Humanity is most definitely on the brink of awakening!You need to wake up from the dream/nightmare/illusion that has encouraged you to believe in separation and engage in interminable conflict for eons. Over the last few decades the technological achievements of mass instant communications worldwide has enabled awareness to grow of your global interdependence –no one is an island –and of the essential requirement for a change in attitudes and behaviors to eradicate poverty and become true guardians of your beautiful Planet Earth. Your disastrous industrial behavior, which has caused so much environmental damage, has to be terminated and replaced by modern technologies –which are readily available –that treat the Earth, your home, with honor and loving respect. There is no lack, the planet is well able to support you all if you will just engage with her lovingly and considerately.


人类肯定处于觉醒的边缘!你需要从“鼓励你去相信分离并参与到永无止境的冲突中”的梦境 / 噩梦 / 幻象中醒来。在过去的几十年里,全球即时通讯的技术发展使得意识成长并意识到全球的相互依存 --- 没人是一座孤岛 --- 是态度和行为的改变所需的必要条件,以便根除贫困,成为美丽的地球真正的监护人。你们灾难性的工业行为,造成了大量的环境破坏,必须停止,被近代的技术取代 --- 现成的,会伴随着荣耀和尊重对待地球、你的家。没有缺乏,地球能够很好地支持所有人,如果你有爱地、体贴地对待她


The age of crude, gross, and insane materialism is over. It is being superseded as the young members of humanity everywhere rightly demand change so that a sustainable way of living that honors the planet and all life forms, while at the same time starting to repair the enormous industrial damage of the last two or three hundred years, is introduced. The damaging methods of industry, that have escalated in recent decades, must cease, and the toxicity that they have caused must be cleaned up. The technology to do this is readily available now! It has been suppressed by those who chose to enrich themselves regardless of the cost to humanity or to the planet, but it is now being brought into action on a small scale in may areas for proof of concept trials that will lead to large scale planetary revitalization and remediation.


粗鲁 , 恶劣 , 疯狂的唯物主义时代已经结束。它正被废弃,随着年轻人正当地要求改变,这样一个可持续性的生活方式 --- 荣耀地球和所有生命的,同时会开始修复过去两三百年造成的巨大工业损害 --- 可以被引进。破坏性的工业方式,在最近几十年加剧,必须停止,它们造成的毒素必须清理干净。能够做到这些事情的技术已经存在!它被那些选择让自己富足不管人类或地球的人抑制,但它现在正在许多领域小规模中被应用,因为概念验证的试验会导向行星规模的复兴和补救


As you well know, humanity has taken the collective decision to awaken, and as a direct consequence of that decision much is now arising into people’s awareness that has long been buried, hidden, or denied, because it was far too painful to be held in conscious awareness.Basically withheld and unacknowledged harsh and bitter judgments of others, judgments that were in truth self-judgments projected out onto others in order to avoid the intense pain of owning them –pain so intense that it could lead people to desire self-destruction.


正如你知晓的,人类集体已经做出觉醒的决定,作为这个决定直接的后果,许多被长期埋藏、隐藏或否认(因为保持在显意识中太过痛苦所以埋藏)的东西正在出现到人们的意识中。主要是对“他人严厉和刻薄的评判”的抑制和未确认,这些评判事实上是自我评判投射到他人身上,为了避免持有它们而来的强烈痛苦 --- 如此强烈的痛苦会导致人们渴望自我毁灭


Over the eons this has set the stage for today’s development of weapons of mass destruction to be used preemptively to attack othersif those who possessed them felt sufficiently threatened. But an attack is always an attack on the self, because there is no other. That is why conflict always leads to further conflict as the self repeatedly attacks itself to right wrongs it believes were directed at it by others. This is nothing but a continuous feedback loop constantly reinforcing itself until the insanity is recognized and someone chooses to break or discontinue it. That recognition has now occurred, and has given rise to peace movements, and to an increasing number of meditation or prayer groups meeting regularly with the same intention, namely to live peacefully by engaging fully with their true nature which is Love.


