 却觉得很普通的一件事 .--- 所以一但你随顺你 高我 对于你 扬升 的指导 --- 小我 挡火墙 ’--- 那个 爬虫脑部份 ’(Reticular Formation)--- 就会被你 高我 灵性过滤系统 压盖过去 .--- 一旦你是用 灵性理解力 在处理讯息 , 你就可以很轻易的分辨那些物质的沟通对你是值得去花心思的 ( 和那些不值得 )!



“In this manner, you can relax into the process of recalibrating your attention away from the myriad illusions of the 3D and onto the Truths of your ascending reality. When you surrender to your SELF, you can relax into the knowledge that if there is a physical message to which you must attend, such as driving your car, paying a bill on time, or answering the phone for an important call, your ego can remain relaxed as your Higher Expression is on duty.

这样一来 , 你可以放轻松的做你的 调节整合 自己的注意力 --- 从许多三维的幻象中离开而放到 你扬升的实相的真理 中去 !--- 当你随顺你的本我 , 你可以放轻松的知道 --- 如果有个 物质界的讯息是你必须处理的 , 比如开车 , 准时付款 , 回一个重要电话 , , 你的 小我 可以保持轻松 --- 因为你的 高我 是持续的在关照所有事情的 .



“This type of working relationship with your SELF is your most important preparation for living in a fifth dimensional reality. When you live in a higher reality in which your every thought and emotion instantly becomes manifest, it is vital that your internal filtering system filters OUT any thoughts or emotions which you do not wish to manifest.

这种 与本我的合作伙伴关系 是你最重要的准备 --- 为了未来在第五维度的生活 .--- 当你生活在较高维度时 , 你的每一个思想和情绪是会立即显化的 ,--- 所以非常重要的是 --- 你内在的过滤系统过滤掉任何你不想要实现的想法和情绪 .



“During your long sojourn into the worlds of matter, you have allowed your emotions and thoughts to focus on fear. Fear is a necessary component for survival in the lower worlds as Power Over Others is the dominant form of behavior. Also, many humans have completely lost their connection to the Great Mother.

当你逗留在物质世界这么长的时间时 , 你已经让自己的情绪与思想习惯停留在恐惧里 . 恐惧是在低维度生存必要的一个部份 --- 因为低维度行为的主要行为模式就是 控制他人 ’!--- 也因此 , 许多人类完全遗忘了他们与源头母亲的连接 !


 “When your society was in touch with Mother Earth, you could determine the weather, co-exist with the animals and know which plants to eat.  However, now many humans perceive nature as dangerous. This danger does not exist in the higher frequencies of reality in which people and planet are ONE Being and Power Within is the only operating system.


当你们的社会与地球母亲是互相感应的 , 你们可以决定天气 , 可以与动物共同存在 , 而且可以知道那些植物可以吃 . 但是 , 现在很多人类认为 大自然 是危险的 .--- 这种危险在更高维度的频率实相中是不存在的 --- 因为在那里 --- 人与植物是 合一 的团体 ,--- 发自内心的力量 是唯一的 操作系统 ’!!!(RL : 力量来自自己本心而不从操控别人得来 .)


“In a higher dimensional reality, if you are afraid, or think that someone or something would harm you, your consciousness instantly drops back down into the fourth dimension. Your state of consciousness determines your perceptions and the reality you perceive is the reality you live. Hence, when your consciousness drops below the resonance of the fifth dimension, you can no longer perceive or live within that frequency of reality.


在更高维度的实相中 , 如果你害怕 , 或认为有人或有东西会伤害你 , 你的 觉知 马上就会降回第四维度 .--- 所以你 觉知 的状况 --- 决定了你的 感觉 \ 理解 ’--- 你所感应到的现实就是你会生活的现实 !!!--- 因此 , 当你的 觉知 降到第五维度的共鸣频率之下 , 你就不再能感应 \ 感觉到那个频率的实相了 !


“Fortunately, your Multidimensional SELF is similar to a huge ladder that your consciousness can climb to interact with different frequencies of reality. Thus, you do not need to become better or more deserving to enter a higher frequency of reality. You only need to attune your consciousness with the appropriate resonance of your Multidimensional SELF to be able to perceive and interact with that frequency of reality.

幸运的是 --- 你的 多维度高我 就像是一个巨大的梯子 --- 而你的 觉知 能爬上爬下的去与不同的实相频率共鸣 . 因此 , 你不需要变得更好 , 或更值得 --- 才能进入一个 更高频率的实相 ’. 你只需要 调整 你的 觉知 到达 与你高维本我 可以共鸣的频率 --- 你就可以感应 \ 理解到那个 ( 高维度 ) 的频率实相 .



”We, the galactic representatives of your own Higher Expressions, are very pleased to be able to speak with you directly. We know that your grounded expression may not remember that you are visiting with us. Luckily, some of the messages that YOU are receiving will bleed-through from this frequency of your SELF and into your physical consciousness.

