Dear Friends




Here we are, once again, at the portals of the Lions Gate!




This will be such an important transit, as it will lift us into the New Earth experience if we are ready and focussed!




But for all of us this will be a rich and powerful week. We start with the Day out of Time on the 25th of July. This is an ancient Sacred Mayan festival which celebrated the movement from one spiral of created time to another. The Day out of Time was the “magical” inbetween time when all things were possible and nothing was fixed. If we can keep this state of mind of openess and fun and creativity on the 25th, we can align with the creative magic that is available on that day.




The next day is the beginning of the New Cycle of Time, known as the Planetary New Year. This is the “Galactic New Year”, and on this Sacred Day we can set our intentions for the creation of the next cycle of our time on Earth.




So, on the 26th of July we focus into manifestation that which we desire to create in the new cycle.




The 27th of July will be the most powerful of these days, with the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo. This will be one of the longest eclipses in many years and it will be bringing in some really powerful Light Codes to accelerate our transit into the New Earth,




翻译:Nick Chan





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