恒久以来,这为今天的大规模杀伤性武器的发展奠定了基础,用来先发制人地攻击那些他们感到有足够威胁的人。但攻击总是在攻击自己,因为没有别人。所以冲突总是导向进一步的冲突,因为自己不断地攻击自己来更正错误,他相信这个错误是由他人引导的。这只不过是一个连续不断的反馈循环,不断地加强自己直到疯狂被认识到,有人选择来打破或终止它。这个认识已经发生,已经引发了和平运动以及越来越多的冥想或祷告团队伴随着相同的意图定期集合,也就是完全与自己真正的本质 --- --- 接洽来平和地生活


What still has not been widely enough recognized is that peace has to arise first within the individual, within the self. To demand that others be peaceful and respectful while failing to release negative and harsh judgments of them is self-defeating. Negative judgments are always a reflection of unacknowledged negative self-judgments projected onto others. Yes, others do behave in ways that are unkind and unloving, but that is just a reflection of their own inner turmoil, and self-hatred. Self-hatred in self or in others needs to be met with love, and only with love.


还不够广泛认识到的就是和平 / 平和必须先在个体之中升起。去要求别人变得平和与恭敬而自己无法释放对他们的负面 / 严厉评判就是自欺欺人。负面的评判总是对“未被确认的负面的自我评判投射到他人身上”的一个反射。是的,他人确实在不友善和无爱的方式中行为,但那只是他们内在骚动和自我憎恨的一个反射。自己或他人之中的自我憎恨需要与爱相见,只有爱


The way forward is to acknowledge this –in yourselves and in others –however painful it is to admit to having made seemingly terrible and unconscionable choices and then acted on them, and then forgive oneself and resolve not to continue along that path.Doing this brings an enormous sense of peace, along with the strength to feel emotions of anger and resentment without acting them out on others, and in that space Love is found, along with a strong desire to forgive those whom one believes has hurt or offended oneself.


前进的道路就是认识到这一点 --- 你之内和他人之内 --- 虽然承认做出了看似可怕与不合理的选择然后基于它们行为会是痛苦的,去宽恕自己,决心不再继续那条道路。这么做会带来一个巨大的平和与力量感,去感受愤怒与怨恨的情感而不在他人身上表现出它们,在那个境地,爱被找到,连同一个强烈的渴望去宽恕那些伤害或冒犯了自己的人。


As so many wise ones have informed you: There is only Love, nothing else is real. However, when feelings of bitterness, resentment, a need for restitution, or hatred are harbored and nursed Love is blocked out because when you hold onto to unloving feelings you just cannot be loving, as Love is hidden by the fog and confusion that those feelings produce, and your awareness and attention are finely focused there, and only there, in that fog of confusion. And in that confusion of thought and of perception it is impossible to see the way forward to a state of lasting peace, as your history clearly shows. Because you are very powerful divine beings, what you focus your attention on is precisely what you experience. Change your focus and change your experiences.




When you go within, to that place where peace and love are always present, to relieve your stress by relaxing and letting go of the worries and anxieties with which your lives are often seemingly filled, reset the intent to be only loving whatever arises.This intent needs to be reset regularly because it is often displaced or overridden when an event or situation arises that angers or frightens you. By resetting the intent you effectively let go of the unloving emotions that have arisen, leaving you free once more to be only loving. And when you do this you feel so much better because your mood has shifted. This is the best way to exchange a bad or unhappy mood for one of peace and contentment. And when you are at peace your energy field is welcoming, encouraging others to feel the peace and respond to you peacefully.




To awaken is to move into your place of peace and remain there at all times, thus finding yourselves feeling happy and contented because you are at HOME! You are at One with Source instead of attempting to separate yourself from that perfect state of being. Then life is constantly joyful and the issues that made you feel separate, alone, lost, are no more.




With so very much love, Saul.





通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan




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