I’m KaRa. We continue where we left off last.




Much drawn up now, in your memories. Old, old memories, perceived within you as negative, positive or even neutral. As EVERYTHING is pulled out of the darkness, many of you now encounter unexpected feelings in your interior. Remember that is what you felt in the experience a long time ago. The event only needs to come to the surface for you to get the feeling. Once you acknowledge the feeling and understand what it really wants you today, you can move on in the NOW.




If your feeling is fear or worry, then see what gave it to you. Dare to face your fear, observe it and then understand that it is high time to release it. The event belongs to the past because NOW nothing that is not Light and Love can no longer exist in the present.




If your memory is of the Light, you may feel sorrow over a dead friend or the longing for a close “relative” – ​​some member of your soul family. Cry and yearn if you need it, soothe your feelings and then try to seek your friends within you. There you can get in touch with all of them, the brothers and sisters that you have often unconsciously missed for a long time. Seek them, talk to them and understand that you can meet through the heart whenever you are ready for it.




Telepathic communication works my friends and you all get more and more access to it. Fighting – Exercise provides skill. Do you long to cooperate for Mother Gaia’s development in the future with a friend who is spiritually close to you, if your friend is physically close to you today or in the spiritual sphere of the moment, seek that contact, seek that inspiration and the joy of working together for light. It may be through music, theater, healing, massage, good charitable food or more worldwide involvement such as fighting poverty and other injustices such as discrimination and oppression worldwide.


心灵感应交流是管用的,我的朋友们,你们都在越来越能够访问这个能力。战斗---练习提供能力(Fighting – Exercise provides skill)。你渴望在未来与精神上和你差不多的朋友为了盖亚的发展共事吗?如果这个朋友现在身体上与你很接近或者在精神修行时刻,寻求那个联系,寻求那个启发和为了光共事的喜悦。它可以通过音乐、看电影、疗愈、信息、发放食物或世界范围内的活动,比如对抗贫困或其它的不公,比如歧视和压破而获得


There are no restrictions in the New World that are opening up now. Understand that everything that exists is Light and Love, the old has been, it is over, outdated, gone – “fenito”, past (smiling). Cry, cry and again cry if that’s what you need to “clean” your interior. Soon enough, you discover that it is tears of joy – you understand that it is over now.




LIGHT HAS BEEN, Love has won. Therefore, it is what you all encounter now after the last “cleaning”. It’s time to believe in happiness and joy. It’s time to live here and now, to create the future you want. Create your dream, remember who you are and radiate your Light, then everything can only be for everyone’s benefit. Mother Gaia’s best and all of her fantastic creatures.




Faith, hope and love for all my Beloved Friends.




With Love from KaRa!




传导:Kerstin Sisilla

翻译:Nick Chan



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