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Quan Yin via Jenny Schiltz, April 4th, 2017






Greetings! It is I, Quan Yin. We hope that you are able to feelupon the horizon the winds of change that are touching every part of your planet.It is a miraculous time, one that each of you wanted and chose to be a part of.There is not a single area that is not being affected by all that is takingplace. We have spoken to you before about the frequencies separating and indeedthat has begun.



For those that have stationed themselves in the higherfrequencies, there is a mental ease to this time. This does not mean that allis perfect and joyous in each moment but rather that you are aware and have thetools to cope with anything that comes your way.  Think of a boat in astorm, the wave may cover the bow and submerge you for a moment, but the boatalways rises again, keeping you afloat. For those who are finding themselvescontinually submerged, continually battered by the waves, we ask you, what isit that is weighing you down? What is it that must be changed and let go ofwithin so that are no longer anchored to a reality that drowns you bit by bit.For you see, it is that simple, when you follow your heart and not thepreconceived limitations of your world you will find yourself rising to meetany challenge.



As the frequencies continue to separate it is an opportunity foreach of you to figure out exactly what you would like for your personalreality. The New Earth has been built and anchored in as a possible reality foreach person, yet each one must decide how this realm will look and feel tothem. Each of you are the creators, it is you alone who will determine whatlimitations you put on your creation. We are here to say that there are nolimitations, except those that still reside within your belief system.



Now is the time to realize your power, your ability to interactwith and change everything. Manifestation is more rapid now to show you thepower that each of you hold. It is up to each person to look critically attheir thoughts, actions and the energy that is being projected and received.For what was once subtle, no longer is. It is for this reason that we ask eachof you to be aware of the energies that all outside influences bring, for theymay affect your ability to maintain balance and centeredness. When one is notcentered into their own being, the incoming light fluctuations will take a tollon one’s physical and emotional wellbeing.





 Weare asking each person to connect to the New Earth Grid, anchor it fully intoyour being by holding unconditional love for All in your heart. We hope thatyou are feeling the excitement as all around you changes and all that you haveworked towards comes to fruition.

Withgreat love and admiration,

Quan Yin






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