Dear Onesyou are the ground crewthe ones who are driving this profound Shift on your planet.You get to decide how you want things to changeand you perpetuate the change from holding that energyboth for yourself and the world.





This is profoundly powerful! You have the power to chooseand the complete freedom to anchor whatever it is you would like to experience from within.All that is required is the clarity that comes from connecting with your own wisdom and the intention to start to live according to what matches your truth.





We understand that you feel great responsibility as you embrace your innate power and freedom.You are ready for this.You are tender and mindful and have learned much from what you have experienced on your planet that was not a match to your energetics.It is now time to focus on what is wanted and to create from there.





We honour you for your sensitivity and your desire to get things perfectbut we must remind you that you get to tryand tryand try again.You are creating anew.You don"t need to seek immediate perfectionbut rather a continual unfoldment that can be tweaked and adjusted along the way to be the best match to you and your beautiful intentions.~Archangel Gabriel







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