God said:




I open My arms to all. I have no judgments. I have love. All are welcome to enter My heart and be at Home here in My heart that loves to welcome you.




If you are one who fears I have abandoned the world, abandon your fears. I am closer to you than you are to yourself. I have never left you, not even for one moment, and never will I.




When I look at the Earth, I remember the birth of Creation, how I found it beautiful, and I find it beautiful to this day. There is much to admire on Earth. You, for instance, you who read My words. You are beginning to remember All That Is, and you look beyond the details, and you see My vision. All that you seek, I seek to give you.




Let Us begin with peace on Earth. It does exist. It exists in your heart right now.




Let Us begin with plentifulness on Earth. Earth is plentiful. There is enough on Earth and in Heaven for all.




Where there is lack, there is a need for more love. Never mind what someone should do and must do. You have the power to love, and love surpasses everything. With all your heart, love the people of the Earth who are hungry. Love all the people who even waste food. Love, and no one will go hungry. I ask this of you. Feed the Earth with your heart of love.




Do not think that I am unaware of the ways of the world. I am very aware. And that is why I ask you to love more. Feed the hungry with your thoughts and your emotions, beloveds.




And if you are a hungry one, love those even who waste food and do not feed you, and their hearts and their vision will change.




To all of you who want change, love more.




Criticize no more. No longer hold yourself above the leaders of the world. Give them your hearts. They have need of your love and not your criticism whatsoever. It is easy to criticize, and harder to not judge. Let go of judgment, ridicule, superiority. Pitch in with your heart.




When someone needs a hand, help him. If many need a hand, help them.




When Christ was carrying his cross, did not someone come out of the crowd to help him carry it? That was Christlike. Be you Christ-like, or Buddha-like, or Mohammed-like, or Abraham and Moses-like. Be you a wise personage of the Earth. Why not you? Be a leader in the world. Step out of your bounds. Share your heart.




The world needs not more criticism. It has had enough to last thousands of lifetimes. Nourish the world. Pelt not stones at it.




If you want the world to grow in love, then must you grow in love. That is what you are doing right now. You are a farmer of love. Grow great crops, and throw the seeds everywhere. They will take root. And the love that you have dreamed of will cover the Earth like clover. In the cities and on the streets, love will flourish, and all the love will grow to Heaven. You will climb the vine of love right on Earth, for Earth will have risen to Heaven. Earth may keep its name, yet Earth will have changed its identity to Heaven. There will no longer be that long-held division between Heaven and Earth, for Heaven will be lived on Earth, and it started with Me to be filled in and completed by you.




翻译:Nick Chan






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