我们 --- 是你们自己高我的银河代表 --- 非常高兴能够跟你们直接说话 --- 我们明白你们被困住的自我可能无法记得你们来拜访过我们 . 幸运的是 --- 你们现在在接收的一些讯息 --- ( 像血液 ) 一样 , 从你们高我的频率这边流下到你们物质体的觉知之中 .



“If your physical self can remember, feel, imagine or picture any part of our messages, it will greatly change your decision making in daily life. The single act of checking with your Higher Expression of SELF, rather than your ego self, before you make decisions will greatly alter your physical reality.

如果你们物质的小我能够记得 , 感觉到 , 想象到 , 或是看到这讯息的任何一部份 --- 它都会大大的改变你每天日常的决定 .--- 一个简单的 --- 在你每次做决定之前 , 与你的高我的沟通 , 而不是与你膨胀小我的沟通 ,--- 这动作就会大大改变你们的物质现实世界 !!!



“When you check in with your ego self, it does it job perfectly. It tells you that you need to be careful, that many possible problems may arise and that many persons, places or situations may be dangerous. This does not make your ego self a negative force in your life. Your ego self is just doing its job of keeping you safe. Since your ego self can ONLY perceive the physical reality, it can find myriad possible dangers about which you need to be warned.

当你跟你膨胀的小我沟通时 --- 它会完美的执行它的工作 --- 它会告诉你 --- 你应该要小心 --- 因为很多问题会发生 --- 而且有很多人 , 很多地方 , 或是状况 --- 都很危险 !--- 这不代表你的小我是你生命中的一个负面能量 .‘ 你的小我 只是作它该做的事 --- 来维护你的安全 . 更由于你的小我只能感应到物质实相 --- 所以它会发现很多可能的危险是你需要被警告的 .



“You ego is incapable of knowing that that which you focus on is that which you manifest. Ego does not realize that it is actually creating the very situations that it is warning you to avoid. It is true that naivety can be dangerous in the physical world, but only if you are NOT connected to your Higher Expression.



“Your Higher Expression can see any possible harm even more clearly than you ego. However, instead of saying, "LOOK OUT," which only creates the very fear that you are in danger of attracting, your Higher Expression simply guides you away from that possible reality by revealing a higher resonance of choice.

你的高我可以更清楚看到任何可能的危险远超过你的小我 . 事实上 , 与其说 ---“ 小心 !”--- 这只会造成你所害怕的事情的发生 --- 你的高我只会引导你离开那个现实 --- 使用的方法就是 --- 告诉你一个 更高共鸣频率的选择 ’!!!



“This higher resonance of choice is your protection because it keeps your thoughts and emotions in a frequency that pulls your energy field above any interaction with any fear-based, possible reality. However, there is one issue that is often confusing to our ascending ones. This is the issue of clearing old darkness. There are some times in your physical life in which you are ready to clear old darkness/fear from your consciousness.

这个 更高共鸣频率的选择 ’--- 是你的 保护伞 ’!--- 它让你的思想与情绪停留在一个 ( 更高的 ) 频率中 --- 将你的 能量场 拉抬超过任何与 以恐惧为基础的可能现实 交错的可能性之外 .--- 但是 , 我们 扬升中的一们 常有的一个困惑就是 ---“ 对老旧黑暗能量的清除 ”!--- 在你们物质人生的过程中 --- 有些时候 --- 你们确实准备好了来清除 你们觉知 中的 老旧黑暗能量 恐惧 ’!



“During these times you may experience a bad thing happening. This does not mean that your Higher Expression has been slacking from its duty. No, this event is one that you cannot go over, under or around because it is an important initiation. In other words, this ‘problem’ is actually an initiation that you chose before your present incarnation.

在这些时候 --- 你们会经历一些 坏事发生 ’!!!--- 这不代表你的 高我 怠职 ,--- , 这是一个你逃不过的 清理 ’!--- 你既躲不掉 , 闪不开 , 也飞不过去 --- 因为 这是一个很重要的 启动释放 动作 ”!!!--- 换言之 , 问题 实际上是一个 启动释放 动作 --- 在你转世之前你就已经选择定的 启动释放 动作 !!!



“These initiations are not enjoyable, but they represent that you are ready to move into a higher resonance of reality. You can take a great deal of time going through this challenge, or you can surrender to the ONE and allow your Divine Guidance to guide you through the parting seas. Then, you can get on with the important business of personal and planetary ascension.

这些 启动释放 动作 --- 并不舒服 --- 但是它们代表了 --- 你们已经准备好了 --- 移入下一个 更高的共鸣的实相 之中 !!!--- 你可以花很多时间来通过这个考验 , 或你可以随顺 合一 ’--- 并允许你 神圣的指导灵 引导你走过这个 分开的红海 ’!!!--- 然后 , 你就可以就位入更重要的事情当中 --- 比方 你个人与地球的扬升的工作 ’!!!


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