When was the last time you just moved your bodyallowing it to sway and twirl in whatever ways felt good to you? Having a body is one of the greatest delights of being a human being because it allows you to experience in so many ways.Savour itappreciate ithonour itlet it lead the way!




Your children are very adept at this.They spin and twirl instinctively adjusting their energy as they do.They lie on the floor to ground themselves.They dance and jumpbend and stretchintuitively knowing exactly what they needand finding great enjoyment while they do it.This is another example of how you could learn so much from your children!




Take your body out to play every once in a while! If you just take a moment to stand in the middle of the room and allow it to move however it wishes toyou would be surprised at how much energy clearing you can do with this simplest of methods.Try it! You just might be amazed at how joyful you feel afterwards.~Archangel Gabriel







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