Gaining a greater understanding of your life





There is new beginning a next stage a new phase or rebirth in progress and perhaps even in several areas of your life and that signals the perfect time to review your past and present motives so that you can plan for the days ahead.It is important to review and release what no longer serves you such as judgments about yourself as well as others feelings of missed opportunities and disappointments and expectations that have no room to grow.




Take steps to further awaken your spiritual and psychic abilities open your heart to love and ensure you feel secure with wise investments of time and money.Achieve a balance in your worlds and remember each day to embrace how wonderful you are!





The Mantra for today is: "I review release and renew my intentions and aspirations so that I am clearer in my visualizations and bringing them into manifestation."





And so it is





You are dearly loved and supported always the angels and guides




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