Dear Ones,


Perhaps you feel as if you are not functioning or behaving correctly. For some of your new emotions and reactions are so different that you find yourself wondering who you are.


You might be expressing anger, sadness, or fear more than you anticipated. Or functioning counter to who you thought you were. Such is to be expected. Your physical being looks similar, but your reactions are so different as if to seem that a new being resides in your physical earth body.


ThreeD behavior formulas no longer apply. And you are tired. Tired of trying and of not trying. You are just tired.

3D 行为公式不再适用。你很累。厌倦了尝试和不尝试。你累了。

Nothing feels right. But then, nothing feels that wrong either. So you function day-to-day by creating a routine that is much more simplistic than was true for your 3D being. As if you are in limbo or even unconscious. Everything and nothing seems like too much effort. When you do come alive emotionally, your reactions to simple interactions seem over-the-top even to you. Everything feels like an effort. And little things make you angry.

没什么感觉起来正确。但,也没什么感觉起来错误。所以你每天都在创造一个比 3D 的存在更加简单化的日常。好似你处于地狱边境,甚至无意识。一切和没什么看似需要太多的力气。当你情感上恢复活力,你对简单交互的反应 对你自己来说 都会看似夸大其词。一切感觉起来费力。小小的事情都会让你愤怒

Such is so because you are shedding much of 3D that is no longer required. Of course, you counter with you have been doing so for years. Such is true. But what is happening now is your need to learn, to experience all you wish to experience.

这是因为你在摆脱不再被需要的 3D 事物。当然,你用你做了很多年的事情提出反对意见。这是真的。但正在发生的是你需要学习、体验你希望体验的一切

A toddler touches and tries to taste everything. He or she moves with the speed of light – exploring here, there, and everywhere. But without rest time, that toddler becomes petulant and angry. Please try to imagine yourself as a new you toddler. Your anger is that your world is somewhat limited now. You want to taste this and try that even though doing so exhausts you. As does being around others not at the same transition phase as you.

一个学步的孩童会触摸和尝试品尝一切。他 / 她用光速移动 --- 探索这里,那里,每个地方。但不用休息,那个孩童变得任性和愤怒。请试着去想象自己为一个“新的你”孩童。你愤怒是因为你的世界被限制了。你想要品尝这个,尝试那个,即使这么做会让你筋疲力竭。因为他人并不和你处于相同的转变阶段

You do not have the energy to help others through their shift. In truth, you are discovering you barely have the energy to do so for yourself.


Please know that the energies you are now experiencing are profoundly affecting you in ways you have not yet experienced. For your inner physical being is changing as rapidly, if not more so, than is true for a human infant. You are relearning how to walk, talk, and function as a new being. All that was rational and right in 3D no longer matters. You are seeing with new eyes and moving with new limbs and interests.

请明白,你正在体验的能量在你从未体验过的方式中深刻地影响你。因为你的内在在快速转变,和人类的婴儿差不多的速度。你在重新学习如何走路、说话、作为一个新的存在运行。 3D 中所有合理的正确的东西不再重要。你伴随着新的眼睛在看,新的四肢和兴趣在移动

Wiping your 3D slate clean is similar to entering earth as a newborn from another dimension or frequency. You are truly new.

擦干净 3D 的盘子 就像作为一个来自其它维度或频率的新生儿进入地球。你确实是崭新的

In the past few weeks, you have been adjusting – similar to what you might have done in the womb prior to an earth birth. At your recent birth, you opened your eyes, waved your arms and legs, adjusted to a new pattern of interactions, and realized that all that was is no longer.

在过去几周,你一直在调整 --- 类似于在你进入地球前在子宫中所做的事情。在你的诞生中,你睁开眼睛,挥舞你的手脚,调整到一个新的交互模式,意识到曾经的一切不再

You are learning new ways and pining for what was. Only to be reminded of what was by those not as advanced in their transition as you. They want to move this way, and you cannot understand why. They want to move that way, and it makes you angry.


You are a new being in the new world you are creating.


So it is you feel overwhelmed by the slightest interaction and yet, feel lonely without interactions. Even though you are learning so much, you feel as if you are stagnant. Where is your life? Where is your joy? Where is your new world?


Perhaps it will help you better understand your current identity crisis if you imagine moving to a new country because of war or natural disaster. You miss your friends, your former ways of interacting – even the foods you were once so comfortable with. This new land does not have the right look or feel and trying to make it so is exhausting. You cannot return to where you came from, and you are not comfortable with where you are. So every day, you attempt to use some newly learned words of the country’s language only to discover most cannot understand you. You feel isolated and alone.

如果你想象因为战争或自然灾害搬到一个新的国家,也许能帮助你更好地理解你当前的身份危机。你思念你的朋友,你之前的交互方式 --- 甚至之前感到舒适的食物。这片新的土地没有恰当的外表或感觉,试图让它有感觉令你筋疲力竭。你无法回到你前来的地方,你也对自己的所在之地感到不舒服。所以每一天,你试图使用一些刚学会的第二语言,却发现大多数人无法理解你。你感到被孤立和孤独

So it is you are starting to explore your new world. But doing so is exhausting. For there is much to remember – a new language, new physical movements, new creations, new interactions. All of which are happening at the same time.

所以你在开始探索你的新世界。但这么做很累人。因为有着太多要去记住 --- 新的语言,新的身体动作,新的造物,新的交互。这一切都在同一时间发生

Practice time is over. You are new you in a new land.


For all that was once comfortable is no more. If you question that statement, please review your past few days. Unpleasant thoughts, interactions, with a few sparkles of joy only to return to a seemingly new, but familiar stance of how? Why? Where?

因为曾经舒适的一切不再如此。如果你质疑这句话,请审视你过去的几天。令人不愉快的想法、交互,伴随着一些喜悦的火花 却变成了一个看似新的 但熟悉的如何、为什么、哪里 立场

Nothing seems right, and yet, not much seems wrong – other than your inner-turmoil that pops to the surface surprising you and others when you least expect it.

没什么看似正确,但,又没多少看似错误 --- 除了你内在的动荡,跳到表面惊吓到你和其他人,在你最不经意间的时候

So you are having minor spats, temper tantrums, and a grand sense of unknowingness. Where am I? Who am I? Why am I here?


Even though this fog of unknowingness or disinterest will not last long, you cannot ignore it. You are a new being in a new land.


The birth of new you is complete. The acceptance of new you is ongoing – not ongoing forever, but for now. So be it. Amen.

新的你诞生已经完成。对新你的接受是持续的 --- 不会一直进行下去,只是暂时的。就是如此。

传导:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan



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