If you have wounds or an experience you are having trouble healing beyond, what if you observed it much as you would a past life?Can you take an observational viewpoint that allows you to acknowledge the entirety of the experience, the purpose, and ultimately the gifts of expansion it offered you? Can you honour that past you by embracing it and giving it the love, acknowledgement, and healing guidance it needs to evolve beyond that space once and for all? Can you wrap a blanket of peace over the entire situation from a space of wholeness and allow any limiting beliefs or carry overs to dissolve as you embrace the fullness of who you are today in the Now moment?




Ultimately all past experiences, whether they are from earlier in this incarnation, or from a pastlife, can be treated similarly, as they are not existing in your present moment. It is through your own inner wise one that you can nurture and guide any aspect of self back into the full potential of the present, which is where you access your truth and empowerment. Taking the same observational view as you would a pastlife and applying it any current life issues you are seeking to heal can be very helpful in allowing you to fully explore the experience, be your own loving healer, embrace any gifts it may have offered you, and leave the rest behind as it has served its purpose. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan





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