Beloved Ones,




I come on the wings of love! Those of you who are reading this message have moved forward into a new future, a new reality that lies open to further development. It requires your dedicated and enthusiastic co-creation as you gather together in sizable numbers that can truly make a difference in the new field of consciousness that has already been created. We of the higher realms stand by to give guidance and support. As each of you has been releasing and letting go of all situations that do not resonate with the higher destiny path that you have set your feet upon, you have left behind the chaotic and turbulent energies that abound in the outer world during these times. It just does not seem real to you any longer. This is a wonderful achievement for you, the Lightworkers!




You it is who are dedicated to awakening the people of this world to a higher way of living that is bringing back the sacred to one’s daily conscious life experience and this is and will continue to bring blessings to you, for when you are attuned to the Infinite, every thing in your individual life takes on a rosy glow of love, joy, magic, and wonder. At the same time, you are becoming masters of your own reality because you have discerned and discovered the secret to living a happy life. As time progresses, greater numbers of people who discover this secret and utilize this spiritual knowledge to create a better reality for themselves and their loved ones will make a quantum leap forward into the new field of consciousness we call the new Earth reality.




These positive feelings you have felt, expressed and still hold as your truth have been instrumental in the further anchoring of the sacred and holy way of living as the template of the new reality all of humanity is moving into.Remember, we have said to you that we magnify all the Light and positive frequencies that you generate to give and share with the world –this is working wonderfully and so we ask that you continue in this endeavor. This is the time to persist, to show up and shine your brilliant Light unto the world. This is the culmination of the great work that began thousands of years ago and it behooves those who faithfully hold the Light to maintain their vigil and hold fast and steady.




Divine Order is created when two or more people are gathered together in loving unity, focusing upon the same thought and intention. In the current Earth reality, it may seem as though nothing is being accomplished but from the higher perspective, it is powerful beyond imagining. Those who are still involved in this focus are the forerunners, the risk takers and destiny makers and they are ‘in it to win it’. And we say to these ones, “Well done! You are exhibiting the divine qualities that are necessary to become a master of life on a planet of duality.”Your individual guides and teachers are smiling with pride at the tenacity and determination you have been showing, at the level of discernment and great faith you have been expressing and manifesting in your reality.




Keep your mind filled with transcending thoughts of spirit overcoming all odds;look for books, movies, and stories of unique and incredible people who chose a more direct path back to their divinity, whose story uplifts, inspires and motivates others to never give up no matter what appears to be the truth in their life circumstances. Take the time to find these and be inspired by the ways in which they created a life of victory and achievement in spite of all obstacles against them. If you are facing incredible blocks to forward progress that loom in front of you, take heart in reading or watching those who stayed their path and followed their dreams into manifestation and realization in their personal journeys.




I AM Mary Magdalene





通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan




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