Be careful with fake videos in the internet that pretend to have"Pleiadian"information.




As I said since many years,there are many reasons why these fake"pleiadian"videos are online.




One reason is,that negative extraterrestrials are PRETENDING to be Pleiadian,they misuse our name,in order to spread wrong information,and distract people from focusing on the inner cosmic love energy.These negative extraterrestrials are using unaware people to channel them.After they channel the wrong information,there are thousands of other unaware earth humans,who continue spreading these videos.




Another reason for fake"pleiadian"videos,are egoistic,ignorant people,who have read a book or have seen a video,and then their ego-mind gives them the wish to be a Pleiadian incarnation,because they want to be in the center of attention,to be admired by others.




Our real Pleiadian videos are always promoting tho develop COSMIC LOVE ENERGY,in the heart and cosniousness.We are talking of how you can develop your soul with INNER cosmic love and light.




Fake"pleiadian"videos will tell you to focus on numbers or words like a military order,because in reality these videos are influenced by negative extraterrestrials who dont want you to develop.They want to controll you,steal your energy and keep you weak and unaware.Unaware people focus with the rational brain on fake invented dates for some fake events,so they are always distracted to the outside,expecting something and are not working in the inside.I have explained all this in my movies many years ago.




As I said many times,we REAL Pleiadian incarnations are VERY VERY Rare,and we have planed our incarnation on earth very carefully.We are NOT ignorant teenagers who follow a trend,we have experience of thousands of spiritual lifes on higher dimensions in past lifes.




We are incarnating on earth at places that are secure for us,physically and energetically,and can benefit us in our mission.We are NOT incarnating in primitive,dangerous fanatic religious places of war and hate,or places with bull killings or in blocking middle age places,or places that are manipulated by the vatican cult,or in places with dictators,or in places with very high criminal activity and drugs.




These negative places would only block our lightwork,and it makes no sence to incarnate in those places.For energetic and genetic reasons,we are not incarnating in asian places,because they are influenced by energies of other extraterrestrials.




In my case,I was selected by high dimensional masters and I was asked to incarnate by free will in this physical planet,to help the spiritual development of earth humans who are ready for it.This can be seen in the universal akashic records.




These high dimensional masters of light,are working with the cosmic awareness,they can see in all past lifes,they can see if somebody has mastered the right spiritual education in MANY LIFES,to be able to act as a spiritual teacher on lower dimensions.




This is not something that you can choose out of ego by yourself.This can only be decided by the cosmic awareness and spiritual high dimensional masters.




Ego and arrogance is one of the obstacles,that a lightworker has to overcome.




On earth,the so called spiritual communities are heavy infected with ego and arrogance,and this is blocking many to become REALLY spiritual.These people are shocked,when they leave this planet one day naturally and see that they have to repeat all missed lessons again in the next life.




You can not fool the cosmic awareness,you can not fake your energy in front of the universe and spiritual masters.A REAL spiritual person,is one who has worked on himself very hard,to recognize and eliminate any form of ego and arrogance in his consciousness.




As long as there is ego and arrogance in the cosnciousness,there is a blocking energy that is preventing you to reach higher energies,because in higher energies you have much more responsibility for how you use energy.It is a security"firewall"to stop negative energies from entering in higher dimensions.As I said many times,when you leave one day your physical body,all you will take with you is your ENERGY in your consciousness.A real spiritual person is working on himself to keep his energy with the highest,purest energy of light and love,without ego and arrogance.If you make fake videos,and misuse the name of us Pleiadians,you are creating negative energy for yourself and negative karma.That means,your negative energy will keep you in the lower dimensions and you will have to repeat the school of earth again in the next life.Now think for a moment:Is this what you want?The original plan of the soul,is to develop spiritually.The ego brain is blocking this plan.A true spiritual student will focus on the original plan of the soul.




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