Dear Ones,


It seems as if all are sad, mad, or depressed – perhaps including you. You are a beam of sunshine for many, yet you feel as if your beam of light is not possible or even warranted. As if you should match the mood of the populace.

看起来好像所有人都在悲伤、生气或沮丧 --- 也许还包括你。你对许多人来说是一束阳光,但你感到好像你的光束是不合理的,或甚至没必要的。好似你应该匹配集体的情绪

There are days you know all is right in your being and world. Only to discover that what you hoped for does not appear or that another inhumane activity has become part of your world.


It is as if you have given everything, including accepting disdain from those who never believed in new you to the loss of friends and family. You are lonely, a bit bitter, and immersed in the anger of the world.

好似你付出了一切,包括接受那些从不相信 新的你 的人的鄙视。你很孤单,有点苦涩,沉浸于世界的愤怒中

You are also exhausted from clearing your pain only to discover that others want you to help them to do the same. You are tired of being of the earth, for it seems as if one pain, one fear, follows another. So it is you wish to close your mind and your physical being to all. Yet, you are lonely – a combination you have likely never before experienced to this degree in this lifetime. For you know the future – you think. But your rewards seem to be moving further away, instead of being accessible now.

你也对清理自己的痛苦,却发现别人想要你帮助他们清理,感到疲惫。你厌倦了处于地球上,因为看似痛苦、恐惧会一个接一个地到来。所以你希望将你的头脑和物理存在向一切关闭。但,你很孤独 --- 在你可能从未在此生体验过的程度上。因为你知道未来 --- 你认为你知道。但你的回报看似越离越远,而不是现在就可获取

Perhaps you dream of a vacation, certain interactions, performing on stage, parties, or furthering your education – all of which are hampered by COVID-19. Even though you have the resources to do something, it’s often not possible for you to do so.

也许你梦想着一个度假,某个交互,在舞台上表演,聚会,或者接受更深的教育 --- 这一切都被病毒妨碍。即使你有资源去做什么,通常你不可能去做

Your freedom to move about has been hampered. Even those who prefer to be alone are finding their freedom of movement altered. Nothing is as it was.


You have moved through your personal hell for this. Why? For what purpose?


We, of the Universes, continue to inform you that all is wonderful and progressing according to the plan you helped design. Such information matters little. For even though you may not be directly affected, your loss of 3D freedom without a reward in another arena has you questioning everything you experienced throughout this transition.

我们,宇宙存在,不断地告知你,一切都好、都按照你帮助设计的计划在进展。这样的信息不被重视。因为即使你没有直接受到影响,你 3D 自由的损失,又没有回报,让你质疑你在这个转变中体验到的一切

You will, if you have not already, become less and less emotional about 3D actions and activities. But as you do so, you are also losing your 3D sense of joy. So instead of shifting to another joy, it feels as if you have no joy.

你会,如果还没有,对 3D 的行为和活动,变得越来越不会有情绪波动。但当你这么做,你也失去了 3D 的喜悦感知。所以与其转变到其它的喜悦,感觉好像你不再有喜悦

Where is your reward? It is difficult to interact freely with your friends and family. And if you do, their excitement, their concerns are not that interesting. So, where is your joy?


You are angry and likely bored. You have emptied your 3D vessel so you no longer experience 3D joy.

你很愤怒,也许无聊。你清空了你 3D 的容器,所以你不再体验 3D 的喜悦

So it is you have started searching for your new life. Which is probably not that pleasant. For you have trained for eons to know what gives you 3D pleasure and joy. A new toy. A new community. A new job. Family interactions. Perhaps a wedding, graduation, or a party. Yet, none of those actions feel as they once did. That makes you angry. For you achieved what you set out to do when you initiated this transition – letting go of your 3D life. You just did not expect that loss to be as profound as it now feels.

所以你已经开始寻找新的生活。也许不是那么令人愉悦。因为你被训练了恒久,去了解什么会给予你 3D 的愉悦和喜悦。一个新的玩具。一个新的社区。一份新的工作。家庭互动。也许一场婚礼,毕业典礼或聚会。但,没有一个感觉起来和之前一样了。这让你愤怒。因为你实现了当你开始这个转变时着手去做的 --- 放下你的 3D 生活。你只是没想到损失会是如此地深刻

You thought you would gracefully shift from 3D to the joy of 5D or beyond quickly. You did not expect this void of time or space, which is compounded by COVID.

你以为,你会优雅地快速地,从 3D 转变到 5D 以及之上的喜悦。你没有想到由病毒造成的,这个空虚的时间或空间

So it is your vessel is ready to be filled with new thoughts and actions. Such will happen within the next few weeks. Think of your earth being as an empty water glass that once contained a sticky, smelly substance. Now that you are an empty vessel with seemingly no role, you wish to have another liquid in your container. That new liquid is being created by you minute-by-minute.


What was it about that 3D sticky, smelly substance in your container you did not like? How can you create something airy, sparkly, and fun? That is what you are contemplating or, at least, contemplating once you allow yourself to detach from your anger.

你不喜欢那个 3D 的黏黏的发臭的东西哪里?你如何创造轻盈的、闪光的、有趣的东西?这是你正在思考的,或者,至少考虑一下,一旦你让自己脱离你的愤怒

Have you ever been in an argument only to realize the argument is too unpleasant to continue or not worth your time? That is the phase you are in now. For you are angry but beginning to realize that anger is not who you are or wish to be. Once you do so, you will begin filling your glass with sparkly fun. Fun that is not curtailed by anything outside of you, including COVID-19. For the anger you are experiencing is not about you or for you. It is merely your need to more fully understand your newly emptied vessel.


Nothing from 3D will be part of your new vessel even though you will likely try to stuff 3D into your vessel – only to discover it continues to be sticky and smelly.

3D 的东西都不会是你新容器的一部分,即使你会试图把 3D 的东西塞到你的容器中 --- 却发现它依然是黏黏的发臭的

You are an empty vessel – and frightened that such is so. You feel the need to refill it as quickly as possible. But each 3D action and object you attempt to fill your vessel with feels wrong, lifeless, and boring. Which frightens you even more for that means your earth being has no meaning, no purpose.

你是一个空的容器 --- 你害怕它是空的。你感到需要尽可能快地重新填满它。但你试图填满你容器的每一个 3D 行为和物品都感觉起来不对劲、没意思、无聊。这更令你害怕,因为这意味着你的地球存在没有意义,没有目标

COVID is forcing you to go within. For that which is outside of you is now tainted. It is no longer as it once was even if you try to make it so.


You are a new being trying to discover yourself outside yourself. Nothing outside of you will fill you up. It is time for you to project your needs within. What is it you are missing? How can you fill that need from within?


Because this transition is a process, you might be living with others at different stages than you – which complicates your interactions even more.

因为这个转变是一个过程,你可能会和不与你处于相同阶段的人生活在一起 --- 这让你们的交互更加复杂

What do you need? How can you create that from within? That is your mission now.


Even though it might be difficult for you to understand, this time of isolation is a blessing.


Your new joys, your new sparkles are to be generated from within. Starting with the knowledge that you wish to fill your empty vessel with sparkles and joy indicative of new you, instead of who you used to be. So be it. Amen.



传导:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan


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