Unlimited Potential




There is an expansive energetic realm of spiritual awakening and new beginnings and you are poised to step through this doorway into the world of unlimited potential.Follow your guidance to a deeper understanding of Lifethe Universe and all that Is.Much is happening and much is changingeven if you can"t see it yet.This is the source of your true power and it is time to take that power and and trust your intuitive self.




Don"t get distracted by worldly matters or the personal problems of others.The more you can let go of the dramadistractions and intense emotionsthe more your spiritual connection can assist you in bringing about the solutions you seek.Relax and let go of what is happening around youthe more powerful and peaceful you can become.Now is the time to open up to you spirit selfunexpected guidance and the power of your authentic self.You are ready for this.You are become more awaremore intuitiveand more powerful.




Affirm: "As I allow my connection with my spirit selfmy intuitionand my power to become strongerI am tapping into the unlimited potential of the Universe and the world of spirit supports me and my growth."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides





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